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The idea of psychic self-defense usually involves protecting a person from physical harm. I’ve posted asome articles involving psychic defense before, because not all types of threats come in the form of danger to your physical self.

Psychic self defense

Psychic Self Defense

Some threats actually come in the form of psyco-emotional attacks, usually using intimidation and other negative emotional tactics.

I’ve seen this happen to some of my close friends, and I have resolved to find a way to protect people from these types of psychic attacks.

People And The Struggle For Power

The idea of psychic control is something that innately resides in people’s spiritual bodies. Remember that there is a layer of your aura that is composed purely of emotional energy. This is the layer where the person’s subconscious, or in psychological terms, the Id, resides.

The Id (psychologically-speaking, of course) is the part of our auric body that desires power, and will do everything it can to satisfy its desires, even if it has to commit acts of aggressive spiritual control.

Why Do Some People Like Stepping On Other People’s Egos?

A person, who desires to have control over other people, usually acts very aggressively towards others. This happens because the person in question has a weak spiritual makeup. For example, if a supervisor at your job has a knack for making his/her co-workers feel bad by intimidating and putting them down, then chances are that that supervisor has an emotional weakness in his/her spiritual self. This weakness comes out as aggression and control!

People like this love stepping on others’ feelings, simply because by doing so, they are able to absorb energy from the other person.

The Best Way To Deal With People Who Like Making Others Feel Bad

For example, if your job involves you interacting with a supervisor, who has a knack for sucking other people’s energy, then you need to protect yourself. Thankfully, there is a form of psychic defense for these kinds of situations.

So here’s a brief guide to psychic self-defense that you can use:

  • Every day before coming to work, surround yourself with White Light. Remember that the White Light is a very practical way to prevent negative energy from attacking you and becoming absorbed into your aura!
  • Once you reach your workplace, make sure that your aura is free from any negative energy outside of your work, For example, any problems at home. Carrying issues from outside of work, into your workplace, results in negative energy becoming stored in your chakras. This stored up negative energy then acts as a magnet for more negativity. You may notice that the more aggravated you are, the more your supervisor may seem to focus on you.
  • If you have to speak directly with your supervisor, and then feel that he/she is starting to suck your energy, cross your arms over your Solar Plexus Chakra. Remember, your Solar Plexus Chakra is your body’s emotional energy center. The simple act of covering it prevents the bulk of your supervisor’s negative energy from polluting your aura.
  • At the end of your workday, engage in breathing exercises. You can do this anywhere, even in your car when you are stuck in traffic. Breathe slowly in and out, in a controlled manner, counting 1,2,3 when breathing in, and 1,2,3, when breathing out. This will normalize your energy flow. This will remove any negative energy form your aura that your supervisor may have directly thrown at you during the day.

I hope this technique makes your workdays become a lot easier to handle. Who knows, you may even become friends with your supervisor after using this. It happened to one of my friends after he started doing this, and he still talks about it, every time we meet.



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