Here’s my Psychic Predictions for December 2020

Hi there,

Get ready because a biggie is coming that is going to hit the earth soon!

And the same as in the past, I always let you know about these things way in advance, so you can take the necessary steps to get protected before they actually hit!

What I am talking about is here is another Energy Tidal Wave is going to hit the earth. And I’m giving you advance warning about it, before it hits, to allow you to make sure you and your family have the chance to be protected from it!

It’s going to hit again on March 3rd, 2021, and this one is going to be the biggest one ever to hit the earth in over 2.6 million years!

And it’s going to be a big one, let me tell you!

Here’s what you need to know…

What Is An Energy Tidal Wave And Why Do They Keep Hitting The Earth? 

if you’ve been reading my emails for a while, then you know I always keep people informed about any upcoming energy shifts that are going to hit the planet.

If you are new to reading my emails, you may be wondering what an Energy Tidal Wave Is and why they keep hitting the earth?

An Energy Tidal Wave is an energetic tidal wave that hits the earth. The last one hit the earth almost 18 months ago, but it was nothing compared to what this one is going to be!

People often ask me what causes an Energy Tidal Wave (ETW) and why this energy hits the planet?

It’s important to remember that the planet Earth is a living, growing, ever-changing, organism. You also want to remember that we are only “guests” who are temporarily living on this planet. This planet was here way before the first human ever inhabited it! So the earth functions according to its own laws, with or without us living here.

Since Mother Earth is a living organism, there are energy radiations from the cosmos that hit the planet constantly. These energy radiations actually help cleanse, balance, and realign the energies of planet Earth when it gets off balance!

But these energies were not designed to benefit us. Their only purpose is to balance, cleanse, and align the energies of the earth.

And since our human energy fields (also known as the aura) are made up of different vibrational energy than these vibrational frequencies, which are radiated down from the Cosmos, this Cosmic Energy Radiation has a major impact on the energy fields of humans. Again, it’s important to understand this Cosmic Energy was designed to cleanse Mother Earth of negative energies. It was not designed for our benefit.

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What Causes An Energy Tidal Wave

As I mentioned earlier, Energy Tidal Waves cleanse, balance, and realign the energies of planet Earth, so an Energy Tidal Wave hits the earth whenever there are an accumulation and buildup of negative energy in the earth’s bio-atmosphere!

And whenever there is a buildup of this negative energy it needs to be cleansed and neutralized, or else it will cause all kinds of problems here on earth. An imbalance of negative energy in the earth’s bio atmosphere, like we have now, can trigger Tsunamis, tornados, earthquakes, and even wars and unrest among the people living on the earth. So Energy Tidal Waves keep the earth in balance!

The cause of this upcoming Energy Tidal Wave is due to the build-up of negative energy over the past several months, caused by all of the division and unrest here on earth, which has been happening all over the world. There has been war, division, unrest, lately, where people all over the world have been experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety over the last several months.

So, these fear thoughts and anxiety energies are being sent out from each person, into the Cosmos, where it builds up and accumulates in the bio atmosphere of the earth.

And then it forms what is called Poison Energy Rain Clouds (PERC) in the sky above us. And if these Poison Energy Rain Clouds rain down on us, it will be disastrous! Not only to the earth but also to the human race.

So, this Energy Tidal Wave (which will hit the earth at an extremely high Vibrational Energy Rate of 2,000,000 MHz) will hit the earth on March 3rd, 2021, destroying and cleansing these Poison Energy Rain Clouds (PERC) to prevent them from raining their poison down upon the earth!

Otherwise, it would be very bad news for all of us.

How An Energy Tidal Wave Will Affect You

This Cosmic Energy will hit the earth like a Tidal Wave, where it will create an Energy Flood, which will “flood” the entire earth.

This Energy Flood will “energetically drown” the aura of unprotected people, causing disastrous results in them and their families’ lives! Unprotected people will experience all kinds of unwanted mishaps and fallout in their lives, and this fallout will affect them for the next 12 years!

These energies will not kill a person, or harm them physically (at least not that I know of so far) but anyone who is unprotected when this hits, will experience all kinds of chaos in their lives.

But by being protected, you will prevent this from happening to you and your entire family, which includes your spouse, children, grandchildren, your siblings, aunts and uncles, and all of the same family members on your spouse’s side of the family, too!

When Energy Tidal Waves have hit the earth in the past, (past Energy Tidal Waves only hit the earth at 150,000 MHz. But this upcoming one will hit at 2,000,0000 MHz!) Here are the things unprotected people told me they experienced:

– They had unexpected love problems that just appear out of nowhere!

– Their sexual and romantics lives seemed to dry up!

– They experienced a three-year period or longer, where they couldn’t meet anyone to date, no matter what they did or tried.

– Financial difficulties just appeared out of nowhere!

– Job difficulties, such as losing jobs, out-of-the-blue friction with coworkers they always got along with before, and even problems with their superiors began popping up!

– Problems with their homes, such as foundation problems, flooding problems, severe roof problems, termite infestation, and several other things that were costly to fix began happening!

– They experienced unusual weight gain – no matter how much they watched what they ate!

– Plus a whole lot of other undesirable problems.

And the sad part is, they had to watch their family members and friends go through these same things too!

But the good news is this doesn’t have to happen to you or your family! Because you CAN protect you and your family from experiencing all of these problems if you choose to do so by making sure to reserve your space for an Energy Tidal Wave Protection. 

Please Know This:

Every time an Energy Tidal Wave has hit the earth in the past, there are always people who call me afterward, even after being informed of it like this, way ahead of time, asking if they can still get this protection! They told me they didn’t want to keep experiencing the fallout that I had warned them was going to happen to them and their families after it hit!

And it breaks my heart to have to tell them that sadly if a person is unprotected when it hits, there is nothing that can be done afterward! I had to tell them they’d just have to live with it the way they can!

Also, please know I am not trying to spread fear, or freak anyone out. I am simply letting people know about this, just like I always have done in the past!

Sometimes people email me all upset by an email like this, saying I am spreading fear. And like I always tell these people:

“If I didn’t warn you about this, and tell you why it is important to get protected, and what can happen if you aren’t (especially since this is the second biggest Energy Tidal Wave to have ever hit the earth), then you would be mad at me for not telling you! 

And then you would say to me something like this, “If I had realized it was that serious, of course, I would have wanted to be protected, but I didn’t realize it was that important to do!” 

So then I tell them, “This is why I am letting you know everything upfront beforehand, so that you know what an Energy Tidal Wave of this magnitude will do, so you can decide if you want to protect yourself from it or not!” 

I am always surprised by the people who think “I’ll be okay, it won’t affect me!” 

I can only lead a horse to water but…you know the rest of the saying!

Trust Me, You Want To Be Protected

The truth is, this upcoming Energy Tidal Wave is going to be the biggest one to hit the earth in over 2.6 million years! The last time one of this magnitude hit the earth it triggered a reaction that caused the Ice Age to happen.

This Energy Tidal Wave is nothing to mess with. It will hit the earth at a vibrational energy rate of 2,000,000 MHz, where the one that caused the Ice Age, hit at 2,110,000 MHz. Not much of a difference!

To give you an idea of the strength and power of this upcoming Energy Tidal Wave, imagine this:

Imagine yourself getting inside of a barrel at the top of a 4-mile high waterfall. Then imagine getting inside this barrel, and letting the water carry this barrel, with you inside of it, over the edge of this 4-mile high waterfall. Dropping down 4 miles, until the barrel with you in it hits the bottom!

When the barrel hits the water below, to will crack, crash, and bust open from the impact of the fall!

So, not being protected from the impact of this upcoming Energy Tidal Wave is exactly like you getting into that barrel and taking your chances!

BUT for a person who is protected from it, the impact of this Energy Tidal Wave on their life will be zero!

Zip, nil, nada!

A protected person would be like a person who never got in the barrel at all because once you are protected, this Energy Tidal Wave will wash right past you, not even touching you or your family at all!

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Are There Things You Can Do To By Yourself To Protect Yourself?

People often ask me if there are things they can do by themselves to protect themselves and their families from these energies.

The answer is “No!”.

And I will tell you why.

If you were dealing with lower vibrational negative energies, such as protecting yourself from negative thoughts of others, etc, you could surround yourself with white light and protect yourself relatively easily.

But since we are talking about powerful 2,000,0000 MHz Cosmic Energies being radiated from the Cosmos towards the earth, you are dealing with very powerful energies, which have high-energy radiation and vibrational frequency!

To give you an example for comparison, the energy that comes from negative thoughts from others is comparable to a summer storm. The negative energies from this Energy Tidal Wave, which will be radiated towards the earth on March 3rd, 2021, will be more powerful than the devastating Tsunami that wiped out Indonesia in 2004. 

People sometimes mistakenly think if they have been protected from a previous Energy Tidal Wave, they are automatically protected from this one. And that is totally wrong! Because each Energy Tidal Wave is unique, making the protection needed for each one different!!

Just like any natural disaster, you need to take precautions each time, in order to protect yourself each and every time. And an Energy Tidal Wave is also a natural disaster, but it happens on an invisible vibrational level…

…just like an earthquake, it’s invisible because you cannot see it – until your own house starts shaking!

But the difference between this and an earthquake is this: because you know about this before it hit, you are able to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from it!

So, to get protected from this upcoming Energy Tidal Wave, you need to work with a professional who knows what they are doing.

This is why I spend 8 hours in mediation on Fridays, and 10 to 14 hours doing astral travel on Saturdays. Because during my astral travels is when I receive information about the energies that are going to hit the earth.

It’s during my astral travels is also where I receive the training on the techniques I use to protect people. I am often trained personally by the Archangel Michael or Saint Germain when I am in the astral realms.

What To Do Next

Those of you who have been protected from an Energy tidal Wave before have already experienced seeing what it does to other people’s lives after it hits! You’ve already seen how the lives of friends, acquaintances, and even coworkers around you fell apart because they weren’t protected from this. And sadly, most of them didn’t even know such a thing even exists!

And then there are others who will “take their chances”, believing “it will never happen to me!” And that is far from the truth because everyone, without exception, will be affected by this one!

But for those of you who realize the importance of having an Energy Wave Protection Session, now is the time to reserve your space for this by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page!

These Spaces Are Limited

I am only able to make a very limited amount of spaces available for this. 88 to be exact. And once they are gone, they will be all gone! Leaving those who miss out to fend for themselves the best way they can after it hits!

So, if you procrastinate, or don’t open this email in time, you will more than likely miss out!

So please, make sure to act now and reserve your space for this because this is going to be the most major Energy Tidal Wave I have ever seen hit the earth. And you want to be protected from it! Trust me!

Click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the limited spaces available for this, so that you will have the peace of mind that you and your entire family will be protected!

I’m so you are one of the lucky ones who know about this before it happens!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. If you have any other questions about this, please let me know, and I will gladly try to answer them. Reserve one of the limited spaces now by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.

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