My Psychic Predictions For 2013 (Summer) – Psychic Tana Hoy

There are some amazing changes happening in 2013. When I met with my Guardian Angels a few days ago to see what more we can expect in 2013, the psychic predictions for 2013 that I received kind of blew my mind!

Psychic Predictions For 2013

Psychic Predictions For 2013

So here are more of my psychic predictions for 2013:

– There is going to be another train derailed in Europe. Several people will perish as a result of it.

– A major earthquake activity is going to hit parts of Asia.

– There are going to be shocking photos and eye witness reports leaked out of China about the inhuman treatment of people! This is going to be bizarre and shocking! At first, people will not believe it is true!

– There will be more sunny days in the Midwest towards the end of 2013, than in previous years.

– George Bush Jr. will be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

– Alien contact is going to be reported in parts of eastern Europe. These reports will claim friendly intentions from the aliens.

– Another hollywood figure will pass from a drug overdose.

– Justin Bieber is going to exhibit more out of control behavior. Some may question his metal stability.

– There will be another plane crash here in the US.

– Texas will experience a loss of profits from oil towards the end of 2013. Some wealthy oil families will lose everything – almost overnight!

– There is going to be an increase in love energy in December 2013. This means several people will find their soulmate during that month!

– Pet adoptions will be on the rise. Shelters are going to find more loving homes for their animals than in previous years past.

There are more of my psychic predictions for 2013! I hope you enjoyed reading them!

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3 Responses

  1. Nadia says:

    Dear tana
    I was hoping to find something about syria n the
    Middel east in your predictions!!! What do you see
    Happening in that part of the world???
    Thk u

  2. Joely Sampson says:

    I Tana Hoy, I had a radio reading with you on 97.9 fm the box in Houston, Tx you told me that I would receive a kidney transplant and I’m still waiting on a kidney…is that a sign that I need to actually schedule a real reading with you?

  3. Donna says:

    Do you see what is coming in future with Middle East?

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