My Psychic Predictions For December 2108

Here are my psychic predictions for December 2018. As I have already predicted that things in US politics would start appearing like a circus. Well…the circus is just beginning!

Psychic predictions 2018

Psychic Predictions – December 2018

More unusual things are going to unfold over the next month, and I will be talking about them here in this month’s psychic predictions.

Here are my latest psychic predictions for December 2018: 



 A major celebrity will announce he has been struggling with drugs for a long time but is now clean and sober. Sex addiction will be one of the other things he announces he is recovering from, too.

Another sex scandal will rock Hollywood. Several people will come forward accusing another major celebrity of doing weird sex things to them without their consent, and under weird circumstances.

Justin Bieber will have a meltdown of sorts, and several people will wonder if his marriage is going to last. It will, but it will not be a forever thing. Three years at the most, and probably even less!



Tensions between the USA and parts of the Middle East will rise. Although no war will occur, it will appear as a strong possibility for a while.

Russia and China will begin to form an alliance, and several politicians will begin to worry what this is all about. It will be discovered these two countries have been having secret meetings for a little while now, making arrangements to form a secret alliance.

Oils prices will be like a roller coaster over the next 8 months. Going up and down, from extreme highs to extreme lows. Although no one will have a reasonable explanation for why this is happening, some will speculate it is nothing more than the manipulation of prices to make profit for the oil companies.



 Snow will fall in unexpected places around the world, including the US. While other parts if the world where there’s typically snow, will find it is beginning to melt, or will experience no snow at all.

The midwestern parts of the US will experience drier weather than normal for this time of year. Other areas of the US will experience colder colds than our normal for this time of the year, also.

Russia is going to be hit with one of the worst winters ever. Several lives are going to be lost as a result of this.


 Medicine and Science

 Scientists are going to discover new signs of life on Mars. Many mysterious objects, which are unexplainable, will be found.

A new gene will be discovered that will end obesity. Strangely, this new gene may also be able to cure certain kinds of cancer.

Advances will be made in growing human organs in the lab. Promising research will allow scientist to grow human hearts, legs, arms, and even human livers.


Love and Relationships

 This will be a good month for reuniting with an ex. If there is someone from the past you still care deeply about, that person may re-enter your life this month! Expect the unexpected.

Be wary of people you meet in bars or clubs this month who may sweep you off your feet. Because the person who appears to be the right one, will turn out to be the wrong one!

Do not loan money to someone you are dating over the next month, or else it could cause problems in the relationship. Better to let them find other means for the money they need.


Psychic Occurrences

Telepathic energy will increase this month, so if you feel like you can read another person’s thoughts, it’s not your imagination!

Many people will experience a surge in energy over the next 30 days or so. Due to planetary energy, you can expect to feel like you have more energy than ever, especially over the upcoming holiday.

If you are psychically sensitive and able to see them, fairies and elves will be more visible in November, than any other time of the year. Look for white flashing lights, especially in a dark room. This will indicate the presence of fairies.


 So, there are my latest psychic predictions for December 2018 and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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  1. Karen says:

    What happen to the US border ? Will it close ? It is very important for Americans to aware of it since TV media rarely mentioned it.

  2. Tammy says:

    I’ve seen orbs, fast flashes of light, captured them on camera, seen my leaves on houseplants move, captured on film. My animals see this also, I wake up 2-3am myself or by my cat or dog, and see weird “very light blue/ green waves of energy” flowing thru my bedroom it’s very cold & I have chills…. this is all so new to me, plus my sons dog whom I dogsit sometogrowls & barks at my deck doors, I feel the energy but idk if it’s good or bad….

  3. Tammy says:

    These things look like flashes of very bright light & shaped like spiders

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