My Latest Psychic Predictions For August 2022

Here are my psychic predictions for August 2022. Due to all the crazy events happening around the world, we are going to have many upcoming surprises. 





A Hollywood couple will give birth to twins. Fans will fawn over these lovely newborns, claiming they have angelic looks!

The Kardashians are going to face a major scandal that will cause many of their fans to take pause and wonder “What’s really going on here”. Details of the scandal will be shocking but the Kardashians will try and sweep it under the carpet as no big deal!

A famous singer will be accused of inappropriate touching of women. Some women will come forward and claim they were raped. His attorneys will deny any wrongdoing, but eventually, he will be found guilty. Flashbacks of Bill Cosby!

A Hollywood couple is going to be blessed with twins. Fans will swoon over these adorable new babies, saying they will have the faces of angels! These twins will become all the rage in the media




The United States will start to see subtle signs of the beginning of the forming of a monarchy government. If quick and prompt action is not taken by its citizens, within 7 years the U.S. will be a total monarchy government. The person elected as the next U.S president will determine this.

The unexpected passing of a few US judges is going to cause political chaos and strife as the opposing party is going to try and block new appointments before the next election. These attempts to block it will be unsuccessful, causing restoration of balance to the US Supreme Court.

The assassination of another foreign official is going to make international news again. People of this country will be outraged and in shock, causing tougher laws to be put into place in that country.

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outer space

As scientists start to look into the possibilities of life existing on other planets as well as the existence of various forms of alien life, space exploration will unearth even deeper mysteries!

Research into healthy gut bacteria will find that people with unhealthy gut bacteria will have a direct link between cancer and other illnesses. While people with healthy gut bacteria will experience fewer of these health issues.

Secretions from a certain species of snail will be found to have extremely beneficial healing properties for different kinds of skin rashes and diseases. Tests will confirm it is especially helpful for eczema and psoriasis.

Outer space research is going to uncover even deeper mysteries, as scientists will begin to explore not only the possibility of life on other planets but also the existence of different species of alien life!



Health And Medicine


The discovery of a certain herbal combination that can naturally and safely induce an abortion will be used by many women in the US. Not illegal to possess, it will cause outrage on both sides of this issue. Because these are common herbs, attempts to make these herbs illegal will fail.

Water Fasting, once practiced in the 1930s but now abandoned due to advances in medicine, will start being revisited again and found to have significant healing and health benefits for many serious illnesses, once thought to be incurable.

Heart transplants from pigs to humans will be experimented with and eventually found to be functional alternatives for humans with heart disorders.

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Love And Relationships


Teens who are in religions that forbid sex before marriage will be creating even more ways to have sex, while still being technically chaste. Secret websites with underground videos will be made showing other teens how to perform these acts.

This month is going to be a good month for all 12 signs when it comes to meeting your soulmate. But it will be especially good for the zodiac signs of Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, and Leo. Make sure to get out more and put yourself in situations where you can mix and mingle!

Any proposals accepted this month will be long-lasting, once-in-a-lifetime kinds of commitments. But make sure only to accept if you feel the same way deep inside your soul, otherwise, it will last less than 3 years.




US stock market

As European markets start to see significant volatility, more and more European investors will start investing in the US stock market.

More and more European investors will begin putting their money into the US Stock Market as they will see their European stocks beginning to have extreme fluctuations. This will help the US economy in many unexpected ways!

While different cryptocurrencies have seen a drop in their prices, within a few months, the more popular ones will begin to rebound in leaps and bounds, making many investors very wealthy!

Gold prices are going to fluctuate up and down, making it a very risky investment at this time. Anyone invested heavily in gold should keep a constant watch on their investments, making sure they have the right steps put into place.




Texas is going to be hit heavy with severe weather fluctuations, going from extreme highs to extreme lows! Weather will be so bad in parts of this state that ministers will begin to wonder if this is a sign of the end of times.

The northern parts of Europe are going to see amazing weather, breaking records in parts of this continent, as some of their best weather in over 50 years!

Parts of Africa are going to experience severe droughts. Regardless of this dire situation, the government in these areas will be very slow to react. Although preventable, several lives will be lost and many people will suffer.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!


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