More of My Psychic Predictions For 2016 (June Release)

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In my last email, I taught you about being empathic, and a powerful technique you can use to eliminate sadness from your life. Make sure to read it by clicking here, because it is important information that will help you!


Have you ever heard of a walk-in? A Walk-in is when an alien walks-in” to the body of another person and inhabits it This may sound a bit strange at first, but let me explain more fully what this means, and how it happens.

Sometimes a person has completed their destiny on earth, yet they still have many years left to live, but since they have completed their lessons here, they’re ready to leave their body, so they can return to the Sprit World, in order to get ready for their next incarnation on earth. Because when you have learned all the earthly lessons you needed to learn in this lifetime, it’s time to leave the earth.

So a Walk-in will enter that person’s body, and take it over. The person’s soul to leaves their body the moment the Walk-in enters it. This allows the “person’s body” to continue living on, interacting with all the people it knows, and then die a natural death later in the future.

A Walk-in can also “walk-in” and take over someone’s body who would rather not be here any longer. A person who is ready to give up. So sometimes a Walk-in will walk-in and take over the body of the person, allowing the person’s who no longer wishes to be here to return to the Spirit World.

In both of these cases, it is an alien presence that walks in and takes over, for the purpose of the alien presence being able to learn more about human life on earth. There would be no physical evidence a walk-in has occurred, because once the Walk-in enters the person’s body, the transition is seamless.

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A Different Kind of “Walk-in” – Trillions!

Well, during my Astral Travel this past Saturday, I was instructed to astrally travel to the 99th Dimension, where the most evolved of all Ascended Masters live. When I arrived, I was greeted by Saint Germain, Vishnu, and Macar, my personal Ascended Master guide.

They asked me if I knew what a Walk-in was, and I told them I did. They went on to explain to me something called a Trilllion. They explained a Trillion is a type of Walk-in, but a Trillion is not of alien descent.

At this point, they had my curiosity peaked and I was so excited about what I was hearing! I was very interested to hear the rest of what they were going to say!

Saint Germaine explained that “Trillions are just like Walk-ins, except when they enter a person’s body, the person’s soul does not leave, but instead, the person’s soul actually “fuses” with the energy of the Trillions’ soul. This powerful fusion only takes about 5 minutes for it to happen, and then the Trillion who infused the person, stays with that person, and guides them for the rest of their life!”

Now I was really excited, so I told Saint Germaine to please tell me more! He went on to explain that “Trillions are the highest evolved Spirit Beings in the entire Spiritual Dimensions. They are even more evolved than Angels and Spirit guides, but not more evolved than Ascended Masters! Trillions are one step below us”

My Experience With A Trillion

Saint Germaine informed me that a few weeks earlier, a Trillion named Asatar had come to visit me! Right then I realized it was a Trillion I had met two weeks earlier. But because I had never seen one before, I didn’t know what  it was!

So I asked him to please tell me more about these Trillions, and here is what he explained! “Trillions are Spiritual Beings who will enter your body for 5 minutes, and when they do, a spiritual fusion (called a TrilloFusion) takes places between your soul and theirs.”

In other words, your energy becomes fused with the energy of the Trillion, and when that happens, he said “it feels like a spiritual Fourth of July inside! Micro-energy fireworks go off, manifesting amazing possibilities for your life, which are so miraculous, it’s beyond most people’s ability to even comprehend!”

Saint Germaine explained to me “when a Trillofusion happens, it is so powerful, it will almost instantly change the destiny of that person’s life onto a destiny of fulfillment beyond one’s imagination.” He explained that this fusion “literally changes the energy vibration of the soul of the person who has been fused, into the energy vibrational level of a Tier 1 Spiritual Master!”

I was amazed by those words…

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Why I Was So amazed By Those Words

A Tier One Spiritual Master is someone who is on Tier 1 in the Spirit World. Someone who is on the first rung of the Spiritual Ladder of the Universe!

A Tier 1 Spiritual Master means that with the proper activation, the person will be the Master of their soul, and have Tier 1 mastery abilities over forces in the Universe. Skills no other living being on earth possesses – unless they are a Tier 1 Master!

I cannot reveal all the skills a Tier 1 Spiritual Master will acquire, but here are the ones I can reveal. With proper activation, a Tier 1 Master will be able to:

– Have the Tier 1 powers to see into the future

– Have the Tier 1 powers to hear Spirit Voices of Angels, Fairies, Elves, and other Elementals

– Be able to use the power of their mind to move small objects (telekinesis)

– Have the Tier 1 ability to hold conversations with Angels

– Have psychic powers beyond a normal humans ability to grasp or comprehend, such as being able to read a person’s energy field, and  then instantly know many things about that person

– Have the power to rapidly change their destiny, or the destiny of anyone, into a more positive one 

– Have the Tier 1 power to heal the sadness of anyones broken heart (including their own) by releasing and healing the pain energy 

– And many other skills only to be revealed only to an activated Tier 1 Spiritual Master!

But to become a  infused with the energy power of a Tier 1 Spiritual Master, you first need to be Trillofused!

Becoming Trillofused

To become Trillofused, you first need to have a Trillofusion. A Trillofusion is when a Highly Evolved Trillion (a spiritual Being who has advanced Spiritual Powers and knowledge, enters your energy field, and “fuses” his or her spiritual essence with the essence of your spiritual body!

Some people have described this fusion as feeling like they are on Cloud Nine. It is one of the most loving, healing, uplifting, and feel-good experiences, a person can actually experience in their life!

Also, after a Trillofusion. any depression, sadness, anxiety, or fear, you may be feeling at the time, will be instantly released from your body at that moment!

The Trillofusion also imbues and spiritually moisturizes your soul, and after 5 minutes, you will be instantly elevated to the Spiritual Level of a Tier 1 Master! At which point you will then have the opportunity to have these miraculous powers activated within you!

But the first step is to become Trillofused…

How To Become Trillofused

Trillofusion is only going to be performed on a very select few. As a matter of fact, it is only going to be performed on a small, undisclosed amount of people. But not everyone who wants to become Trillofused will be able to have this performed on them.

There is an application process involved to be considered for this. And if you’d like to apply to become Trillofused, then please read the following information carefully, and then proceed as instructed!

How To Apply To Be Considered For A Trillofusion

If you are interested in being Trillofused, then I would encourage you to fill out this questionnaire now! If you delay, you WILL miss out on this! Simply answer the following questions, and then email them back to me directly, at

I will then personally read each of them, and then personally call you back if you are potential candidate for a Trillofusion. when we speak I will give you the rest of the details. You MUST include your DIRECT phone number when sending in your completed questionnaire!

Trillofusion Questionnaire

Please read each question carefully, and then answer it honestly:

1. Why do you want to be Trillofused?

2. Name two ways you would you use the powers described above if you were a Tier 1 Spiritual Master?

3. Do you, or have you ever, practiced, Satanism, Voodoo, Black Magic, Santaria, Necromancia, or any form of negative magic!

4. Have you ever paid someone to place a death curse on another person?

5. Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

6. Do you believe the mind is more powerful than even science currently understands?

7. Would you be willing to swear on your life you would never misuse the powers of a Tier 1 Spiritual Master to harm another human being or any of God’s creatures?

8. Would you only use this power for yourself, or would you also use it to help others? 

After filling out the above questionnaire, please email it back to me at and include your direct number, and please tell me the best times it will be easiest to reach you (offer more than one time period), since I will be calling you between my clients. I would appreciate that.

I look forward to your reply, and hope to speak to you very soon.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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    This is what has happened to me. I believe my soul is fused with the soul of another, likely a trillion because I still feel like myself but not like I used too.

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