Psychic Protection 101: How To Use White Light For Protection

Psychic protection has been on my mind for the last couple of days. I’ve been thinking about it so much, that during my last Astral Travel, I even asked my Spirit Guide Macar about the easiest way to keep my loved ones safe. 

Keeping myself, as well as my house, safe from harm is simple enough. The tricky part is keeping my loved ones safe.

What then is the easiest way for practical psychic defense? Let me tell you more about the White Light.

What Is White Light?

White Light is a form of spiritual protection, a psychic self-defense technique, if you will, that utilizes energy found in the Universe itself. Since the source of the White Light is the Universe, its power is limitless. Yes, you read that right. White Light is limitless, and this makes it extremely effective. In fact, it can even repel all forms of harm, whether it is physical or psychic harm.

When I was studying more about it, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that White Light has already been utilized for many centuries. White Light was actually used as a form of protection by shamans and other holy men of old, and judging by the fact that these holy men lived for many years, it seems like it was very effective. It’s a great thing to know that using it is really quit simple.

How Can White Light Be Used To Protect Your Family

White Light can be used to protect any member of your family, or any loved one. Since it is a form of protection that comes from the energy of the Universe, it does not run out of power, like amulets, for example, which can eventually run out of protective energy. (You just need to recharge them once in awhile) White Light is not a perfect form of psychic self-defense, however, as simple as it is, it does come with a catch.

White Light is perfectly capable of protecting anyone at any place. However, the protection only lasts for as long as you can keep yourself in tune with it. Normally, an invocation of the White Light is good for about 6-12 hours. From the moment you invoke it, to the point when you are unable to attune to it any more, you can be sure that the person you are spiritually protecting will be fully safe.

How To Invoke White Light

The invocation of White Light is one of the simplest I have ever encountered. To invoke the White Light, just do the following:

  • Stay in a room where you can concentrate. This will ensure that you will be able to keep the White Light active.
  • Close your eyes and attune yourself to the energy of the person, or persons, you’d like to protect.
  • magine that the person/s you are protecting are in a vast expanse of darkness. Slowly, imagine a small, but bright light, on their Heart Chakra. Focus on this, and have the bright light increase in intensity and mass.
  • Continue this until the you feel the person/s are fully engulfed in the White Light. Once they are fully engulfed in the White Light, command the light to stay with them for a period of time. In my experience, 6-12 hours is a very good time period.

Try this the next time any of your loved ones are taking a trip. I’ve tried this myself numerous times, and it has become second nature to me whenever a loved one is leaving. With the White Light, I can be assured that the people most important to me are fully safe.

I would wish nothing short of the same feeling of assurance to you!


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