More Psychic Predictions for 2015 (April Release) – by Tana Hoy

Here are my latest psychic predictions for 2015. This month when I was making my predictions, I saw many interesting visions that I am excited to share with you. Some of the visions I had were a bit shocking – even to me. While others were confirmations of what I had suspected was going to happen.

2015 psychic predictions

Psychic predictions for 2015

I always enjoy making my predictions, so here are more of my 2015 psychic predictions:


As gay marriage is on the way to becoming legal in all 50 states, some states are trying to remove “sexual orientation” from their protected status as a way to fight back. This is going to backfire because not only are we going to see businesses refusing services to LGBT people but businesses are going to start refusing service to people of different religions and beliefs that are not in line with theirs. The way a person dresses, their hair, along with other telltale signs, are going to be used to discriminate against people of different religions than theirs.

Presidential contender Ben Carson will pass unexpectedly due to a major stoke or heart attack.

As I predicted over two years ago, Hilary Clinton will become the next President of the United States.


 Two female actresses are going to come out in the next few months. One of them, people will have expected, and the other one, people will be surprised!

There is going to be a major feud between two celebrities that will be reminiscent of the feud that was once between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump. This male and female celebrity will mince no words in public about how they feel about each other!

A much older female celebrity with the initials BW will pass this year.


Two more major sports figures are going to come out. One will be a soccer player, and the other will be a baseball player.

The passing of a major Hall Of Fame sports figure is going to sadden the sports world. He will leave behind a legacy.

OJ Simpson will be news again for some odd behavior in prison.


More severe winter weather is going to hit the Midwest, especially in Ohio, Illinois, and Massachusetts. It’s not over yet!

Indonesia and the Philippines are going to be hit with more severe weather between April and July.

Arizona and Texas will experience two of their driest summers in years in history!


A vaccine for HIV will be approved by the end of 2015, or no later than the first quarter of 2016.

More studies will be done on the affects of marijuana and how it helps all kinds of medical conditions. Within 2 years, marijuana is going to be commonly prescribed in all 50 states by medical doctors as an acceptable treatment for many medical conditions.

Research on a new miracle drug for diabetes will be announced in 2015.


As I predicted several months ago, surprisingly, the Mormon Church will be one of the first fringe religions to welcome and accept gays into their church.

A major male religious figure will be caught with male prostitutes. He will try and deny it, and then later apologize on television.

Pat Robertson of the 700 Club will pass unexpectedly in 2015, or by the middle of 2016.


There is going to be the exposure of a government cover-up that many people were quick to call a crazy Conspiracy Theory. When exposed to actually be the truth, many people are going to have their faith in their government shaken. It will involve the work and deception of two World Governments.

ISIS is going to grow more powerful. They are going to capture someone who is a prominent world figure to prove to the world that no one is untouchable by them, if they really want to capture them.

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