Psychic Predictions – May 2013 – Tana Hoy

Here are more of my psychic predictions for 2013. These psychic predictions for 2013 are for May 2013.

I am going to be releasing more of my predictions later on in the month, but I wanted to share some of them with you now.

Psychic Predictions for 2013

Psychic Predictions for 2013

Here’s what to look for in 2013:

Lindsey Lohan – What Will Happen

Lindsey Lohan will eventually overdose on drugs if she does not take her addiction seriously. I keep seeing that she has not “hit bottom” yet, and if she doesn’t hit bottom soon, we can expect her life to fall into the pits. Loss of friends, loss of roles, and possible death, are all that await her gloomy future if she doesn’t take this serious soon!

The Housing Market What To Expect

The housing market is going to become a sellers market in areas of the country where it was a buyers market not too long ago. From now until November 2013 is going to be the best time to sell. After November 2013, it is going to enter into a short two month period, where it will be a good time to buy. After that, it will be a sellers markets for at least the next two years!

Politics – Chris Christie

My guides tell me that Chris Christie did have his lap secret band surgery because he does plan to try to run for president. Fearing his weight would stand in his way of running, he decided to lose it once and for all. Regardless, he will not become our president, no matter how much weight he loses!

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World News – More Alien Sightings?

As I predicted earlier this year, we already have started seeing more and more UFO sightings! We are going to see even more UFO sightings as we get farther into 2013 and 2014. The alien race is becoming more curious about our planet, and you should expect to hear more about them making their presence known to us!

Death Of A Hollywood Legend

The passing of a famous screen actress will occur between May 18th, and August 18th 2013. She will be someone who was loved by many, and the loss of this icon will sadden the hearts of her fans.

A New Pop Star On The Rise

Justin Bieber ain’t seen nothing yet! There is going to be an upcoming, young heartthrob, who is going to take the music world by surprise! He will enjoy more fame and fans that Justin did when starting out, and he will become bigger than Justin is now!

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I hope you enjoyed my psychic predictions for 2013. I will be releasing more psychic predictions for 2013 in the next few weeks!

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