Please Read Immediately!! (Time Sensitive Information)

You reimages-2 5.16.41 PMceived an email yesterday, about my only Psychic Reading discount for 2014!

I wanted to email you to remind you know that this Monday, the 8th, my $25 discount off a psychic reading expires at midnight!

** This will be my only and last discount for at least another year or more!

A psychic reading is also a unique Christmas gift for the person who has everything! ALSO, I now have gift certificates available – and I can mail them to you, or the other person – just in time for Christmas!

How To Get $50 Or Even $100 Dollars Off!

If you already have a reading or any session scheduled, you can schedule your 3 month return visit, (instead of waiting until we talk again) and you will get $50 off the new reading you schedule!

OR, you can schedule two sessions, or readings, and get the same discount! AND, depending on the session or reading, your discount could be as deep as $100 off!

 Sessions And Readings Available

You are able to use this discount towards Akashic Records readings, Past Life readings, Chakra Balancings, Heart Chakra Healings, Soulmate Attraction sessions, Money Magnetism sessions, or any of the readings or sessions I offer.

To take advantage of this discount, CLICK HERE NOW and fill out the Psychic Reading Form (, and my assistant will contact you to take advantage!

You can also call my office at 614-444-6334

Happy Friday!

Tana Hoy


Office#: 614-444-6334

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