My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (May Release)


Here are my latest psychic predictions for May 2017. As the world is going through many shifts, adjustments, and changes, and as we get further into 2017, we are going to see many changes.

Some of the events will be interesting, some will be odd, some will be upsetting, and others will be wonderful.

So I hope you enjoy reading my latest psychic predictions for May 2017!



The fans of an A-list celebrity will be shocked by the sudden passing of their beloved star.


The unexpected passing of an A-list celebrity is going to stun many people, due to the tragic and unexpected way this death occurs. Many friends and fans are going to be left in shock!

A well-known celebrity is going to draw concern over suddenly disappearing without any explanation.  Close friends are going to worry over this person’s whereabouts. Then this person will surface in another country, without any harm.

A famous person will inspire a new fashion trend.  Although this trend will be short-lived, it will sweep the nation, especially among the tweens.




The president will be in hot water over another investigation, due to saying something, which is blatantly untrue. More and more people will begin talking about the possibility of impeachment, which will seem like more of a possibility after this last slip of his tongue.

The rift between Paul Ryan and the president will widen. Eventually, Sean Spicer will be caught in the middle, causing Sean to have to walk a careful balance when questioned about this by the press.

A major rift is going to take place in the senate, with hints of the Democrats having embarrassing information about some high-profileRepublicans. Republicans will claim this is fake news, and then back pedal when some of this information is leaked and proven to be true.



The president will try to downplay his business relationships with Saudi Arabia.


Interesting information will leak out regarding the US president’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. This will cause many people around the world to protest, and claim Saudi Arabia gets favored treatment from the president. The president will try and downplay his business relationships with this country.

When push comes to shove, out of fear of retaliation from several countries, North Korea will start backing down, and calming its missile testing.

The death of a political leader of a foreign country is going to shock the world, altering the strategic balance of power their country once held.


Love and Relationships


It’s not a good time to enter relationships this month.

This is going to be a good month to avoid arguments, due to planetary misalignments. Molehills can easily turn into mountains, and cause a major rift in your relationship – before you know it!

This is not a good month to enter into a new relationship. Keep things at the friendship level until the 1st of next month.

Most pregnancies occurring this month will more than likely be a boy.




A pharmaceutical drug will be discovered to have serious side affects, and the FDA will force a recall of the drug.

Major advancements will continue to be made in the cure for the HIV virus.

More complications will be discovered, as a result of the Epipen.




Samsung is going to start making a huge impact, as sales will start rising again, causing their troubled waters of the past to be calmed.

The US stock market is going to resemble a roller coaster throughout the rest of 2017. There will high highs, and low lows.

There will be a rise in the interest of pearls, making them popular once again. This will create a sudden rise in their value for short period.




Drought-like weather is expected in parts of the Midwest.

Expect drought-like weather in areas where droughts are known to occur, such as parts of the Midwest. Places like Texas and Arizona, where droughts occur, will also experience heavy droughts.

Cold weather will last longer than expected in certain parts of the USA, causing some areas to have a very short summer.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Latest Psychic Predictions for May 2017.


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