My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (July Release)


Here are more of my latest psychic predictions for 2017.

We are facing some very unusual times in the US.

Around the world, the wave of this energy is being felt, sometimes with resistance, and sometimes with acceptance.

So this energy, radiating from the US is having an affect on many things in the world.

My psychic predictions this month reflect this energy wave, considering the decisions made in this country will affect the entire planet.

So here are my latest psychic predictions for July 2017:




Charlie Sheen will be among the first ones who will undergo HIV treatment once the cure is approved.

I keep seeing something will be in the news surrounding Tony Orlando, a singer who had several hits, and also a TV show, in the 70’s. I’m not sure exactly what it is at this point, but his name will be coming up all over the news.

A famous male actor will make the news again for his crazy antics and odd behavior. Why I say “again” is because this actor had earned a similar reputation for himself in the past.

Charlie Sheen will be in the news again also, as we approach closer and closer to a cure for the HIV virus. He will become a vocal opponent for this drug and will be one of the first people to take the treatment, once it has been approved.




As the process towards impeachment of the current US president begins, there will be several dirty, underhanded twists and turns, which will make his impeachment very difficult, if not impossible.

More information will be uncovered revealing ties between Russia and the current US president. As more unfolds, we will find several people in his immediate family, along with his close friends and business associates, all have dirt on their hands, too.

A Democratic politician will be discovered to have been involved in underhanded dealings with the president. As a matter of fact, it will be discovered he helped leak information to make try and make Hillary lose the last election.


World Events


China will beat France as wine consumer and will soon become one of the big players in the wine industry.

China will end up becoming one of the largest owners of wine vineyards. Wine consumption will continue to increase in China, and China will consume more of certain types of wine than France does. China will eventually become one of the biggest players in the world wine industry.

More bombings will take place in the United Kingdom. These bombings will continue to intensify, and there will even be talk about terrorist groups possibly targeting the Royal Family.

Germany will start to grow its armed forces, and then start deploying troops to parts of the Middle East.  Many people in Germany, along with other outsiders, will meet this with great resistance.




Within the next 5 years, China will have major influence and control over the world economy. This will be because the US will eventually no longer be the most powerful country in the world.

YouTube will face major competition with Amazon’s Twitch, causing the loss of several big YouTuber names. This will cause stockholders to feel a little shaky about their investments in the company.

Stocks in the Trump hotel chain will drop. Several investors will get cold feet with all the negative criticism surrounding his current political office. The Trump dynasty will experience major financial losses.




The research for HIV treatment is getting closer to discovering the cure for this disease.


Huge strides will continue to be made in the cure for HIV. Expect a new cure very soon! (I am so glad to be able to predict this over 5 years ago when I had predicted this would happen. And I am ecstatic to see this coming to fruition!)

Huge strides will be made in sickle cell disease. There will also be a cure for this over the next 5 years, probably even sooner!

A new, mysterious disease will pop up in Africa. Although it won’t be fatal at first, people who contract will wish they were dead, rather than having to deal with its very painful symptoms.




A strange new transmission-type energy particle will be discovered, which will be able to explain why it is possible for psychics to know things about the future. This particle will also help explain why certain gifted people can read the thoughts of others.

A new type of energy particle will be discovered and can explain certain things about psychics and gifted people.


There will be an announcement regarding the first attempt to clone a dinosaur from the dinosaur DNA found in certain pieces of Amber. Some scientists will hail this as a breakthrough in science, while other will predict it leading to disaster.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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  1. Tina Wright says:

    i am really loving your web site. You’re amazing Tana. Thank you.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I keep out hope that the world in general and Europe and then London specifically can overcome the hate that certain groups are producing causing all the destruction.

    It ain’t easy. But I shall keep hope.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Keep hope and faith in the goodness of humankind, because love always overcomes hate! – Tana –

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