Psychic Predictions – February 2013 By Tana Hoy

Before giving my psychic predictions, I sit down and go into a deep trance state, where I ask my Spirit Guides to reveal to me what is going to happen. So here are my psychic predictions for 2013.

February Will Be A Month Of Sex, Terrorism, Scandal And Love

psychic predictions

Psychic predictions for 2013

– There are going to be high energies in February. These high energies are going to cause people to be highly aggressive. There are going to be increased bombings in the Middle East, including terrorist attacks, suicide bombings, and other such acts of terror. Tensions will be high on February – The US will also experience some tragic events that reflect this high tension.

– A school teacher is going to be in the news for having sexual relationships with her students! This will happen in either Los Angeles, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida, or Texas! It will shock many people in the community where it happens!

– A Catholic priest is going to make the news again due to molesting several boys over the past years! We are going to find out that the church had tried to cover this up for years, by not dealing with it, but instead, by moving him to different parishes.

– This month, there will be the announcement of a possible cure for HIV. This will be one of the most promising discoveries in HIV research up to this point!

– Oprah Winfrey will be in the news for voicing her support for a friend who may be facing some potential embarrassments!

– Love is going to be on the rise this month. It will be a month for soulmates! This is the best month in 2013 to step up your efforts in trying to meet that special someone!

– Another sex scandal will be in the news involving a Republican politician. This politician will be someone who always talks about morality and God, yet his actions are going to reflect that he is a true hypocrite!

So there are my psychic predictions for February 2013! To read last months psychic predictions please click here. Please leave your comments below!

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4 Responses

  1. Susan S. says:

    Tana, they just announced a possible discovery for curing HIV! Your predictions are amazing as always! Keep up the good work!

  2. Carol Rushman says:

    I love your predictions Tana! A school teacher in Los angeles was accused of molesting her students, and they think they might have found a cure for HIV! Great work Tana. We need more God-gifted psychics like you!

  3. Thomas Rodrigez says:

    Tana, I really appreciate your psychic predictions! Two of them have already come true! The one about the school teacher and the one about HIV! You are a truly gifted psychic! Thanks for the amazing reading I had with you yesterday!

  4. Nancy Wilson says:

    Tana, I love getting your e-mails, I love how you help people, and your predictions are great. Maybe one day I will have the money to get a reading, until then God Bless

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