The Differences Between a Psychic Reader and a Psychic Medium!

There is a huge difference between a psychic reader and a psychic medium. While all mediums are psychics, it doesn’t necessarily follow that all psychics are mediums.

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The Power Of A Psychic Medium

Though psychics have a highly developed intuition, and use this ability to access psychic information that is helpful to their clients (this is what we call psychic reading), mediums on the other hand, are able to connect with spirit guides, guardian angels, and ascended masters, as well as loved ones on the other side.

They communicate with the medium, giving him or her relevant information about the situation or issues that his client is facing,. This higher connection gives deeper insights to the reading, giving the client a deeper and more comprehensive reading.

Undeniably, as human beings, you and I are living in two different, but inseparable and interconnected worlds: the physical world, and the spiritual world. In the physical world, we use our physical senses to perceive things and our physical intelligence to understand and explain certain experiences in our lives.

However, since we have a Spirit Soul, a part of our self is connected with the spiritual realms, and this explains our intuitive ability.

The psychic medium is not only precognitive, or has the ability to foresee future events, but he also has a more highly developed psychic sense than an ordinary psychic reader.

Most psychic mediums are clairvoyant (has the capacity to see spirits), clairaudient (has the capacity to hear sounds coming from the spiritual world) and clairsentient (has a very sensitive sense of feeling). Possessing these psychic abilities, psychic mediums are the perfect messengers for unseen beings who are trying to communicate with us here on earth.

In different cultures, mediums play a very important role in their respective communities. For the American Indian tribes, for example, the shaman, or spirit doctor, serves as their primary advisor when it comes to spirituality and community affairs. The shaman helps the community by serving as the mediator between members of the community, and their gods and ancestors.

In ancient Israel, the prophets serve as the spokesmen for the Almighty God. From Moses, to John the Baptist, and even the apostles of Jesus Christ, these highly spiritual men had become the intermediary between the spiritual and physical realms. The messages which they received from the divine spirit, and from God himself, were passed on to the members of their communities as messages for enlightenment and spiritual advancement.

As you can see, the spiritual world offers us a lot of information and insight that is helpful in our spiritual growth. The spirit word communicates with us through psychic mediums, in order to teach us valuable lessons that we can use to better our lives. Our loved ones who have already passed on, can still help us deal with our problems and issues in life through the help of a psychic medium.

A psychic medium and psychic reader are both gifted beings. However, psychic mediums, have the capacity to communicate with celestial and spiritual beings, including the souls of our dearly departed. Psychics are not gifted to see, hear, feel, and talk to these beings, or to convey their messages to individuals, or groups of people.

To summarize, ordinary psychic readers have a powerful intuition that they can use to see what will happen in the future, but they do not have the capacity to see, hear, and talk to spiritual beings. On the other hand, the psychic mediums have the ability to communicate with the spirit world.

With this kind of ability, the psychic medium serves as the messenger for these spiritual beings. And when a medium gives a psychic reading, he or she is assisted in their psychic work by these spirit entities. Thus giving a more insightful and more comprehensive reading to the person receiving it.

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