Psychic Predictions For 2014 – by Psychic Tana Hoy

Here are my psychic predictions for 2014. 2014 is going to be an interesting year, because psychically speaking it is going to be a year of major changes!

Psychic Predictions for 2014

Psychic Predictions for 2014

Many of my psychic predictions for 2013 came to pass, and sadly, some of them I wish I had been wrong about, such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the death of psychic Sylvia Browne, and actor Paul Walker.

Then there were the ones I was glad I was right about, such as increased UFO sightings, breakthroughs in medical research, real estate prices going up, and an improved economy!

As we approach 2014, we are going to see huge energetic shifts in the energy of the planet, and these shifts are going to cause several changes throughout the year! Some good, and some we will be able to live without!

So here are the first of my psychic predictions for 2014:


There is going to be another death of a famous male actor that will happen between March and August. His passing is going to be a shock for several people, especially the way that it happens.

There are going to be more drug related accusations with Justin Beiber! And we are going to hear about weird sexcapes he will be involved in! He will also be arrested for being drunk while driving. The Beib is going to become the Dweeb!

Miley Cyrus will also start acting more bizarre (think of Brittany Spears when she shaved her head). That kind of weird behavior is what you can expect to see! We are going to find her drug use will get out of control in 2014. Even a possible overdose!


There is going to be an unexpected “stepping down” of a high level political figure that is associated with the White House. This will be a sad moment for some, while the rivaling party will claim this stepping down was long overdue!

More politicians are going to come out of the closet in 2014. Some will do it willingly, and some will be outed due to being caught in a sexual scandal!

A higher up Republican official in the US government is going to be accused of taking bribes from shady sources! He will claim innocence, but will be forced to step down from his position.

Extraterrestrials and UFO’s

More and more UFO sightings will occur in 2014, especially since the energy of the planet is going to be changing during the upcoming year!

A foreign government will claim they have actually meet aliens, but other countries, especially the USA, will take the position that the country and it’s people are making it up!


The stock market is going to be strong in 2014. There will be two major dips, but then it will rise up again very quickly. 2014 will be a good year for investors.

The US economy will also be strong in 2014. The unemployment rate will go down even more, and the American economy will be strong again!

Housing prices in the USA will continue to rise in 2014. States like California, Nevada, and Ohio will experience some of the best housing increases!


Tropical storms will ravage the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan, once again! Although they will not be the worst storms in their histories, they will still be severe!

The USA is going to experience an extremely hot summer in 2014. Places like Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Texas, are going to have extreme heat waves during the summer months!

Crime and Shootings

There are going to be 3 more major school shootings in the USA in 2014. Unfortunately, several people will perish in one of them.

Crime will be on the rise in places like South Africa, India, and Indonesia in 2014. Tourists should use extreme caution when visiting these countries.

Gay Marriage

At least 3 to 5 more states in the USA will legalize gay marriage in 2014. By 2020, gay marriage will be legal in all 50 of the US states.

Love And Soulmates

2014 is going to be a good year for love. People not in a soulmate relationship are going to find they will meet more people than ever in 2014. Lots of romantic opportunities for love will be on the horizon!

Medical Breakthroughs

There will be a new treatment for cancer that will be discovered in 2014. This treatment is going to be effective in treating and curing multiple kinds of cancer.

New developments in HIV and AIDS research will be made. By 2014, or no later than 2015, a vaccine against the virus will be available.

There are my psychic predictions for 2014. I will be posting new psychic predictions each month, so make sure to look for them here on my blog.

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  1. Maryanne says:

    Loved your predictions. Would like to be on your mailing list for future posts.

  2. Sabrina says:

    WOW Tana,

    You’re right, Hollywood star Philip Seymore Hoffman passed today.

  3. Sabrina says:

    Wow! well you’re right about the male actor. Turns out to be
    Philip Seymour Hoffman!

  4. Leticia Steele says:

    I am so amazed and there are no words to describe you and your predictions.. I read your blogs all the time and your predictions all come true. Its quite shocking and you are such a good helpful person who makes life better for people. I have had readings with u and things are happening as you said they would.. Thank you.. you are so blessed.

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