More Psychic Predictions For 2014 (October Release)

So far, many of my psychic predictions 2014, have been coming true. Most recently, I had predicted the deaths of Robin Williams, and Joan Rivers. I know that I am going to miss them as much as the rest of the world.

Here are more of my 2014 psychic predictions. These psychic predictions are full of more surprising information, and I hope you enjoy reading them!


Psychic Predictions  - October 2014

Psychic Predictions – October 2014

There is going to be a major scandal in Hollywood. This is going to involve the divorce or breakup of a well-known couple! Infidelity will be rumored to be the cause, but as the story unfolds, much more than infidelity will be revealed.

Justin Bieber is going to find that more and more people are going to become less and less interested in him, due to his irresponsible

behavior. His career is going to start on the decline unless he starts changing his ways.


John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to find themselves in the political news more often, due to the both of them making ridiculous comments about certain events. Their comments will be likened more to a Saturday Night Live skit, and people will wonder if they were serious when they made their comments, or if they are simply that out of touch with reality?

A Republican Senator who has been a staunch opponent against the fight for gay rights, will be discovered that he has been taking several “walks on the wild side” himself! Men will start coming forward, announcing they were the ones whom he paid to walk on the wild side with him!


Indonesia and the Philippines are going to get pummeled with bad weather within the next 3 months!

Japan is going to get hit with another major storm or earthquake before February 2014.

Stock Market

The stock market will continue to do well throughout the rest of 2014, just as I had been predicting since the beginning of the year.

Technology and electronics are going to be areas people will discover have been the best investment opportunities for them in 2014.

Mish Mash

Dr. Laura Schlessinger will face a major health crisis that will eventually lead to her death. Her fans will feel a major loss, while her critics will claim it was her bad karma catching up to her.

Rush Limbaugh is going to start acting more bizarre and out of character from his normal behavior. It will then be discovered that once again he is abusing “prescription” drugs.

Huge victories are in store for the GLBT Community. Gay marriage will be passed in all 50 states by the end of summer 2015 – if not much sooner!

Sad, Sad Prediction

Utah and Louisiana will be the states that cry and complain the loudest over gay marriage victories. Utah will hire lobbyists that are secretly backed by the Mormon Church. Members of the church will be guilted into donating large sums of money to pay for this campaign. They will be told they need to give money to “help God do what’s right”. The church will fund lobbyists to use underhanded, sleazy smear campaigns to try and damage the gay community, and take away their rights. The same as the Mormon Church did in California to overturn Prop 8. This political move will fail miserably, leaving many church members who donated, penniless and broke, in the name of God.

Those are my psychic predictions for October 2014. I hope you enjoyed them, and please leave your comments below!

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    INTERESTING!!! Can’t wait for next year’s predictions. You were on point for many predictions the last couple of years. Very impressive!!!!

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