A Psychic Test For Rating Your Abilities

Here’s a psychic test I’ve created for you to be able to test your psychic abilities, and to find out what degree of psychic abilities you possess!

Since many people ask me if they are psychic, I wanted to design a psychic quiz so that people can know to what degree they have ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

psychic test

Is Everyone Psychic?

The truth is, everyone on earth is born with psychic abilities, although some people seem to have it more naturally developed than others. You may wonder why some people are born with psychic powers stronger than others, and the answer is, no one really knows.

There are several theories as to how a person becomes psychic. For example, some people claim to have had an accident that suddenly awake awaken their powers, such as a near death experience, or falling from a ladder and hitting her head. Yet others like myself, are naturally born with it.

But there is one thing that I do know, and that is, when you learn to tune into these powers more, and learn to harness them to their fullest potential, you are then connected to a magical world that very few people even know exist.

Why Learn To Develop My Abilities?

Once you develop your psychic abilities to their fullest, you will discover the higher spiritual realms that exist out there! You will know how to talk to spirit guides and guardian angels. You will be able to see auras, and pick up feelings and impressions that other people often ignore.

Psychic ability is called the sixth sense for a reason, because it is a sixth sense that is outside of your five ordinary senses. Through the right psychic training, you can learn to develop your powers. So no matter what you score on the psychic test below, please know that with the right psychic training, even you can learn to develop your powers to their fullest.

psychic quiz

12 Questions For Rating Your Psychic Level

!. When the phone rings, do you often know who is calling you before you answer it?
2. Have you ever had a dream that later came true?
3. Have you ever had feelings about someone or something that later turned out to be correct?
4. Do you often experience déjà vu?
5. Have you ever visited somewhere that you’ve never been, but had a strong feeling like you’ve been there before?
6. Do you find that animals react differently towards you than most people? For example, has anyone ever told you that their pet seems to take up to you easier than it usually does with other people?
7. Have you ever known something was going to seconds happen before it did?
8. Have you ever had visions about the future that turned out to be correct?
9. Have you ever gotten strong or strange feelings a short time before a major catastrophic event occurred?
10. Have you ever seen a ghost, angel, or any other spiritual being?
11. Have you ever walked into a room and felt that there was a presence there that you couldn’t see?
12. Have you ever met someone that you instantly disliked right away, only later to find out that they were not someone you could trust?

Scoring For This Psychic Test

If you answered:

– 10 or more correctly – You are a natural born psychic and have developed psychic abilities.
– 7 to 9 correctly – You are a very old soul and have above average psychic powers.
– 4 to 6 You’re psychic skills are more naturally developed than 70% of the population.
– 1 to 3 You psychic abilities are average, but can be developed to a higher degree with the right psychic training.
0 – You’re aura and chakras are shut down, and you need to get your aura cleansed and your chakras balanced, right away!

Regardless if you scored high or you scored low on the psychic test, a score of any kind still indicates that you have psychic abilities. Please understand that this test is not a determination of how psychic you are, but rather how “naturally” developed your psychic skills were when you were born.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what your score was! I’m excited to read everybody’s test scores!

If you would like to learn what’s in your future, or learn how to develop your psychic ability even more, then schedule a session with me by visiting here now so that I can help you!

15 Responses

  1. tiffany says:

    My score was 8.. Ive always know i was a little different. My grandfather was born with a veil over his face….

  2. janice says:

    ten or twelve ,got to get rid of negative people.cant listen to music anymore ,they harass me through music; Havent heard from trevor in two days since ive been going through this mess. school is getting sorted out.my rabbits dying she 13 and half and has one very arthritic leg,shes losing her fur in spots and has very weepy eyes can you send a bunny some healing tana.Im very emotional about this right now.I’ll miss her if anything happens to her.

    • Joseph says:

      Dear Janice,
      My heart reaches out for you. I don’t exactly know what to say to someone going through what you’re goimg through, but I sincrely hope things get better for you.
      Lots of love, from Jo

  3. Isabel says:

    10. Yup, that sounds about right. It runs in my family and I inherited it from my mother and she inherited it from hers. We’ve both had dreams that came true, have been visited by passed loved ones, seen spirits, and have an uncanny sense of other people’s emotions.

  4. janet says:

    Tana, I’m a 6! Didn’t realize I was that high. My grandmother used to call it being “spooky” but she was VERY intuitive and I think I take a lot of that from her. Must be the Cherokee heritage….

  5. Traci says:

    I was a definite 9….maybe 10. You’ve told me that I am psychic, but I’ve always known that I was a little different. People have been genuinely freaked out by me because they have been there and experienced the strange things that happen around me. LOL

  6. Joseph says:

    10, I cant see some things, but I can feel yheir presence. I always have dreams about the future but then as soon as I try to put tgem on paper I forget. Then when it actually happens, I remember the dream. But sometimes I remember and keep them in my head until the event happens so I can say I saw it coming. Sometimes I go to places I’ve never been to and get the feeling that I have been there before. Sometimes it feels so real that I can almost recall under what circumstances I was there. Then I rule it out because it could not possibly have happened. At least now I know it’s normal.

  7. brenda says:

    Hi i am 8 i always knew i was different growing up but ignored all of it till i was much older now i can read people i feel there emotions i feel things before they happen i always know when something is about to happen i feel it deep with in my soul …For example last week i knew something wasent right i was very sad very emotional on the monday layed in my bed crying and not 5 mins later the phone rang my brother had just had a heartattack right after the call the feelings went away …

  8. kim says:

    I scored a 10 . funny when you put up questions like these and you answer them, it makes you wonder a little more about what else your capable of .

  9. Tammy says:

    I scored a 9. I am in the process of trying to enhance my gifts. I am not in a position to attend a class or pay for training that would help me with this. If anyone could suggest some exercises that would be awesome! Thanks to all!

  10. colleen says:

    I got a 10. Possibly an 11 because i am unsure of whether or not i have seen a spirit or ghost… and dont really think i have ever walked into a room and felt.a prescence… everything else on the list seems to happen to me on multiple occasions. And i will confess that i am pretty good at reading people. Didnt think i was that high honestly. Kinda impressed with myself.

  11. madhumita says:

    i got a 11. what am i now supposed to do? if i tell others about it, i get bullied. why? isn’t psychic ability meant to be great? they think i’m a psycho. but i ignore those idiots. but i want to further enhance myself please someone guide me.

  12. Ryan says:

    I definitely have experienced every question here. Some stronger than others. 1 thing I’ve never actually seen spirits or other beings like angels what I unfortunately did have since my earliest memories until the last happening not long after my oldest son was born which scared me more than the experience itself. I was attacked by demonic forces but it was on a subconscious level while sleeping but I was wide awake while experiencing these horrible nights (technically they attacked me subconsciously which led to me waking I did not experience sleep paralysis I was attacked & I know it was because I’m more sensitive than most but unlike most there was no attempt at physical attacks they were psychological with never a sense of what I now no to be oppression eventual goal possession & because of a discovery I made about myself 1 of the 1st things said was because of who I am & what I am intended for I read that they were not able to attack me like others. Actually I dealt with this as an attempt in preventing me from discovering my true self along with the knowledge I knew even before I read the reasoning why there was no overt attempts to break me for they (the demonic) & man thinks these entities of shit are capable of ripping man apart that is 1 of many deceptions we were fed completely changing our reason for being on Earth which is if you have faith in knowing God exists not belief & know u were created in God’s image along & when the Universe was created we all started as 1 which God spoke of therefore if our power is in knowing our real lineage you know we are ascending beings with powers & knowledge the demonic could not understand as they are forever trapped in the dimensional shithole of the Universe when u realize this you will laugh at the thought of being inferior to these pondscum of the Universe. Sorry for the lengthy msg but it’s 1 of many I feel I was intended to expose lifting the veil that is blocking most others from realizing the lies that man has believed since our inception due to these lies being passed to all only making it’s impact more powerful on mankind. Thank you for giving me confirmation to reinforce to me that I’ve been continually correct with what I intuitively understood learning I was correct on everything I knew which I need due to certain factors of my past that I sometimes do question myself but confidence growing exponentially daily!

  13. Joyce Gruver says:

    I answered yes to all twelve. I am very psychic have been all of my life. I have always had warnings when something bad is about to happen.

  14. Shawna Mays says:

    I’m a 12. I knew this ugh… Since I was a child I knew. People think I’m crazy when I tell them things. When I tell them what I’m able to see, hear and mainly feel. I get the are you serious look. Sometimes it scares me n sometimes I literally feel like I’m gasping for air or I stop n my tracks. Happens any time of day. Then I hear that something bad happen like someone died or got shot. I hear them say my name n my ear very lightly n when they sit next to me I feel the bed list down like they sat down. I’ve had my aunt visit me the morning she died she nudged me I was knocked out sleep. I woke up then the phone ran my grandfather came out n said she’s gone. When I had my daughter maybe a month after a white bright light like a camera flash hovered over me n my daughter had to be around 2 something n the morning. I closed my eyes was still there so I said a prayer opened eyes again was gone. Called grandparents they said its a family member came to meet my daughter. Scares the crap out of me but I’ve learned to deals little better. Now I just speak and let them know i feel them here but if its not a good presence it has to go. See sound like a crazy person Right?lol

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