The Real Key To Lasting Happiness! – by Tana Hoy

Do you know what you want above everything else? Have you ever asked yourself what is your passion, or where is it that you want your life to go? psychic readings

Often, people will say that they want to be rich, be more attractive, or even more popular. These are the most common “wants” of people. You hardly hear anyone saying that they want to be wiser, kinder, or less self-centered.

Wanting to enjoy the comforts that this life can offer is bad. But, it turns bad when the “wanting” turns into an obsession!

There are people who work hard, not merely to provide for themselves or their loved ones, or even to be able to save for the future. Instead, they treat work as a means to keep accumulating money… only to spend it on things that will soon wear out.

Why do many people do this?

Living in a Material World

There are things that are hard to accept. These include the facts that life is short, and that nothing in this world is permanent.

Take the beauty industry, for example, which is a very profitable business, with more than US$160 billion in profits last year. Yet, even that abundance of makeup, perfume, toiletries, and surgery, has not made people permanently look younger. All of those beauty aids have not stopped people from aging, nor eventually dying.

Let me clarify something first – I’m not against gaining material success, or striving to look good.

However my point is, these things cannot bring you lasting happiness, contentment, and peace of mind. Somewhere, somehow, there is always bound to be someone who will be greater or lesser than you, according to the standards that you want to maintain.

To attain spiritual growth, it’s important to look beyond the material side of life, even as you and everyone else, are living in a material world.

Why Spiritual Growth is Important

People possess a material body, and that’s why it’s not unusual that they crave material things, which they think can satisfy the needs of their material bodies.

However, here’s what one of the Ascended Masters Lord Krishna, has said about material attachment:

“While concentrating on objects of the senses, a person develops attachment to the sense objects; from attachment, desires are born, from desire anger arises.”

In short, the more that you limit your focus only to material things, the more you become dissatisfied. The more you become dissatisfied, the more you become angry, more frustrated, and more lonely.

But it’s not only material wealth that can block your spiritual growth. Too much focus on other sources of material pleasure can also stunt your spiritual side.

Indulging in drugs, too much sex, too much alcohol, or too much food, can cause your life to become an entanglement of frustration and dissatisfaction.

Social Media Butterflies

Aside from unreasonably wanting to attain more money and wealth, or over-indulging in food, sex, alcohol, or abusing drugs, there’s another trap in the material world that you need to beware of – and that’s the mindless pursuit of fame.

It’s common these days for some people to do whatever it takes to become popular in social media. Some even go to the extent of doing notorious acts, or fighting over social media just to be known or “more popular.”

There is nothing wrong about becoming famous, but you have to make sure that when you try to pursue fame, you’re doing it with caution. After all, being addicted to becoming famous or popular can also ruin you…because being famous has a price.

“So, are you willing to pay the price?” That’s a question that your Spirit Guides are asking you.

Think of some famous Hollywood stars. When they became famous, they became public property that is always subjected to public scrutiny. Even if they wanted to protect their privacy, they find it hard to do so because of their fame. This lack of privacy often resulted in scandals, humiliation, anger, and other negative situations and feelings.

To such things, your Guardian Angels say, “You’re always looking for happiness outside. Why not try to look for it from within?”

Spiritual Growth Starts From Within

The key to real and lasting happiness is to look deeply inside your soul.

Your Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides will tell you that you will only feel whole and complete if you quiet your mind, and listen to the messages of your Soul. You need to connect with the Divine.

That’s not something that is easy to do on your own. That’s why getting a psychic reading from a good psychic medium can be your first step to accessing the spirit world, where the greatest spiritual life lessons can be found

Meditating with the Ascended Masters, your Guardian Angels, and your Spirit Guides, can help you unveil the truth that is within you: that you are not a body with a spirit.

Instead, you are a spiritual being living temporarily inside a physical body.

If you are experiencing any form of dissatisfaction or unhappiness, those are subtle symptoms that you need to turn your focus to the needs of your soul. Your spiritual needs.

Slow down, and take time to listen to your friends from the Spirit World for guidance, and your spiritual life lessons. Then, put these lessons into practice.

Try it out and see what happens! You can write about your experiences with spiritual growth in the Comments Section. I’d love to hear from you!

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