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Hi there,

Over the past year, I’ve had some amazing astral travel experiences. And it seems the more I keep doing my regular meditations and astral traveling, I keep having more and more different realms and worlds revealed to me!

I have always known the universe is a vast and giant place, but the more I continue to astrally travel, and meditate regularly, I am discovering universes and dimensions I never knew existed.

Just last week, I discovered a whole new universe that has existed in the cosmos for thousands of years! And there are inhabitants living on one of it’s planets who are amazing, incredible beings.

So in this email, I am going to share with you everything about this universe I discovered, and tell you about the incredible beings who live on one of it’s planets!

So sit back and relax, as I tell you all about this planet, and the amazing inhabitants who live there.

How This All Happened

On one of my days I was not seeing clients, I was feeling one of my psychic exploration moods coming on! So I decided to astrally travel that day, because I love exploring different galaxies and learning about different dimensions in the universe.

And thankfully, since the universes has millions of different galaxies in it, some even larger than ours, I could explore it for a lifetime, and still not cover even one-third of what is out there to explore!

I find this so exciting to think about, because it means one can never run out of things to learn and explore in this amazing universe that surrounds all around us!

Understanding The Galaxies

But first, it is important to understand what a galaxy is. A galaxy is a system bound by gravity, made up of stars, dust, dark matter, and planets. The earth is only one of many galaxies in the universe.

As a matter of fact, scientists estimate there are between 200 billion to 300 trillion galaxies in the universe! There are so many, we do not even have instruments that would allow us to see most of the galaxies out there! Think about this…up to 300 TRILLION galaxies out there? Fascinating, isn’t it?

And skeptics try to make us think we are the only intelligent life existing in the entire universe, which is made up of over 300 trillion galaxies!! Fooey!

With up to 300 trillion galaxies in making up the entire universe, believing we are the only intelligent life that exists seems a little unrealistic to me! Especially when science does not even have the technology to explore the trillions of galaxies out there!I

Why I Astral Travel So Much!

The main reason I astrally travel every week is to keep myself growing and evolving as a spiritual teacher and seeker! And the other reason is, because I find it so exciting exploring all of the different galaxies, dimensions, and realms! With astral travel, I am not limited to explore anywhere in the entire universe!

(I have often wondered if other people would be interested in me teaching them how to astrally travel so they could explore the universe and experience many of the same experiences as I do?)

The Sparkling Golden Galaxy

So when I sat down to astral travel this last time, I just wanted to fly around the universe and explore. And I decided before I started that if I saw something interesting, I would go there and explore it.

So there I was, out flying around in the universe, when I looked over and saw a golden sparkling galaxy, surrounded by stars. Since I love the color of sparkling gold, you know I just had to fly in that direction and see what it was all about!

I know I had to be very far up in the universe, because where I was, I could no longer see the earth! So that means I was pretty far up there!  Probably hundreds of light years away from earth. (When you astral travel, you can go anywhere faster than the speed of light! So traveling light years away is no problem at all!)

As I flew closer to this golden galaxy, I could see several planets in it. But there was one planet that really caught my eye because it was larger than all the other planets.  So I was feeling drawn to go there and explore!

What I Saw When I First Touched Down

When I touched down on this planet in my astral body, I was amazed to discover it had four suns. One was yellow, one was violet, one was red, and one was green. It was also full of lush forests, incredible rock formations (like see you in Sedona) and beautiful mountain ranges. I remember standing there just looking all around and feeling in awe!

After about 30 minutes of standing there taking it all in, I knew it was time to start exploring this planet more. I also wanted to know if there were any life forms living here? It didn’t take me long to find the answer…

…As I continued to explore this planet, I realized I had actually landed on the outskirts of a beautiful city. And as I flew closer to this city, in the distance, I could see the most amazing buildings. And these buildings looked like buildings I had never seen before.

The buildings I saw are hard to describe, because I had never seen anything like them before! But they were tall, and some of them were narrow at the top, almost coming to a point. Their outsides appeared silver, smooth, and shiny.

And they had the most amazing looking windows, which were tall and rounded at the top of them. These buildings looked very modern and also very futuristic! This city was a breath taking sight to see!

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The Weird Looks I Received When Walking Around

I could also see miniature UFO’s flying all around in the distance, which I later discovered were not UFO’s, but their vehicles. So now I was really intrigued, and had to go explore this magical looking city!

As I flew closer, I decided to walk around and see what was there! I was wondering if the people there would be able to see me, since I had traveled there using my astral body? But I soon found out they could see me as plain as day…even in my astral body.

As I was walking down the street, the people passing by me were looking at me very oddly. The looks on their faces were like “What is that?” As if they had never seen a human before! They did not have rude, aggressive, or mean looks on their faces as they walked by me. They just looked perplexed.

It reminded me of when I walk around in malls with Winston, my hairless cat. People look at him with a puzzled face, and often ask me “What is that?” And with a smile I tell them ”That” is a cat!”

Since I think of Winston as my little pride and joy, almost like my little hairless son, to me, calling him “that” is like someone asking a woman carrying her baby, “What is that”?

As I digress…

So I quickly realized, the reason they are looking at me with their perplexed looks, is the same reason people look at Winston with a perplexed look. They had never seen something like me before!

The Odd Looking People I Saw

This was a race of beings I had never seem before! So I wasn’t sure if they were some kind of being, or humans that were highly advanced! Some of them appeared to be over 8 feet tall, while others seemed to be around 6 feet tall, and some a little less. I’m 5 “7” and some of them were even my height. So I realized they came in all heights, but some of them just grow taller than we do!

They had round, longish faces, with very large almond shaped eyes. And some of their eyes were yellow, some looked kind of bluish-green, some were orange, and some were this amazing bright blue color!

They had long arms, and large feet (even the shorter ones). The women had a soft female quality to them, and the males did not appear aggressive in any way. They appeared to be a very gentle race.

They had hair, but it was not like our hair. because it was only growing on the tops of their heads. They had long, rounded, buddha-like ears, and their mouths looked a lot like ours. Except since their mouths were bigger, their teeth were also 3 times bigger than ours.

They had gentle looks on their faces, and I could tell when they looked at me, they were trying to hide the puzzled looks on their faces, as if not wanting to appear rude, or make me feel uncomfortable. So this also showed me they were not an aggressive or mean race. Just confused by my looks, the same way people are confused when they see Winstin for the first time.

I Was Approached…

It didn’t take long before a tall male approached me and said “Welcome to the planet of Pantarian!” He offered his hand out to shake mine, and when we shook hands. His hands were extremely warm.

I told him my name is Tana, and he told me his name is Olvanican. (Ol-von-ic-can) I later found it is spelled Ozzxcoling using our alphabet! He said “Please excuse the looks of my people, because they have never seen a human before.” Right then I realized he knew I was a human.

He went on to say “We are called Pantarians, and we live in the galaxy of Bantar. Our galaxy is 300 million light years away from the earth, and our civilization is over 3 million years old. I am also the head leader of Pantaria, so this is why I came to greet you.” He again welcomed me, and then offered to give me a tour of their city.

The Amazing Things I Saw…

As we walked around the city, I realized people did not talk using their mouths, because they talked to each other telepathically. My conversation with Olvanican was also telepathic, meaning we spoke only by using our minds.

Walking around, I could see they were a very advanced race, because there were flying cars, and the people looked very different. Also, the things we would consider extraordinary, such as using telepathy to speak, or levitating, were normal to them.

For example, instead of using a chair or small ladder to reach something on a high shelf, they would levitate off the ground to reach it. I didn’t see anyone levitate any really high distances, but I did see people levitate up to three feet off the ground!

I also visited one of what they call their Healing Centers, and the people who went there would be healed simply by being touched by the special healers. Olvanican explained their sickness is different than ours. He said “We Pantarians live to be over 500 earth-years old. And we don’t get sick, but instead, we sometimes need to have some of their internal organs energetically recharged.”

He also explained to me “What people on earth would consider extraordinary abilities, such as flying and mind reading, are not seen as  extraordinary abilities on our planet, because all Pantarians possess these abilities.”

Now he really had my attention, so I had know what these abilities were he was referring to!

The Amazing Powers Of The Pantarians

Olvanican told me “I once visited the earth, and was able to visit there in a way earth people would not be able to see me.” When I asked what he meant, he said “I made myself clear and see-through” and then he showed me what he meant. I quickly discovered that Pantarians are able to make themselves invisible too!

He said “Many times we Pantarians make ourselves “clear and see-through” when we walk around, especially when it is hot outside, to help keep us cooler.”

And then, unexpectedly, he said something that really got my attention…

The Shocking Discovery Of Leaking Bio-Energy

He said “Tana, did you know that humans are being prevented from being able to find the love, abundance, wealth, prosperity, and happiness they desire, because each individual human on earth is surrounded by a cloud of spiritually toxic bio-energy?

As a matter of fact, when I visited the planet earth in the human year of 1965, every person I saw on the planet was showing the beginning signs of becoming permanently encased in this toxic bio-energy cloud! 

And when I visited the planet Earth again in the human year of 2010, every person I saw was fully encased in this toxic bio-energy cloud! Most of the humans I saw in 2010 looked like a walking ,thick dark cloud, with feet.

This bio-energy is not only spiritually toxic, but it also acts like a “barrier to goodness”, and will literally prevent humans from being able to attract many of the things they desire into their lives!

Sadly, this was toxic energy was created due to humans having damaged their planet over the years by drilling for natural resources, destroying their rainforests, and depleting their oceans of it’s life! 

The earth was perfectly designed to contain this energy, but drilling for resources, along with the destroying and depleting of rainforests and water sources, has left holes all over the earth. And from these holes, this spiritually toxic energy leaks out from the core of the earth.”

How The Toxic Energy Cloud Prevents People From Manifesting Their Desires

Olvanican continued to teach me about this toxic energy cloud by saying “It is due to this energy cloud, which now surrounds every individual human on earth, that  makes the lives of humans difficult and challenging. This toxic cloud encasing every human, is the sole reason humans never seem to be able to easily attract to them whatever they desire! 

Because when this toxic energy leaks out of the earth, it is drawn to humans due to their body heat. Then it sticks to them and encases them, and once encased, it acts like a wall and prevents humans from being able to manifest their desires and wishes.

The best way to describe how this toxic cloud affects a human is, it would be like calling someone to come to you, but you are inside a jail surrounded by a solid wall. So the other person can’t see you or even reach you – even if they wanted to!

This toxic cloud has the same affect on your wished and desires. When your thoughts, wishes, and desires, are sent out into the universe, eventually, like a boomerang, they naturally return back to you to be fulfilled. 

But because humans are encased in this thick, dark cloud, their manifestation energy, which contains the power to manifest their wishes and desires, cannot reach them because of this toxic cloud-wall they are encased in!”

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Olvanican’s Explains Why He Visited Earth

Olvanican then explained “The reason I visited the earth the first time, around the earth year of 1965, was to explore how humans lived. But when I arrived and saw the beginnings of this bio-energy leak, I had to make myself “clear and see-through” (invisible) so this bio-energy did not attach itself to me!

And when I returned back to earth again, in the earth year 2010, and saw how much more of this bio-energy had leaked out, I returned to my planet immediately to discuss with my council members how we could use our advanced knowledge to help the people on the planet Earth?

That’s when I learned we needed an actual human we could train to help us with this! 

And this is how we found you Tana. You didn’t arrive here by accident! We have been sending out cosmic signals to earth, and you were the one who heard and responded to our call! So your arrival was not by accident. You were picking up on our cosmic call!”

I was feeling the pressure of responsibility again, but I knew from past experiences, I would be able to handle whatever was needed of me to help people on earth…

What The Pantarian Council Needed From Me

Olvanican told me he wanted to take me before his council to meet them. I was very nervous about this for some reason, but I agreed to do so because I knew I could trust him.

When we entered the building where the council members meet, the room looked a lot like what I see on TV where the senators meet, except more modern looking, and all the seats were empty.

I asked Olvanican where were all the council members he wanted me to meet? Then he told me to look around the room again and I would see them. So, I looked around again, and they all suddenly materialized in their chairs. I realized right then they were there all the time, they were just in invisible mode…

…then, Olvanican walked to his seat, which was in located the center.

My Meeting With The Council Of Pantaria

There were over 100 council members in the room. They spoke to me very respectfully, but with a tone that told me they took their job very serious about helping the people on earth.

The two council members who sat on each side of Olvanican, were named Mironikie (Mir-Ron-Ick-Key) and Sapornia (Sap-Orn-E-Uh).

They both explained to me that due to the negative affects the Bio-energy cloud creates for humans, they wanted me to teach me how to perform something called a Bio-Energy Cleanse.

Mironikie did most of the talking, and explained to me the affects on a human when they are encased  in  this toxic energy cloud:

– “It prevents a person from being able to use their thought energy to attract their desires to them, such as love, more wealth or prosperity, career advances in life, and even good health.”

– “It blocks love from coming into a person’s life because of the cloud-wall surrounding them. And any person who already has love, is only experiencing around 12% of the love they should be experiencing.” 

– “it blocks prosperity and wealth from coming to a person. And if a person is already wealthy and prosperous, they are only experiencing around 12% of what they should be, due to this cloud wall encasing them.”

– “It draws bad luck to the person, and repels good luck from them! Even a person who considers them selff lucky, is only experiencing 12% of their luck.”

– “If a person is in good health, they are only experiencing 12% of their good health potential. Where a sick person is only experiencing 12% of their curing power!”

– “Since this bio-energy cloud acts like a “barrier to goodness” it prevents all good things from coming into a persons life.”

– ”In other words Tana, it blocks and restricts everything in a person’s life to around the level of 12%. And this is not how humans should be living, because they deserve to experience 100% of all of the goodness in their lives!”

So what he explained means no matter what goodness a person may experience, they are only experiencing about 12% of what they would  be, if they were not encased in this spiritually toxic bio-energy cloud!

And sadly, according to Olvanican, all humans are now encased in it!

What Is Bio-Toxic Energy Removal?

The council went on to explain to me that they have designed a process called Bio-Toxic Energy Removal. And the purpose of this process is to “cleanse and then remove” the spiritually toxic bio-energy cloud all human beings are now encased in!

I was so moved by their compassion for the people living on earth, because they sincerely wanted to help us! As they explained to me “We on the planet of Pantar, are the healers of the universe. Our purpose is to search out all galaxies, and help heal any planet or galaxy , whenever healing needs to take place.”

I was very moved by their words, and comforted to know they exist! I also knew I would be visiting here a lot more in the future!

So over the next 6 hours, they assigned a Pantarian named Ickzanara (Ick-Za-Nar-Uh) to me. He is what they call a “Master Of Healing”, and was assigned to train me on how to perform the delicate process of Bio-Toxic Energy Removal on humans.

The training was intense, but I mastered it! And after being given the councils approval, I was informed I was now ready to perform this on other humans.

A little side note…

Without confusing you, Bio-Toxic Energy Removal works with the fourth layer of your Soul Body, since that layer is the closest layer in contact with the bio-energy cloud, which unfortunately, now surrounds every human on earth. It’s a brilliant healing technique, and they way they designed it shows they are definitely from a very advanced civilization!

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The Amazing Pantarian Plan

Let me tell you, Pantarians are very smart, highly intelligent people, I’m sure by using human tests, we would not have a test capable of measuring their intelligence…

…and you’ll see what I mean when I explain how Bio-Toxic Energy Cleansing works. It is genius!

Here’s what they explained to me:  Once a person has this spiritually toxic bio-energy cloud removed from them, the technique also transforms the energy of that person into what is called “the energy of a Bio-Energy Cleanser”.

What this means is after a you have your Bio-Energy Removal performed on you, your energy will also be transformed into “the energy of Bio-Energy Cleanser”. What this means is, as you go about your day, your energy will “zap and remove” this bio-energy cloud from every person that is within 1 mile of you!  Isn’t this wonderful?

But wait, there’s even more good news…

Then all of those people who you were in close range of you, whose bio-toxic energy cloud has now been   “zapped and then removed”, their energy will also be automatically transformed into “the energy of a Bio-Energy Cleanser”. So now they will “zap and remove” the bio-toxic energy cloud from all the people within 1 mile of them too!

How You Can Heal People Anywhere you Go

Now, your power of “zapping and then removing” these energy clouds from others will happen when you are walking, when you are driving, flying, running and walking.

So imagine this: if you drive 10 miles back and fourth to work each day, you will have “zapped and removed” the toxic bio-energy cloud from every single human within one mile of your five mile drive. Making them all Bio-Energy Cleansers too. This also includes the drivers and passengers of all the cars you pass on the highway as you go to work!

And I haven’t even mentioned how you will also “zap, remove, and transform people into a Bio-Energy Cleanser” when you are going to the movies, restaurants, golf courses, plays and shows, etc. I’m sure you can get the picture!

Then, all of those people will unknowingly have their energy transformed into the energy of a Bio-Energy Cleaner, “zapping, removing, and transforming” anyone within 1 mile of anywhere they go too! Isn’t this remarkable!

I love knowing it allows all people tow3become active healers! Not to mention ALL the good karma one calculates from being a part of this!

How The Entire World Will Be Healed Quickly

According to the Pantarian council’s calculations, an average human who does not travel much, except within their own city, has the potential to “zap away” the energy of their entire city within approximately 6 months – .no matter how big the city is.

A human who travels occasionally, either for business or pleasure, can heal entire countries, and a person who travels often will play an even bigger part in heal the world.

And when you think of all the tourists who will be within 1 mile of anywhere you ever go, they will carry this healing back to their countries too!

According to the calculations of the Pantarian council, it will take less than 75 people to heal the entire world within a 2 year period! Amazing, isn’t it?

And the council also informed me they will be visiting earth during that 2 year period to close the holes where this energy leaks from. So that the world will not become reinfected!

So as you can see, having the Bio-Energy Removal performed on a person not only removes their limitations in fully manifesting all of your wishes and desires, they will be able to take part in healing their entire city, state, and even parts of the world!

Imagine How Much Better Your Life Will Be…

Being trained how to perform Bio-Energy Removal on people is a great honor to me. Because it gives me an opportunity to help heal people all over the world! And knowing this alone, makes me feel happier than words can describe!

And as you now know, having this spiritually toxic cloud-wall encasing you is preventing you from manifesting 88% of your desires and wishes! 88%!!

If you have been feeling stuck, like good things only happen to others, or like you’ve not been able to meet your soulmate, get the job you wanted, have the money you desire, or find the solutions you need to your health, as the Pantarian council explained, it’s because you are encased in a spiritually toxic energy cloud. and that cloud wall is a “barrier to goodness” in your life. Preventing your wishes and desires from manifesting in your life.

And if you are someone who feels things in your life are already working great for you, since you are only manifesting at 12% of your manifestation potential, due to being encased in this wall-cloud, imagine how much better your life will be when you are manifesting at 100% full capacity!!

As I am sure you can already see, not only will having the Bio-Energy Removal performed on you remove the spiritually toxic bio-energy cloud you are encased in, blocking you from experiencing your greatest good in life.

You will also be taking an active part in “zapping, removing, and transforming” the rest of the world. And with the latest political climate around the world, we all need more healing!

What To Do Now

I am going to open as many spaces as I can, in order to be able to perform Bio-Energy Removal on as many people as I can. But since there is only one of me, I am in  limited in the number of people I can perform this on.

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So after calculating my schedule I am able to perform this on 68 people. Please understand, as much as I want to, after the 68 spaces are filled, I won’t be able to create a new space for latecomers who miss out! (I always feel bad when people wait and respond late, asking if I can make just one more space for them, and not being able to, Please know now that once the-spaces are gone, I can’t make another space, even as much as I’d like to!

As my grandfather always used to say about riding the Greyhound Bus, “Those who wait lose their space. So get always to the bus stop early.” So please don’t wait and lose your space! You can click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, to reserve yourself one of the spaces to remove the toxic bio-energy cloud encasing you!

Having a Bio-Energy Removal performed on you will not only “zap and remove” the cloud-wall around you. “ but you will also receive boundless good karma from helping everyone within a one mile radius of anywhere you go to become a Bio Energy Cleaner too!

By becoming one of the 68 people, you can start manifesting your wishes and desires at the full 100% capacity – like it should be!

Thank you for reading this email and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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