Psychic Predictions For 2013 – by Tana Hoy

As I have been meditating on what’s ahead for 2013, and what kind of psychic predictions for 2013 I should focus on, some interesting psychic insights come to me. So below are my psychic predictions for 2013, and what you should expect to happen in the upcoming months ahead.

Psychic Predictions For 2013

Psychic Predictions For 2013

How I Receive My Psychic Predictions

People often ask me how I receive my predictions. The first thing I do is go into a trance, and then I call on all of my spirit guides to surround me, and to show me visions of the future. Many times they talk to me and I hear “conversations”, other times they show me visions in my head, called clairvoyance, and I also get strong feelings about things. So I utilize all of my psychic senses to give my psychic predictions.

Here are more of my psychic predictions for this year:

Weather Changes

Major weather pattern changes should be expected in tropical countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and even parts of Japan. There will be major flooding, destructive winds, and the possibility of another tsunami! The good news is that most of the damage will be to homes and buildings, and very few lives will be lost.


2013 is going to be a year of fertility. People who may have been trying to get pregnant, but having trouble, should expect to find themselves getting pregnant this year. October, November, December are going to be the most fertile months.


There are going to be more and more political scandals coming to light in Washington. One of these scandals will involve the White House, and we are going to find that a high profile staff member has been involved in illegal drug use and also involved in an underground prostitution ring.


There is going to be a surprise announcement in Hollywood that two well-know hollywood celebrities have been having an affair. They will announce they are ending their current relationships, to be with each other.

Meteor Activity

An large meteor is going to hit the earth, in or around Russia, and it is going to leave a large hole in the ground, but no one is going to be hurt. Scientists are going to be surprised by it’s size.

Stock Market

This is going to be a good year to make financial investments. The stock market is going to be on the rise, maintaining a steady balance, especially between the months of August and October. Don’t invest any money in July, or it will will stand a higher chance of being lost!

Here are last month’s psychic predictions

There are my newest psychic predictions for 2013. Keep visiting my blog, because every month I release new psychic predictions for 2013 to help you stay informed about what lies ahead!

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