Famous People Who’ve Had Psychic Visions and Predictions

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It’s important to appreciate this life, but it’s more important to know that there is another life out there, in the Spirit World. Psychic experiences come from the Spirit World.

Not everyone has had a psychic experience. Some people go through life without even a hint of awareness of what psychic experiences are all about. On the other hand, others experience the Spirit World as if it is second nature to them.

Often, this latter group of people initially didn’t know what was happening to them. It was only after their unusual experiences, that they understood they had gone through something so special and valuable, it practically changed their lives.

I’ll present some good examples of people who have known what it is to experience the psychic world, even if only for a short time. If you were in their place, what would you have done? Do you think your life would have changed?

Emmanuel Swedenborg – Natural Scientist, Man of Faith, and Mystic Seer


emmanuel swedenborg

Emmanuel Swedenborg, a scientist, was also a man of faith, and a mystic seer.

Faith and science are often at odds with each other. This is not surprising, because faith requires belief in things unseen, but felt. On the other hand, science needs hard proof that is observable by the senses.

Yet, for the Swedish philosopher Emmanuel Swedenborg, who lived from 1688–1772, there was no sense in accepting that there was a “great divide” between science and faith. That’s because although he was famous for greatly contributing to the various fields of natural science, he was also a man of faith. More importantly, he was a Seer who saw visions with the help of the Spirit World.

You could say Swedenborg was a man who seemed to have it all, as far as existence was concerned. He was dedicated in studying the physical or material world, and extensively wrote about physiology, anatomy, and psychology.

Still, he wasn’t content with the material world. His scientific research led to a deepening of his faith, as he began to probe the nature of the soul. Eventually, Swedenborg penetrated the veil dividing the material from the spiritual.

After a spiritual crisis, he began to have visions and to communicate with spirits and angels, and although he was probably not aware of it at the time, this crisis is when his journey into the Spirit World had begun.

One of his more famous and recorded visions had to do with a fire that he saw taking place close to where he lived in Stockholm. What made the vision remarkable was at the time he saw the fire, he was 250 miles away in Göteborg. After a couple of days, messengers from Stockholm came, validating Swedenborg’s vision.

There’s also an interesting account involving Swedenborg and royalty. According to the official site dedicated to him, “In 1761, Swedenborg was presented at the court of Sweden’s Queen Louisa Ulrika (1720–1782), and she asked him to relay a particular question to her deceased brother, Prince Augustus Wilhelm of Prussia (1722–1758). Swedenborg returned to court three weeks later and gave her the answer privately, upon which she was heard to exclaim that only her brother would have known what Swedenborg had just told her.”

He also predicted the exact date when he would die, adding to the evidence that Swedenborg was truly in touch with knowledge available only in the Spirit World.

No wonder that Swedenborg, up to this time, remains one of the most famous names that comes up when talk turns to psychic experiences.


Mark Twain – Famous Author, Humorist, and Accurate Psychic


mark twain

Mark Twain (real name: Samuel L. Clemens), author-creator of the much-loved characters Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, had the gift of prophecy.

You probably know Mark Twain (real name: Samuel Langhorne Clemens) as the author of the world famous stories The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and its sequel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which is often referred to as “The Great American Novel.”

Twain wrote with such engaging precision, skillfully combining “rich humor, sturdy narrative and social criticism, in a way almost unrivaled in world literature.” He was also an excellent lecturer who travelled widely across America and overseas, talking about different matters to packed audiences.

But there was something more to Mark Twain than his enviable literary talent. Twain had the gift of prophecy. Considering that he wasn’t particularly religious, but more of spiritual, this is not surprising.

Twain disliked conventional religion and its traditional practices. He was more attuned to the Spirit World, which is most likely why he was able to predict the death of his own brother, down to the smallest detail.

As relayed in the paranormal section of About.com He experienced an unusually vivid dream in which he saw the body of his brother Henry lying dead in a metal coffin in his sister’s sitting room.The coffin was supported by two chairs, and upon his brother’s still chest was a bouquet of flowers with one red rose in its center.

It was just a few weeks later that Henry died as the result of injuries sustained in a boat accident. Appearing at the wake,Twain found his brother’s body just as he had seen it in the dream: in a metal coffin supported by two chairs. Missing only were the flowers. Just then, a woman entered the room and placed on Henry’s chest a bouquet – with a single red rose in the center.”

That’s not all. Twain, like Swedenborg, also predicted his own death. He had been born when Halley’s Comet was seen in 1835. Mark Twain said that he came with Halley’s comet, and would go out with Halley’s Comet.

He was accurate about that too. He died in the year 1910, the same year that Halley’s comet was seen once more.

Jane Seymour – Actress, Near-Death Experience Survivor


ActressJane Seymour

Hollywood actress Jane Seymour had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) that made her believe the fact that there is life after death.

When you’re a celebrity, you ordinarily have power and money at your disposal. This is particularly true for people who work in the movie and television industry. That’s why most actors and actresses even employ Public Relations firms to manage the way they are perceived by the public – online, and in the real world.

While bad news does tend to leak sometimes, celebrities are protected for the most part, against the spread of any kind of information that ordinarily makes the public see them as being strange or unusual.

Strong spiritual beliefs are among the things that PR people scramble to keep out of the limelight. This is because spiritual beliefs are often looked upon with ridicule, especially if such beliefs go against what is known as “common sense.”

In the case of death and dying, common sense (or what is traditionally held to be true, based on experiences) dictates that when the physical body dies, that’s the end of the line for the person who died.

Usually, if anyone makes claims about an afterlife, the soul, and seeing heavenly beings and/or hearing heavenly voices, one of the most typical reactions would be a rolling of the eyes in disbelief.

In short, people who relate their experiences with the Spirit World are often regarded with skepticism, mistrust, and even scorn.

No wonder many people simply prefer to stay quiet about their experiences, rather than be at the receiving end of a flood of negative reactions.

But for Jane Seymour, the actress who shot to fame because of the movie Somewhere in Time and the television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, her Near-Death experience was so powerful, that she chose to talk about it.

There’s a detailed account of Jane’s psychic experience in the website Madame Noire, where Jane is quoted as saying: “I literally left my body. I had this feeling that I could see myself on the bed, with people grouped around me. I remember my whole life flashing before my eyes, but I wasnt thinking about winning Emmys or anything like that. The only thing I cared about was that I wanted to live because I did not want anyone else looking after my children.

I was floating up there thinking, No, I dont want to die. Im not ready to leave my kids. And that was when I said to God, If youre there, God, if you really exist and I survive, I will never take your name in vain again. Although I believe that I died for about 30 seconds, I can remember pleading with the doctor to bring me back. I was determined I wasnt going to die.

Her near-death experience or NDE was enough to make Jane realize an extremely important fact: death is not something to be feared, because we are not our bodies. We are more than this physical existence.

Here’s an excerpt of her interview in the site Belief.net: “I was given an injection of an antibiotic, and accidentally the man gave it in a vein or an artery rather than in a muscle.  I went into shock, which means everything closed down in my body. I left my body. I could see people administering to my body. I was not in it anymore, and I was looking up. A corner of the room, as it were, was my vantage point, and when I looked up I saw a white light. I remembered saying, I’m not ready to die yet. There was so much I want to do with my life and that I would not waste a moment in doing whatever I could do to contribute somehow to the world and to raise my children. There was so much that I wanted to do. And so, I was blessed and given the opportunity to live… 

It gave me this amazing sense of freedom because, first of all, I know it doesn’t hurt when you die… you just go to a very serene place. 

 And really, who we are is not our bodies. It’s something outside of our bodies, something that you can’t touch or feel. That’s who you are, not your body…

 I live life to the fullest every day. I try to make a difference wherever I can. I realize you take nothing with you other than the difference you maybe made in the world and/or the love that you shared with people you interact with.

 I think a lot of people are so worried about the future that they close their hearts off, and they’re so angry about the past or sad about the past, about it not being their present, that they miss out on what life is. Life is right now, it’s in the moment.”


That’s such a beautiful insight and I firmly believe that Jane arrived at such wisdom mainly because of her psychic experience when she almost died.

It’s important to appreciate this life, but it’s more important to know that there is another life out there, in the Spirit World.

And if you are able to touch base with the world beyond, and experience what it holds, then you are indeed blessed.

What do you think of this information? Tell me what you feel in the comments below!


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