How Psychic Are You? – A Psychic Test To Find Out

Hey there,

Many people ask me how they can know if they have psychic abilities?

The truth is, everyone has psychic ability – even you!

Some people have it to a stronger degree than others. So developing your psychic ability  is about learning what your psychic gifts are, and then learning to develop those unique gifts.

How Psychic Are You? – A Psychic Quiz

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see how psychic you really are:

– Do you feel that you can pick up the feelings and emotions of other people easily?

– Do you ever know who is calling you when the telephone rings before you answer it?

– Do you ever get strong hunches, feelings, or impressions, that later turn out to be correct?

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– Do you feel a strong psychic connection with animals as if you know what they’re feeling?

– Have you ever visited somewhere you’ve never been but felt like you have been there before?

– Have you ever met somebody for the first time but felt like he knew them forever?

– Have you ever experienced love at first sight? 

– Have you ever had a dream that later came true?

If you answered yes to any these questions then you definitely have psychic ability!

The more questions that you answered with a yes, the stronger your psychic ability is!

These above questions deal with some very common experiences people that are psychic have experienced before in their lives!

Psychic Ability And your Past Lives

And a did you know that the degree of your psychic ability is determined by what happened in your past lives?

Whenever I do a reading for a client, I am always able to look at there at their Akashic records, and see who they were in a past life, where they lived, and why some of the fears and phobias that they have today, are still present in their life.

All of these factors determine a person’s ability to be open and receptive to their own psychic ability!

By learning more about your past lives, where you lived, who you were, and the many experiences you’ve had in your past lives, allows you to get even more in touch with your own psychic ability!

If you would like to learn more about your past lives, click here to set up a time for us, where I can look into your Akashic Records, and tell you many things about your past lives, and how to develop your psychic ability even further!

I hope that you found this information helpful.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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