More Psychic Predictions for 2015 (July Release) – by Tana Hoy

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone that you loved very deeply, yet no matter how hard you tried, it didn’t seem to work out? And you didn’t want it to end.

Or are you in a current relationship with someone with someone you deeply love, and you are going through all kinds of difficulties, that are very emotionally painful?

Understanding Love And Energy Roots

Love is one of the deepest felt emotions a person can experience, because strong emotions are like roots. They literally grow out of your aura, and attach themselves to the aura of the person you like. They are like an energy vine that grows outwards and attaches to the other person. And these energy roots reach into the depths of the other person’s soul. So when you meet someone that you like, you both exchange these “energy roots” between the two of you.

This all happens on an energetic level, so you can’t see it happening – but it does happen! These energy cords that are exchanged between the two of you, actually become attached to each of your auras, and as your feelings for each other grows, your energy roots grow into each other’s auras.

Then these energy roots grow down into the depths of your souls, and this is what causes people to feel such strong feelings for each other. These energy roots are what cause people to bond, feel close, and these roots make your feelings for each other feel stronger and stronger, as they continue to grow into the depths of your souls.

So when you fall for someone, or fall deeply in love, deep energy roots grow within the soul of each of you.

And when a relationship has problems…or worse yet…ends…

…these roots get ripped out of your soul, and this is what causes you to feel your pain so deeply!

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When Relationships End

When a relationship ends, the energy roots that have grown within the both of you, are still there. They may have been partly pulled out when you separated, but like pulling a plant out of the ground, many of the deep roots are still there.

This is why it often takes months to heal from a breakup, or sometimes you never heal from it at – even years later. This is because the roots are still lodged in your aura.

Have you ever known anyone who was still sad and hurting over someone months or years after the relationship ended?

This is because they still have the energy roots of that other person still lodged deep within their aura and soul They need to be removed, or the pain will never fully go away!

So those energy roots need to be removed.

Another example is this: Have you ever wondered why you still can think about your High School love and still have warm, fuzzy feelings inside? Even after several years have passed? It’s because the energy roots created between the two of you are still inside of your aura! These are good energy roots, unless they hurt so bad that thinking about it really hurts inside!

Not all energy roots are bad. It’s just that the ones that cause you to feel sad inside are the ones you want to remove!

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So What Can You Do About Your Energy Roots?

If you suspect you have energy roots lodged in your aura. then you probably do. Because of you didn’t expect having them, they wouldn’t be there.

Again, not all energy roots are bad, it’s the ones that cause you pain that you want to have removed.

Here’s some of the wonderful things that will happen once they are removed:

– You will feel more peace and happiness inside when you think about past loves. Meaning you won’t feel sadness any longer, because that sadness will be replaced with warm feeling of love and fondness.

– The hurt from a past love(s) that you still carry inside you will slowly vanish, to where one day you will wake up, and realize the pain has totally gone!

– You will have your emotions freed up so that you can finally give yourself fully to someone else, or to the person you are with. Since the pain from energy roots prevent you from being able to fully give yourself to another person.

– You will feel emotionally free, and your mind will stop continually thinking about the other person.

– Sleepless nights will be a thing of the past.

– You will find yourself feeling happier, smiling more, and have more joy inside, because painful energy roots can rob you of your joy!

– Plus many more positive changes inside will occur!

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Energy Root Roto Removal 

An Energy Root Roto Removal is a technique that was taught to me by the Archangel Michael during one of my astral travels. He showed me how to remove energy roots permanently, so this hurtful love pain goes away!

An added benefit is that during a Energy Root Roto Removal, I also place a crystal shield around your soul core, which prevents any more negative energy roots from growing into your soul! It actually works like a cosmic weed barrier, preventing future negative energy roots from growing and attaching in your soul!

So in the future when you meet someone, and if it doesn’t work out, then you will be able to heal from it, get over it, walk away, have fond memories, and then move on. And you won;t hurt inside when you think back on it again, sometime in the future.

How To Get Your Energy Roots Removed

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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