Are You Aware Of These Psychic Signs In Your Life? – by Tana Hoy

Psychic signs. What are they? Where do they come from?

Psychic Signals To Look For

Psychic Signals To Look For

Not everyone is open to receiving psychic signs. But that doesn’t mean that such signals aren’t real. The fact is, Light Beings from the Cosmic Beyond – such as Angels, Spirit Guides, and the Ascended Masters – are always signaling us.

To understand better, check if you have you’ve ever had any of these experiences, or something similar:

  1. You’ve made plans to go out with a friend or loved one. You’re all dressed up and ready to go, when you suddenly get a funny feeling in your stomach or chest. It’s as if out of the blue, you feel uneasy about leaving your house.
  2. You meet someone for the first time who looks decent and friendly, But you can feel the hair on your neck slowly standing up, get goose bumps, or you suddenly find it difficult to breathe.
  3. You suddenly think of someone you haven’t seen or even thought of in a long time, and you have a strong urge to call that person up.
  4. You’re shopping for some new shoes, and you see a pair that you think looks funny, or they’re just not your style. But something inside you is suddenly telling you to go and buy that pair.

Many of my clients have told me during their psychic readings with me about such things that have happened to them. If events like the ones described have also happened to you, then you’ve been the recipient of psychic signs.

 What are Psychic Signs?

 The psychic world and the spirit world are one and the same.

All of us humans are spirits. Before we were born or incarnated the first time, we were pure spirits made of energy.

When you first took on a human body, and started to experience human life, like most people, you probably lost your ability to be open and understand the messages, that your Angels, Spirit guides, and Ascended Masters who are in the spirit world, continue to send you.

As a natural born psychic, I am one of those who retained the ability to receive messages from Angels, Spirit Guides, and the Ascended Masters. I was born with the ability to communicate with them. So during a psychic reading, I can relay their messages to you.

Messages from the Cosmic Beyond continue to be sent to us whom are living on the earth, because as spirits living out a human existence, we need their constant protection and guidance.

Psychic signs alert you to certain matters that could either be harmful or beneficial to you, or those whom you love, depending on the context of the time, or the place that the signal was being sent.

Let’s analyze one example of the psychic signs mentioned earlier.

Uneasiness – a Warning Given to Avoid Danger or Trouble

 In the first example above, a signal in the form of uneasiness was sent to warn you that if you proceed with your plan to go out, there could be danger or trouble waiting for you.

Sometimes, you will learn about such trouble or danger after the fact. You might later learn that there had been a huge accident on the road that you would have driven on. But you were able to avoid the accident because you had heeded the warning sent to you.

Sometimes, you don’t understand why you are receiving such a psychic sign, because you won’t understand why you are being warned about, whatever it is you are being warned about.

When that happens, you were protected from the danger or trouble because you did not proceed with your plans.

Another example would be if a mugger had been waiting for a victim, and you had happened to pass by at that exact time and place, then you would have been mugged.

But if you had heeded the warning that you received, then the mugging would never have happened because you were never there!

As I mentioned earlier, people are always receiving psychic signs, but they often don’t know how to interpret the messages behind the signals.

If you want some help to understand what Angels, Spirit Guides, and the Ascended Masters want you to know, then I can definitely help you! You can schedule a psychic reading by clicking here, and I’ll be glad to help you.

What are your thoughts regarding psychic signs? You can share your experiences with me below!

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