My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (June Release)


The upcoming month is going to hold some interesting, exciting, and even bizarre occurrences!

The theme for this month’s predictions will be expect the unexpected!

So far in 2018, we have been watching a political circus, and thanks to video cameras on cell phones, we have witnessed more of the ugly truths of discrimination on the basis of color, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.

What we are watching is the world going through a cleansing! And this cleansing is a cleansing of the old outdated ideas, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes, which were often used by people in power to try and divide us.

But the world is changing for the better now. And it is a beautiful thing to see!

Here are my latest psychic predictions for June 2018:


Hollywood Elton_John

Elton John will have some health problems but he will be able to recover from it.

Elton John is going to suffer a from health problem. At first, people will be worried when they hear about what happened, but in the end, he will pull through in the way only Elton can!

There is going to be the passing of a well-known and well-loved country western star. This will feel like a major lose to country western fans, all over the world.

Another major sex scandal is going to rock Hollywood. We are going to discover there are others, just like “Smallville” actress Kristin Kreuk, who are involved in weird sex cults, or who have weird sexual fetishes, which will surprise their fans.




There will be a clash between the US and Saudi Arabia. Tensions between leaders of the two countries will rise, and threats of raising of oil prices will be used to pressure the US to backdown. This is going to be an interesting situation to watch.

Political instability will sweep the country of Indonesia, along with terrorist acts of violence. This will cause many people to be fearful of visiting the country, leaving tourism at an all-time low. This will have a major financial impact on the country.

The situation between North and South Korea will lead to peace between the two countries, and North Korea will begin talking more and more about peace, which will surprise many people around the world.


Financial wheat

This summer, wheat and corn prices are expected to do well.

The stock market is going to remain stable throughout most of 2018. Expect some dips and dives, but all in all, it will remain steady throughout the rest of the year.

Wheat and corn prices will do well this summer, especially in Midwestern parts of the US. Expect anything related to agriculture to do well this year.

The floral industry will do well this year. Companies that grow roses, along with companies also growing exotic plants and flowers for commercial use, will do well in the stock market.


Medicine and Science


A new drug resistant virus related to the flu will be discovered. Scientists will worry about the health implications this will have in Third World countries where good medical care is not so readily available.

Scientists will discover some alarming new information about the effects of global warming on the planet. While some people will deny global warming is even real, there will be no denying the seriousness of this newly discovered situation threatening the earth.

We are going to hear more and more about the cloning of human organs. There will be a major success with this in the following year.


Weather weather_disaster

Weather disasters are expected to happen in Indonesia and Cameroon.

As I had predicted earlier this year when I predicted Texas was going to be hit with severe disasters, the state has already been hit with severe weather storms, and most recently, panhandle wildfires, which burned more than 69,000 acres. Expect more disasters to be on the way for the Lone Star state.

Indonesia and Cameroon are both going to experience some of the worst weather disasters ever. Hundreds of lives will be lost in both countries, including some important government officials.

Indiana is going to experience one of the worst summers ever. The state can expect record heat waves and heavy humidity, along with severe hail and thunderstorms. It will not be a pleasant summer for this state.


Love and Romance


This month will be another good month for getting pregnant. Although women who do get pregnant this month can expect to have either twins or triplets.

Infidelity will be on the rise this month. So, if you are someone who is prone to being unfaithful but doesn’t want to cheat, then avoid tempting people, places, and situations. If you have a cheating partner or spouse, then keep a close eye out.

Unexpected meetings will occur this month. This will be a month where “lovers from the past” will suddenly reappear, hoping to rekindle what was once there. These unexpected meetings will occur with people who are married, involved, and single people, alike.


Psychic Occurrences strange_sounds

Strange and unusual sounds from the sky will be heard this month.

More strange and unusual “sounds from the sky” will be heard this month. Scientists will try to explain it from a scientific point of view, while those in the know, will realize the true source of these sounds, which are of alien descent.

Many people will experience a heightened sense of their empathic feelings this month. Expect to feel like a psychic sponge that goes around picking up and feeling the energy, feelings, and emotions of others, wherever you go.

More and more Walk-ins are going to occur this month. Many people are going to notice people they know acting strangely! This is because a Walk-in will have occurred and the person they knew will no longer be inside their body.

I hope you enjoyed reading my most recent psychic predictions for 2018.

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8 Responses

  1. Diane says:

    What the heck is a Walk-In?!

  2. Betty says:

    Dear Tana, when do you predict a massive Earthquake will occur on the West coast? Thanks for your insights on this issue

  3. Irma says:

    Thanks for the email Tana. I’ve heard strange noises from the sky here and there? I thought that it was my imagination. I totally believe in alians?. Also, what’s going on with the weather in California? I live in the Central Coast and it has been glommy, cold, drizzly, and foggy? Is Mother Nature mad at us? I love this area but it’s been depressing not seeing the sun as much. Makes me miss Arizona. ??☀️

  4. Kathleen says:

    I love reading your prediction. I have never heard of a walk in before. What exactly is a walk in?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      A walk-in is when an alien walks in t overo take a body about to die, in order for the alien to experience life on earth.

  5. Kizzy says:

    Hello Tana,
    Thanks for your predictions.
    I am also interested in the walk ins? What happend to the person soul/spirit that was originally in the body? Does it get to experience with life still with the Alien?
    Thanks again
    Love snd light to you and yours

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