More Psychic Predictions for 2014 – (August Release) – by Tana Hoy

Whoa! When I was making my newest psychic predictions 2014 for this August, I was a bit in shock.

psychic predictions for 2014

Psychic predictions for 2014

I was in shock because when making my 2014 psychic predictions I was surprised by some of the psychic predictions that were being revealed to me.

So here are my latest psychic predications for 2014 that were revealed to me by my Guides and Angels.


There is going to be talks of sending more troops back to parts of the Middle East. Eventually, troops will be sent, and it is doing to end up to be like another Desert Storm or repeat of what it was like when more troops were in Iraq.

Michelle Bauchmann’s husband Marcus is going to face some challenging gay “rumors” that will later prove to be true. Many gay men, and some being make escorts, will come forward stating they had sex with Marcus Bachmann, and that he is gay. Michelle will deny that these rumors are true, but photos showing Marcus in compromising positions with men will surface, and Michelle will have “no comments”.


There are going to be rumors of a love affair between tow well-known males actors that are going to surface. Their publicists will at first deny these rumors, and then the couple will later come out, and confirm that the “rumors” were not rumors at all!

A new dance craze is going to sweep the nation, as well as a new style of music that will be a mix of disco, with some “old sounds” mixed in!

A well-known make actor is going to start acting bizarre, unusual, and depressed. This will surprise many of his fans, and rumors of drug use will be denied. A few months later, his life will spiral downward and out of control, and sadly lead to his untimely death.


Harsh weather is going to hit the Midwest. Unusual weather patterns will occur, and even warmer states such as Florida and Georgia will experience bizarre temperature swings!

Hong Kong will be hit with severe weather, and China will experience some unusual weather patterns too.

Droughts will hit the Middle East, and many will perish from lack of water.

Around The World

Tensions between Russia, Uganda, and the Middle East are going to be on the rise. Russia and the USA will have major conflicts between them that will take a long time to resolve!

Bizarre theories about the Malaysian plane that was recently shot down will surface. But upon close examination, these theories won’t seem to make any sense! The country blamed will deny any involvement! Are these theories real?

Stock Market

The US stock market will do well throughout the remainder of 2014! There will be more ups than downs.

Silver prices will be on the rise towards the end of 2014. Gold prices will drop slightly, then go back up.


Those are more of my psychic predictions for 2014. I hope you enjoyed them.You can read my 2014 psychic predictions for last month by clicking here.

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  1. Vera says:

    Hi Tana, Thank you for your monthly predictions, they are a gift to us. I eagerly look forward to the start of each month to read about what you see around the corner. I particularly enjoy the stock market and metals predictions. You have such good, uplifting energy.

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