Psychic Readers – How To Find The Best Psychic Reader

With all the psychic readers out there, and each one using a different method for giving a psychic reading, it can often become confusing when trying to choose one! Understanding all their different methods will help you when you want to know how to find a good psychic.

You know you want an accurate psychic, but you may not know what all the different psychic terms mean! It’s important to know what psychic reader can before your reading, so that you know if you are choosing a good one or not! Lets first look at all the different psychic methods psychics use. This will help clear up a lot of confusion.

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Some of these methods you probably know or have heard, but do you really know exactly what they mean?

Astrologer – Astrologers do not need to be psychics! Being psychic helps, but it is not necessary. An astrologer will create an astrology chart based on your birthrate, and your time of birth. they enter that info into a computer program that spits out a chart, and then they interpret your chart based on the info found in it. Astrology involves an interpretation of your astrology chart. As a matter of fact, several astrologers do not claim to be psychic!

Tarot Reader

This involves a reading where you shuffle a deck of tarot cards and then the psychic reader lays the cards out in a layout pattern and reads them. Tarot cards have symbols, pictures, and images written on them, and once they are laid in a pattern, the psychic interprets their meanings in according to their positions in the payout, and their traditional meanings. Tarot reading requires that the reader memorize the meanings of all 72 different cards in order to know how to read them.

Palm Reader

This is a person who has learned or been trained how to read the different lines in the plasm of your hands. Palm reading also requires no psychic ability on the part of the psychic, because this type of reading is based on an interpretation of the lines on your palms. Being psychic helps make, but you can give a good palm reading without having any psychic ability!

Psychic Medium

This is a person who has psychic ability and also has the ability of mediumship, or the ability to talk to Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and Loved Ones on the other side. Psychic mediums are all psychics, but all psychics are not psychic mediums. This is important to know!

Most psychic mediums focus their psychic readings only connecting their clients with their loved ones who have died, and they focus little on the psychic parts of their gift, which is kind of a shame if you ask me.

Being a psychic and a psychic medium myself, I chose to use my gift to talk to angels, guides, Ascended Masters, and loved ones! When I’m giving a psychic reading to my clients, I want to use my rare gift to it’s fullest, but I am not the norm in that way when it comes to being a psychic medium!


A psychic is someone who like myself was born with psychic ability, or later had a tragic accident that somehow awakened their ability in them later in life. Often this would be a near death experience, or a serious fall, being hit on the head, or something like that!

A psychic not born with their gift, will often need years to learn to understand their new found ability, and learn how to use it properly. Just because they fall and have it suddenly awakened doesn’t mean they automatically know how to give readings all of the sudden too!

A psychic will use several different methods to give you a reading, but regardless of what method they use, they will be able to tell you things about your past, present, and future, and answer any questions you have about any of these areas of your life.

As with anything, you get what you pay for! Top psychics get top prices. Beginner psychics, or ones not so good, charge way less! When needing answers about your life, the first question you ask should not be “How much does it cost?”. It should be “How good is this psychic, and how accurate are they?”

I know I could charge more for my psychic reading, but I try to keep them on the lower end to be accessible to everyone! I also the only psychic who offers a “10 minute money back guarantee’ which means in the first 10 minutes if you do not like your reading, we can end it, you get all your money back, and we are still friends! I am proud to say that no one has ever ended their reading in over 20 years, but I still want that option available to my clients so that they know they are not going to be swindled!

I have encouraged many psychics to offer the same guarantee to their clients, especially the really expensive ives, but they refuse! To me it only seems ethical, but for some reason, many psychics are afraid to offer that! I can only speculate as to why, because none of them would ever tell me why! If you good at what you do, then there is no reason not to offer it! But that topic is four another article!

I hope this article has helped you to understand more about all the different types of psychic readers, and has helped to be more informed on how to find the best psychic readers that are right for you!

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