Here Are My Psychic Predictions For 2015 – by Tana Hoy

Here are the first of my psychic predictions for 2015! My 2015 psychic predictions are very interesting, because 2015 is going to be a year of mixed events. 2015 Psychic Predictions

After hours of astral travel, and consulting with my Guides and Angels, here is what has been revealed to me regarding the events of 2015 that are going to unfold.


We are going to lose a famous female icon. Involved in entertainment for many years, she will have left behind a legacy.

Even more women will come forward claiming to have been raped by Bill Cosby. He is going to sued civilly by some of his female accusers. They will win their civil lawsuit against him!

There are going to be rumors leak out, claiming that Scientology has secret parties where their gay practitioners can meet other men in a safe environment. These rumors will be quickly denied by the organization, but many people will come to believe that the “rumors” are true!

There are going to be the deaths of three celebrities in 2015. One will be by suicide, one will be drug related, and one will be of natural causes.

Alien Contact

3 major UFO sighting will be reported around the world in 2015. These sightings will be so obvious, that it will be hard for even the media to deny!

There are going to be many UFO sightings in 2015, Sightings of actual aliens, and people being abducted by aliens, will also be on the rise in 2015. This will be due to the major planetary shifts our planet will experience in the upcoming year.


An evangelical minister is going to outed for being gay. At the pulpit, he preaches loud and clear about the sins of homosexuality, but we are going to find that in his private life, he doesn’t see anything wrong in participating with other men in what he calls “sins of the flesh”.

A major organized religious organization from Utah, is going to be discovered to be involved in a major money laundering scandal! There are going to be claims that the church has been using its donations for the financial gains, and the benefits of its high-ranking members! This will be all be denied by the church!

A new type of religious cult is going to form in 2015. The leader is going to hold many bizarre ideas, and it will attract many celebrities, authors, and other well-known people. It will leave many people scratching their heads ,wondering how so many intelligent people are drawn to this bizarre new leader!

Stock Market

Overall, the stock market is going to do very well for the year of 2015! Gold and silver prices will stay consistent. The US dollar in will remain strong in 2015 as a result of this!

Corn and wheat will do well in 2015.


Major corruption is going to be revealed in the Republican party in 2015. Even dirty secrets about the Bush family, 911, and other serious issues, are going to be leaked to the public. Many people will be in awe and disbelief about what they hear. This information will be so painful for many Americans, that many will refuse to believe any of it!

A Republican senator is going to be accused of taking payoffs from the drug cartel! Once this rumor comes out, he will resign from congress immediately! There will be a small investigation into this, but nothing will turn up that will implement him of any wrong doings.

Jeb Bush will decide to run for President. He will not win. Many truths will come out concerning the corruption that was going on in government during the time of George Bush Jr., shocking America! America will then decide they have had enough of the Bush’s in office.


 Many so-called Conspiracy theories that seemed so weird to many people are going to turn up new, undeniable evidence, that will prove there were covered up, and true, after all!

There is going to be a discovery made between children born with autism, and the food that mothers eat during their pregnancy, due to the chemicals and preservatives that food manufactures are putting into our food!


There is going to be a discovery for an HIV vaccine that will go into trials in 2015. This vaccine will prevent people from becoming infected with the HIV virus.

A new species of plant life will be discovered in the Amazon, that has beneficial healing properties for diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and other serious health conditions.

Those are my psychic predictions for 2015. Each month, as always, I will release more of my 2015 psychic predictions.

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  1. Alejandra says:

    Thank You!


  2. Mercy says:

    I love reading your predictions, thank you so much for sharing Tana !

  3. DonD says:

    Thank you.

  4. Julia says:

    wow love your predictions. but you failed to mention ISIS and the situation in the Middle East. what is going to happen there?

  5. LaToya says:

    I look forward to your prediction.

  6. Michelle S. says:

    As usual Tana, I really enjoy reading your post! Your predictions are always an interesting read!!

  7. Jinae says:

    thanks for the interesting predictions. Wish you the best for 2015!

  8. Tiffany says:

    Tana, I always write the predictions down and look at it throughout the year. I love this list, I think it’s so funny the devout religious who are so outspoken against homosexuality do dabble in it. I KNEW IT!

  9. Amanda says:

    Awesome! Love your predictions… Thank you for sharing!

  10. Josi M says:

    On point and divine everytime…thanks Angels. .

  11. Ken Pasco says:

    I always knew the Bush’s were crooks – can’t believe people vote republican in the first place… pathetic!

    • Faye J says:

      Who on this planet is more corrupt than the Clintons, Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi??? Why would anyone who actually works for a living and pay taxes vote Democratic? Pathetic promoters of all things welfare and illegal immigrants!

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  13. mark christopher rivera says:

    Thanks ☺

  14. Avery says:

    Tana, you wrote that the dollar remains strong while precious metals “stay consistent”. I assume that means not much movement either up or down, for gold and silver. Hope you can elaborate in a future post. Thanks!

  15. nancy says:

    Thanks Tana!

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