Psychic Protection: How Earth Spirits Can Help You Guard Your House

There are many ways to protect your house. A lot of them involve methods that are very scientific and physical, but did you know that you can also protect your house by using psychic protection?

That’s right. You can protect your house by asking Earth Spirits for help.

psychic protection

Psychic Protection From Earth Spirits

Why Are Earth Spirits Good At Protecting Your Property?

Earth spirits provide impeccable spiritual protection to your house, mainly because of the fact that they are spirits whose affinities lie in the Earth itself. Since your house’s foundation is built into the Earth, Earth Spirits find it very easy to surround your house with a psychic shield, which acts as protection against psychic or even physical attacks. I have seen this form of protection in my travels, and I must say that it is very effective.

Black Dwarves & Gnomes As Protectors

There are many types of Earth Spirits, but among them, I believe that Black Dwarves and Gnomes are the best ones to summon when it comes to asking for help in protecting your house. This is because Black Dwarves and Gnomes are the Earth Spirits whose energies are very dense.

This makes their presence very noticeable, so if a person attempts to break in your house, they will surely feel a presence watching over them.

Apart from this, Gnomes and Black Dwarves are also known in ancient cultures as Earth Spirits who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. This enables them to physically affect a person who is trying to break into your house.

Many of my friends who have contacted Earth Spirits to protect their houses have watched in their security cameras would-be thieves or intruders turn back, after a few steps onto their property. It was as if they just lost heart, and something was pushing them back.

How To Invoke Gnomes and Black Dwarves As Guardians Of Your House

Among the best things about Black Dwarves and Gnomes is the fact that they are fairly easy to call upon. A series of meditations, as well as a few offerings like incense and aromatherapy oils, are usually all it takes to get their attention.

Unlike Fire or Water Spirits, who only inhabit places that are closely related to elements like hot springs and waterfalls, Earth Spirits are known to exist in all places that are close to the Earth. I have even seen some condominiums in the city, which had a fairly good population of Earth Spirits.

So don’t hesitate in contacting Earth Spirits for some supernatural aid in keeping your house safe from harm. Meditate, tune in to them, and humbly ask for their help, and If done correctly, your request will be received very positively. If you are successful, then you have just given yourself some free psychic insurance!

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    Thank you for the insight and how to protect and secure homes. This is very important to me.
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  2. Donald Washington says:

    Thank you earth spirits for protection of my house’s and property?⛪

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