More Psychic Predictions For 2014 (December Release) – by Tana Hoy

For my latest psychic predictions for 2014, I found myself feeling a bit amazed and surprised by some of the clairvoyant visions I saw about more of the upcoming events I saw.

Psychic predictions 2014

Psychic Predictions – December 2014

So here are my newest 2014 psychic predictions:


There is going to be a Republican Senator, who is anti-gay, accused of offering drugs to young males pages in order to seduce them. He will deny these accusations, but several pages that worked for him will come forward revealing it is true! He won’t resign.

As I had predicted a few years ago, Hilary Clinton will become our next President. Many politicians from the Republican Party will make male chauvinist comments about a woman running our country, surprising many Americans!


Bill Cosby, America’s dad, and the comedian of clean, is going to be closely investigated involving the reports from 13 woman, claiming he raped and drugged them. It is going to be discovered that the accusations are true, and since the statute of limitations has ran out, and no legal action can be taken, there will be several death threats made on his life, causing him to go into hiding.

Another famous person is also going to be accused of raping a woman when she was drunk! This is going to cause him to lose his career, and he will eventually pass from an overdose on drugs.

There is going to be another passing of a famous celebrity. She will have been involved in TV, movies, and even plays throughout her long time career! She will pass unexpectedly, and many of her fans will be saddened by her loss!


China is going to be hit with unusual weather between now, and March 2015. Also, parts of Japan, Indonesia, and India are also going to be hit by the same unusual weather patterns.

Parts of Ohio are going to be hit heavy by snow storms in the winter, and tornados is the spring.

Miscellaneous Psychic Predictions for 2014

There is going to be another a major oil disaster. This will be connected to Texas in some way, and many lives will be lost – human and animal!

There is going to be a mass grave discovered where dogs had been euthanized, and then thrown into a ditch and covered with dirt. It is going to be discovered that the mass killings were done by a group of dog breeders and/or shelter owners. Some of the dogs were thrown in the ditch because they lost in illegal dogfights!

A police brutality is going to be caught on video in Texas, and it is going to be discovered that it was motivated by racism and homophobia!

There are more of my 2014 psychic predictions! Here are my psychic predictions 2014 from last month, and next month, I will be releasing my New Year Psychic Predictions for 2015.








6 Responses

  1. Louise says:

    Your predictions are always on point!!

  2. Lena Bergvall says:

    Very dark times. Incomprehensible what people can do to one other. Very positive though that Hilary Clinton will become next President!

  3. Heather says:

    Last February 2013, while I was in Morroco visiting, I had a very clear, short dream of Clinton appearing before me. It was only her face and the background was all black. Within a second, explosion happened and her face vanished. I was startled and got concerned for her. I just don’t know the meanings of this.

  4. Rob LaSalle says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights! In regards to your prediction of police brutality in Texas, consider dropping the word “homophobia”, i.e.. a fear of homosexuals, and replace it with what accurately describes the behavior, “homo-bigotry”.

  5. Mya Simmons says:

    Wow Bill Cosby! I was thinking those women were lying on him. I knew he was a hypocrite but he took it to a new level. Oh well… may the truth come out.

  6. chris says:

    Earlier this year during psychic meditation I saw the passing of a well loved and respected star in 2014 hasn’t happened yet but December is just around the cnr

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