My Latest Psychic Predictions For August 2021

August is going to be an interesting month because all the energy changes happening on the planet are really going to start shaking things up, having a major impact on events around the world.

I hope you enjoy reading this month’s psychic predictions!




drug overdose

A talented young singer will die as a result of a drug overdose in the music industry.

We are going to see movies about viruses and people dying from them, as the themes for new movies being produced.

A major celebrity is going to unexpectedly pass away from some kind of freak accident that will shock many fans.

A drug overdose in the music world will take the life of a talented young singer. People who were with him when he died will give mixed accounts of what exactly happened.

We will discover there have been gay sex parties being held, which are sponsored by a “religious” organization for its more high-profile members for the purpose of keeping their sexuality secret from their fans, will be exposed. The “religious” organization will distance itself from the bad press by claiming it had no knowledge of these parties.

The loss of a once-famous singing legend will sadden the hearts of his existing fans.




Many more strains of the Covid-19 virus will be reported all over the news, causing fear and panic around the world. But scientists will eventually discover these new strains are not as harmful and they first believed they would be.

Claims of Russian ties with the last US president will circulate. After much media bickering, photos and recordings will begin to surface confirming what’s true and what’s not. Many will be shocked by the real truth!

The unexpected death of a world leader will leave their country in chaos. Many shady political people in that country will try and seize the position and take control.

North Korea is going to go silent for a while and then come out with a big announcement that will surprise the world. 

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vegetable oil

Converting vegetable oil to gasoline will be the subject of research. Although this technology has already been used by a few people, it will now be viewed as another fuel alternative.

We are going to see more and more attention in the scientific community being placed on which planets humans could actually live on. Richard Branson may be one of the people asked to be involved in this.

A new species of lizard thought to be extinct, and a very close relative to a certain type of dinosaur will be discovered. This species will help scientists answer many questions about certain dinosaurs that were impossible to know before their discovery.

Not only are we going to see more and more talk about UFOs (as I predicted would happen months ago) in the scientific community, we are going to begin hearing them talk about aliens, too.

There will be research being put into converting vegetable oil into fuel. A technology already being used by a few people already, but it will now start to be considered as another fuel alternative.


Health And Medicine


There will be the announcement of a new drug that is believed to be effective against a very common type of cancer. Drug trials will begin by next spring.

A rare disease is going to pop up, which only seems to affect women in southern states. Scientists will be perplexed, coming to suspect it is transmitted by a common insect found in those regions.

Reports of being one step closer to curing blindness will be on the near horizon. As advancement in eye surgery continues, helping the blind see will not seem impossible anymore.

Pogo stick jumping will begin being recommended by doctors, as a way to help drain the lymphatic system of certain patients, and the results will amaze many people.

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Love And Relationships 


This is going to be the best time to consider getting pregnant if this is something you have been wanting to do. Even people who’ve had trouble getting pregnant in the past will find themselves welcoming a new addition to their home within the next 9 months!

Throuples are going to become a new thing that sweeps the nation. More and more people will begin introducing a third person into their relationship and it will become common to see three people walking together arm-in-arm or holding hands.

A Cats Are Better Than Men movement will become a new thing. Women in this movement will share how they dumped their husbands and then bought a cat. Saying the cat is much more loving, fulfilling, and satisfying, as a companion, than any man they’ve ever met.

Cuddling companions are going to become a new trend. Services will be offered where you can hire someone to come to your house and cuddle with you. 





Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly recognized as a new form of cash. Major companies all across the world will begin taking them as a form of payment in lieu of real money.

The US economy will stay very strong and people in the US are going to continue experiencing great prosperity in their lives as a result of this. The economy will continue on this new economic upswing!

Cryptocurrencies are going to be seen more and more as a new currency. Major businesses around the world will begin accepting in place of real currency.

Silver prices are going to rise, and silver will become very in demand. More people will also begin wearing silver jewelry, as it starts to become as trendy and fashionable as gold.

The Russian economy is going to spiral out of control, causing hardships all over the country. Russia will reach out for help, but many countries will turn their back on them.




All over the Midwest, tornados will be on the rise this summer, along with parts of Texas. These will be some of the worst tornados in history.

A massive volcano is going to erupt. It will come when it is dark, will be unexpected, and claim several lives.

In several US states, snow is going to fall earlier this year than it has in years. In some states, it will fall sooner than it ever has fallen before. In some places, weather records will be broken for the earliest snowfall ever. 


I hope you enjoyed reading my August 2021 psychic predictions!

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  1. Irma says:

    TANA , thank you for the emails. I’m not surprised about the mosquitos, they scare me. Those insects are dirty and carry’ diseases . I’m happy to hear about advancements in the eye industry. 🙌🤓
    I hope that we don’t have a lockdown again with the covid. I clean teeth and we couldn’t work for 1-2 months! I got unemployment for the first time in my life. Vegetable oil in cars seems hazards to me. 😬🚙🔥

  2. Cheryl Greene says:

    Hello Tana, I saw on the evening news about a scientific breakthrough for Stomatic breast cancer, they believe they have a cure for it and going to test it on other forms of cancer. You talked about this in your predictions for August☺️

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