More Psychic Predictions For 2016 (July Release)

Hi there,

I wanted to share some very exciting news with you. During my astral travels last weekend, I had something revealed to me that has never been revealed to anyone before. I was speechless when I was told by the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters that I was the first person they chose to reveal this to…

But first, let me give you a little background about how all of this transpired. As you know if you’ve been reading my emails for awhile, I astrally travel for about 10 to 14 hours every Saturday (This past weekend I astrally traveled on Sunday, since I had a special occasion to attend to on Saturday).

When I closed my eyes to leave my psychical body, I was instantly transported to a realm I never knew existed. I mean, this realm is so secret, even I was prevented from knowing about it. And as many of you know, I had a mentor from the time I was a young boy until my early teens when he passed. I thought he had taught me everything….

…but I was mistaken, because I had never learned about this before…

The Secret Realm of Exodosus

Well, once my astral body came to complete halt, I arrived in a realm I had never been to before. I later learned this realm is called the Realm of Exodosus (ex-oh-dough-sus), And guess who was standing there to greet me in spirit form when I arrived? My mentor!

His first words were “Welcome Tana to the Realm of Exodosus! I knew you’d be surprised to see me when you arrived here. You are here because your soul has advanced to a higher vibrational evolution, due to your dedicated work to spread light, love, and peace to the world. And due to this advancement of your soul you are now ready to enter this realm and learn about it.”

I started to cry, because I hadn’t expected to see my mentor here to greet me! I communicate with him often, and he comes to visit me frequently, but during our recent visits, he never gave me a clue that this was going to transpire that day. He was always someone who had a wise face, and he was never afraid, no matter what he was faced with!

A Personal Story With My Mentor and The Helofor

I remember one occasion with my mentor when I was 12 years old. Suddenly! Out of nowhere, this giant, 20 foot tall, evil-looking being appeared. I had never seen anything so scary looking in all my twelve years of living. I was really scared!

My mentor gently placed his hand on my shoulder as if to comfort me, and without any fear at all, he took a large crystal wand out of his pocket, pointed it at this scary being. There was a flash of light,  and then it instantly shrunk to the size of a peanut!

I was so caught by surprise to see this giant evil-looking being suddenly shrink to the size of a peanut that it made me laugh out loud! I had never seen anything like it in my life! After it shrunk, this little Peanut Being, as I later called it, then ran under the door like a scared little mouse!

My mentor later told me “It is called a Helofor. Helofor’s are evil beings that try to scare children who have exceptional psychic gifts, into being afraid of developing their abilities. Helofor’s only appear when the most gifted of the gifted are developing their psychic talents. So I shrunk it to the size of a peanut to show you it was nothing to be afraid of! To show you it had no power over you, whatsoever!” 

He went on to say “I have only seen a Helofor once before in my entire life – and it was when my mentor was training me! Consider it’s appearance as a sign you are highly gifted, and remember to always use your gift for the good of others, lest they be taken away from you! 

I will never forget that day as long as I live! Sorry to digress, but thinking of his calm face reminded me of that story, and I wanted to share it with you.

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I Wanted To Know More About the Realm of Exodosus

So I asked my mentor “Why the surprise, and what does all of this mean?” He explained that “a new world, a new dimension in the universe, had been opened to you due to your recent soul advancement. This new world is called the Realm of Exodosus. It is here in this realm where the miracles of the universe are made possible.”

The suddenly, this tall being appeared, with the most incredible, brilliant purple aura I have ever seen. He just appeared out of thin air! My mentor introduced me to this beautiful Being named Safrone, and told me he is called a Molderdine (mole-der-dine).

My mentor explained to me that Molderdine’s are some of the most powerful Beings in the universe, with powers more powerful than Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides combined. He said when a person makes a connection with a Molderdine, the Molderdine will be with them for their next three lifetimes.

What Does A Molderdine Do?

My mentor explained that “a Molderdine has all the powers of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides combined, and they also possess other special powers angels and guides don’t possess. As a matter of fact, what he told me next almost blew my mind! He said that “all Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and even Archangels, have a Molderdine assigned to them. And this is where they get many of their powers!”

He went on to explain something even more incredible to me. He said a Molderdine will infuse their powers into the aura of any person they connect with, bestowing that person with:

– Exceptional good luck – where you will seem like you were born under a magic star! Anything you try or touch will be “touched with good luck” and magical results will follow!

– Boundless attraction and sex appeal – It will increase your attractiveness to others, and even if you are already married or involved, it will heighten your attraction factor. This will greatly help any person, because as he explained to me, “Attractive people always do better in life and have more opportunities, because people naturally gravitate towards attractive people!” 

– Youthful beauty without plastic surgery – A person connected with a Molderdine will start looking 10 to 15 years younger than their actual age, because Molderdines are known as the “Beings of Ageless Beauty”

– Powerful love attraction – Have you ever seen a movie where one of the characters was a real head turner, and people looked at them whenever they walked into a room. Molderdines will cast a Love Attraction Aura around you, and people won’t be able to stop looking at you either when you enter a room! Imagine having this kind aura and charisma wherever you go!

– Success Ravest – Success Ravest is a word that describes a person who is spiritually surrounded by a Spirit Guide energy so powerful ,it launches the person towards almost instant success!

When you are connected to a Molderdine, you will have the strongest Success Ravest energy around you, and it will launch you towards your greatest career success and abundance!

– Hypnotic Voice Command Power will be yours – When a Molderdine is connected to a person, their voice becomes hypnotic. People will start saying things like “I don’t know why, but for some reason I can’t tell you no!” Or “I love your voice, it is very soothing and hypnotic!” When used for good, hypnotic voice command can have very powerful affects on the outcome of your life! Imagine walking into a job interview with 200 other applicants, and the moment they hear your voice, they know they must hire only you! I’m sure you can think of many other scenarios where this would be a very powerful tool to possess!

– Plus a whole lot more!

So as you can see, Molderdines are powerful Energy Beings to be connected to.

Who This IS and IS NOT for

This IS For You If:

– You want to extraordinarily increase your good luck in all areas of your life!

– You want to increase your sex appeal and attractiveness to others!

– You want to stay looking 10 to 15 years younger throughout the rest of your life – without plastic surgery

– You want to have a Powerful Love Aura so you can attract unlimited love into your life in all areas, including romance.

– You want to have Success Ravest, which will launch you on the path to your greatest success, wealth, career opportunities, and abundance

– You want to have Hypnotic Voice Command Power (HVCP) where people will respond very favorably to you and your suggestions

– Plus a whole lot more

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This Is NOT for You If:

– You want to use your Molderdine connection to control or manipulate others in ways that are not for their highest good.

– You want to use this power to harm or hurt another human being.

– You want to take money and abundance from others out of revenge, leaving them without, and in a less fortunate financial situation.

– Or for any other evil purpose!

Molderdines Have Powers Unimaginable By The Human Mind

As my mentor explained to me that day, Molderdines are powerful Beings, and the chance to be connected to them is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

As you can already see, they are more powerful than Spirit Guides and Guardian Angles, AND this is the first time ever, in all of history, that Molderdines have been revealed to anyone. AND it’s also the first time anyone has ever had a chance to be connected to them.

Information like this I usually reserve and share with a private group of people I personally mentor, but I was instructed by my mentor to make this information and connection available to all Light Seekers like yourself.

Since this connection is so powerful, anyone wanting to have this connection, will have to take a sacred oath, whereby they will promise never to use a Molderdine connection for evil. Especially since they will possess the power of hypnotic voice command! This protects me from any negative karma if a person were to misuse this.

How to Have A Molderconpo Techniqico Connection

This Molderdine Connection is called a Molderconpo Techniqico Connection. During this amazing session, you will be connected to your own personal Molderdine, and he or she will be with you for the rest of your life here on earth, and two more lifetimes afterwards.

I am told many people will even experience a spiritual awakening after having a Molderconpo Techniqico Connection. So to reserve one of the only 75 spaces averrable for this, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will contact you right away!

My mentor said only 77 Molderdines will be permitted to connect with people living on the earth plane. So this means only 77 people will have this opportunity. After the 77 people reserve their spaces, there is nothing I will be able to do. That means there are 77 Molderdines for 77 very lucky people! I are already reserved three of the spaces. One for me, one for my partner Johnny, and one for my assistant Steve. So there are now only 74 Molderdines available to the ENTIRE world!

It seems obvious to say this, but if you procrastinate, you will literally miss out! My mentor said there are no plans any time soon to allow more Molderdines to enter the earth plane. So once the other 74 people take the spaces. They are gone forever! Nothing I can do after that. You will literally MISS OUT if you procrastinate on this!

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I look forward to performing the Molderconpo Techniqico Connection on the lucky 74 people who reserve a space for this!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. In my last email, I talked about how you can see into the soul of anyone, and discover many things about them, You should read it here if you haven’t read it yet!

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5 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    Exododsus realm…or Exodus realm..
    This is a completely new concept to me which I have never heard of but somehow sounds familiar. I don’t know. I don’t know anything about it and was never aware of it until now though some time ago i had the word “exodus” in my mind constantly or”exodium”. Its probably unrelated. Sounds like some sort of chemical compound. My mind will come up with all sorts. Don’t worry Tana, you’re not the only one to digress as you well know of my ramblings and unlike me, you actually know what you’re talking about. I could be rambling about all sorts at this rate. See now I’m talking about liquorish sweets.

    But 77, that is more familiar. It was specifically 77 people. Kinda a specific number. Why not 50? 100? 70? 80? 75?
    78? Which then reserves the three you mentioned and leaves 75 remaining. Now you’ve got me going to try and figure it out.

    The number relates to miracles, intuition, awakening and psychic ability (according to Sacred Scribes website) so I can see the relation. Its not the 77th dimension since Tana has already reached the 99th dimension and the exodus realm is apparently beyond that and a new development in Tana’s reach.

    I’m no lorekeeper or lore master or whatever those of us who research and archive ethereal and ET beings, history and philosophy called. Or beings of that calibre who do the same like the beings of the neutral order which I know do exist somewhere but don’t know of. Don’t go by anything I’m saying on that though. That’s probably not what they’re called anyway. I have no clue. That’s why I’m looking for them. This is not based from any current knowledge I know about but what I’m describing may sound familiar.

    They are like observers of history, like the Wing makers in a way, but are not biased to any side. They are outside the mind of duality. Angels, ascended masters and guides are sided with positivity. This is not a bad thing but there are a splinter sect of beings who don’t follow the code of light or dark, even though darkness doesn’t really have a code but they aren’t dark or light as in do not commit acts of good or evil. They’re essentially just watchers. They are the ones who truly have a balanced point of view. As far as I know, they never interfere, just observe.

    Ring any bells for anyone? If so please tell me who and how to contact them.

    More details might include a grey aura that’s both black and white, may have the power to heal or harm or none at all since they don’t need it. Some might even be overseers of free will since they’re purely knowledge based beings simply to learn and see.

    I could be explaining lost or undeveloped souls at this point but then again…I must stress though that they are not evil or good. The only reason I’m looking for them is for a balanced point of view of information.

    Tana I think you already know exactly what I’m trying to describe if you’ve read this. I’m actually tempted to email you directly on this but I have no basis on what I’m looking for. I have nothing to go on.

    Like looking for a tree in a forest, I could be explaining any old tree, despite a few details. There’s is a plethora of beings that could be even remotely described.

    And here’s a perfect example of my wild rambling. From exodossus to neutral beings.

  2. Lalita says:

    This is amazing. I wish I could afford it, I’d be all over it. Such an honor for you! I love reading about your trips. I wish I was that gifted! I’ll make due with your emails though!

  3. Candy says:

    I am SOOO happy you got to see your mentor Tana!! That was the best part of this post!! I bet that was so special xo
    Lots of love ?

  4. Tracy says:

    Tana I think I’ve seen this on February of 2015. When I first started realizing my gifts. Something appeared to me it was was so beautiful and the most beautiful purple most what I saw was this brilliant purple with some white bright light. she was so tiny and beautiful black cropped hair with brilliant blue eyes and the longest lashes I’ve ever seen. in my mind she appeared as a small person. But outside my mind she transformed into this I can’t even describe how beautiful.. purple so brillant .. She stayed there making sure I saw her for good 5 minutes.. Then she disappeared. . After she left I remember how I felt that was my very first experience. outside of my mind. It was,so incredible.

  5. Leticia Steele says:

    Hi Tana how much is this? I may do this instead of my regular reading in October. I can only Afford the $250

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