My Psychic predictions For 2016 (May Release) – by Tana Hoy

Hey there,

In my last email I shared with you the Keys To Happiness and I explained how to the Law Of Three Cycles is the Law most responsible for you being happy or not.  I then taught you how to use that Law to receive the greatest happiness possible in your life! If you didn’t read that email, make sure to check it out here! 

Did you know that you have around 20 to 30 Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and other Spiritual Beings, standing around you – right this moment?

Did you also know that when referring to two or more Spiritual Beings surrounding a person, they are called a Spirit Band?

What Most People Don’t Know

Everyone has a Spirit Band around them, but not everyone knows they have one? Most people go through their life blindly unaware of the Spiritual Helpers that are standing there waiting to help them. These Spiritual Helpers are standing there like patient servants, waiting for you to tell them your desires and wishes,  so they can go out into the universe and make your dreams and wishes come true.

Most people don’t know that Guardian Angels can make any dream come true, especially in the areas of love, relationships, and all of your heart’s desires.

Most people don”t know their Spirit Guides have special skills and powers they can use to manifest any wish or desire they have.

And most people don’t know there is a boundless list of other invisible Beings who live in the universe, such as fairies, elves, and other Light Beings, with incredible, miraculous powers.

It would actually blow most people’s minds if they were aware of all the miracles and wish-granting powers their powerful Spirit Friends possess, and how they can make anything a person wishes desires come true in their life!

Yes! It is very true! The universe contains an infinite amount of invisible Beings with powers so amazing and incredible it would make most people’s mouths drop open!

Deceptive Spirits Bubble Shield Protection is only a click away!

Why Most People Walk Around Like Zombies!

And like I said earlier, because they have no idea these invisible Beings even exist,

99.9999% of the people on the planet walk around blind and unaware of theses Beings and their powers, which they could tap into and use to their advantage!

This is why I feel that a Light Seeker like yourself, who is learning many things by reading my emails, is very lucky! Because you DO KNOW they exist. And as you have probably already realized, you are able to use this information for the betterment of your life, and the lives of others!

A Few Personal Stories About How My Spirit Friends Changed My Life

First of all, there is nothing more amazing than being able to to communicate with my Spirit Friends. Since I have been a little boy, my Spirit Friends have helped me in more ways than I have time to mention. I could write a book on that topic alone.

You know, I was at a point in my life when I knew I was ready to meet the right person to share my life with. But not just any person. He had to be The One! So I made a list of all the qualities I wanted, desired, and wished for in someone. Next, I asked my Spirit Friends to help me find him. Within 6 months after asking to meet him, we met. I have since come to realize he has all the qualities I wrote on my “love list”. We have been together over 10 years now, and I have never been happier in my entire life!

Many of you already know the story of how Macar, my Ascend Master guide, prevented me from being robbed by a man with a knife!

There was also the time when I saw this little boy crossing a busy street. Only seconds before this six-year old boy was going to be smashed into by a giant truck. I called out loud to my Spirit Friends. Then suddenly, just in the nick of time. the truck came to a sudden stop. No tires screeched, no loud noises happened, and it seemed very surreal! The truck just suddenly stopped…less than one foot  in front of this little boy. Then I ran quickly into the street, and safely walked him back across to his mother. (He ran out of the corner store where she was shopping, and she was frantically searching for him).

There are endless stories like this I could share with you. But as you can see, Spirit Friends are very real, they do have amazing powers, and they do intervene, help, and grant wishes and dreams to those who call on them!

How To Summon The Help of These Invisible Beings

I was born with the ability to see, hear, and talk to my Spirit Friends, the same as I talk to anyone else in front of me. I never had to develop this ability. Because just like my hearing, and my vision, I was born with the gift to see and hear them!

And calling on your Spirit Friends is not difficult, because to call on them, all you need to do is to call out and say “Hey, I need your help!”

What is difficult for people who are not like me, are the three following things:

1. When you call on your Spirit Friends, how do you know they hear you, are listening, or are going to help you?

2. When they are showing you an answer, how do you know it’s an answer from them, or just your imagination?

3. When you call on their help, how do you know it’s actually your Spirit Friends trying to help you, instead of some evil force or demon pretending to be one of your Spirit Friends?

Are you being mind controlled by deceptive spirits? Are they feasting on your negative pain energy? You need to protect yourself with Deceptive Spirits Bubble Shield Protection, and you can grab one of the limited session by clicking here now!

A Sobering Truth

Yes, the truth is, there are evil forces in the universe. And yes, the truth is, they do try to deceive and mess with unsuspecting people who call out to the Spirit World for help. People who do not know the proper way to do it.

These evil forces are not dangerous in the sense of a demon possession you. But these evil forces enjoy leading people down the wrong path, and then watching them suffer from the consequences of following their wrong advice.

Their evilness is in the fact that they enjoy leading people in wrong directions, and they thrive on making them suffer as a result of following their wrong advice. Deceptive Sprits do this because they feed off the emotional pain they cause others. Emotional pain and sadness is the food that keeps them alive. so they feast on that energy!

Without being able to feed off the emotional pain and suffering of others, they would die. So they need to look for unsuspecting victims, so they can cause havoc in their life, and then feed off of the “pain energy” they have created for them!

So what they do is pretend to be your Spirit Friend, get you to trust them, and then lead you down the wrong path, so they can watch you suffer, and make your sad emotional energy their next meal!

But…ALL of this can be avoided, when you know the CORRECT WAY to protect yourself when you call on, communicate with, and listen to the guidance of your invisible Spirit Friends.

The Biggest Mistake Most People Make!

The biggest mistake most people make when calling on their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels is:

1. Not knowing the proper way to protect themselves.

2. Thinking they are in contact with their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, but are really only talking to deceiving spirits, who are pretending to be their angels and guides.

(Remember, these evil, deceptive spirits need to eat too! So they want to eat of off your suffering, pain, and the sadness they will cause you! Because your “pain energy” is the food they love to feast on!!)

So having the right protection is important. Because deceptive spirits can pretend to be your guides and angels helping you, when in reality, they are actually deceptive spirits in disguise, deceiving you.

How Deceptive Spirits Work (You need to know this!!)

They will start by building your trust, and granting you things you ask for. This will deceive you into thinking they are really your guides and angles helping you! But once they have your trust, it all goes downhill from there – from really good to really bad!

Many times I’ve had clients tell me they asked their guides for help, and received it. But then, as time went on, it felt like their guides weren’t listening to them anymore, or helping them at all!! And by now, you already know why that is. Because they were dealing with deceptive spirits!

The person then begs, pleads, tries to make deals with their guides and angels to help them, but they still get no reply. (By the way, deceptive spirits love it when people beg them for help, then feel sad abandoned, and insecure! Remember! It’s more food for them to feast on!!)

So if you’ve ever had the experience of feeling like your guides and angels don’t hear you, you now know why!

How to Prevent Being Deceived by Deceptive Spirits

The only way to make 100% sure you are not being deceived by deceptive spirits is by protecting yourself the RIGHT way.

Psychics out there talk about placing white light around yourself for protection, but white light is limited in the types of protection it can offer you. Placing white light around you WILL offer you protection, BUT NOT from deceptive spirits.

As many of you already know, I’m not one to sit here and just tell people what they want to hear! Nope! That’s not me, and never has been!

I’m going to tell people the truth, whether they like it or not. And I also realize that many psychics who read this email, aren’t going to like that I am exposing the truth to people, which is, white light won’t work for protection from deceptive spirits! But regardless, I am not going to tell people something that’s not true.

There are tons of psychics out there willing to do that – but not me! I am going to tell you the truth! The same as I always do!

So, remember this! White light will not help protect you against deceptive spirits, who posing and pretending to be your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides!

The ONLY Way to be Protected for 100% Sure

Not everyone cares if they have angels and guides who will guide them, help them, and protect them, in ALL areas of their life. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t want to call on some of the most powerful Beings in the universe, but some people just don’t care!

To me, it doesn’t make sense not to call on your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, and summon their FREE help anytime you need it, is beyond me. Because calling on them is as simple as talking to yourself! But there are many people who just don’t care!

Sad…but true!

To me, not summoning the help of your guides and angels is like refusing to breath air! Why would anyone refuse to breath air? All you have to do is – breathe! Well, summoning the help of your guides and angels is just as easy as breathing! And their help is FREE!

Still, some people don’t care! I am convinced there are people who enjoy being miserable, broke, unhappy, loveless, sad, and depressed. I think they are kind of like those deceptive spirits I am talking about, and they enjoy “feeding off” their own feeling bad!

But if you’re not one of those types of people, then here’s what you need to do…

….you need to have a Deceptive Spirits Bubble Shield Activation Protection.

Also, if you don’t know how to call on your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, don’t worry! Because it is VERY simple! So I am going to teach you how to do it during your Deceptive Spirit Bubble Shield Protection…just keep reading on to learn more!

Get protected now by having a Deceptive Spirits Bubble Shield Protection!

Deceptive Spirits Bubble Shield Protection

Having this powerful protective bubble shield designed and created, based on your unique energy vibrations, is guaranteed to prevent you from ever being deceived by deceptive spirits again!

A bubble shield is hand-created by me, based on your unique energy vibrations. It is such a  powerful shield of protection, it not only protects you from deceptive spirits, but also from Psychic Vampires, demons, curses, psychic curses, witchcraft, voodoo spells, black magic attacks, and even bad luck!

Remember, deceptive spirits have a very good reason for not wanting you to get yourself protected! And the reason is because they have to eat! So if you get protected, and stop stop feeling sadness, emotional pain, heart aches, depression, disappointment, negative thinking, or obsessive thoughts – they have nothing to eat…

…so they will starve and die!

I Forgot To Mention This Part…

So deceptive spirits don’t want you to have protection! As a matter of fact, some of you wont even open this email and read it, because these deceptive spirits have mind controlled you, and made you not open this email! They want to keep feasting off the misery they will continue to cause you and your life!

Did I forget to mention they use Spirit Mind Control (SMC) to hypnotize your thinking, so they can deceive you into thinking the thoughts they want you to think!

Have you ever been so worried or paranoid about something that you couldn’t sleep? Guess who was behind all of that? And guess who had a feeding frenzy when you were in that state of mind?

If you said evil forces in the form of Deceptive Spirits (DS) you are 101% correct!

Get Bubble Shield Protection Now!

Deceptive Spirits do not want me telling you about this bubble shield protection. Even as I am typing this, they are trying to use mind control on me. But it does not work – because I am protected in a Bubble Shield! (I can actually see their tentacles slithering around me, trying to connect to my brain. But they can’t get their tentacles within 20 feet from me! It’s amazing to watch!)

Using cosmic energy dust, I am going to hand-create Deceptive Spirits Bubble Shields for anyone who wants to be able to summon the help of their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, in order to get their FREE unlimited help  – anytime they need it! Remember, talking to your Spirit Friends is very EASY to do, and I am going to teach you how when I am hand-creating your Bubble Shield.

I am only going to hand-create 60 Deceptive Spirits Bubble Shields for the people who have a sincere desire to be protected from their Mind Control, and who truly want to start working with their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels People who want. to receive the unlimited supply of help, blessings, and protection, for the rest of their life! (I am not offering this for anyone who doesn’t really care about their guides and angels. So if this is you, please don’t fill out the form for one of theses sessions.)

You will need to click on this link, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to grab one of the 60 appointments available for this!

I am so glad I was able to let you know about deceptive spirits and offer you a way to never let them control you or your life again. You can click on this link, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page now to grab your own Deceptive Spirits Bubble Shield Protection.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. janice arandelovic says:

    i need this .Im going through this now and have been for some time .Maybe that’s why Trevor didn’t hang around.226 289 3246 How much does it cost .that’s my phone office number.The tricky thing I want to add about the mind changers is part of you is still you. When this happens have the angers gone away permanently that watch over you|?

  2. Candy says:

    I don’t have the money for this but wanted you to know that I did read it!! I love everyone and my guides are dear to me ? I don’t sense any snail feelers around me but just incase I’ll be sure to create a snail feeler quicksand from the deceptive spirits! ? as I talked with Saint Germain and Archangel Michael right now, my spirit guides and guardian angels I created an instant quicksand for the deceptive spirits with snail feelers, but outside of that I asked the cherubim and Seraphim to place there light around me that is SO bright human eyes cannot even look at it! Plus I asked for the white light of the Holy Spirit to be all around me in Jesus Christ name on top of that! and I actually heard “That will not work” so I said, “OH YES IT WILL!! “Goodbye Fuc#er!!!” And I kid you not, I literally saw a bunch fly away as if they lost their grip!! ! ???
    I hope this made you laugh because it made me laugh and I think I fixed it 🙂

  3. Avery says:

    Candy, loved your comments!!! And they made me laugh out loud. I bet your prayers work bc u put feeling into them-thanks for sharing

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