What To Do When A Psychic Vampire Attacks! – by Tana Hoy

Vampires are commonly depicted in movies and books as gorgeous, well-mannered, rich monsters that suck the life blood out of their victims. According to stories, they have tiny fangs, they don’t like sunlight, and they have no reflection. But did you know that there is a real kind of vampire that can drain the life force out of you, without you even realizing it?

Psychic Vampire Attack

Psychic Vampire Attack

They are called psychic vampires, energy vampires ,or psy-vamps, and these energy sucking individuals are no different from you and me (at least, on the outside), so they can be difficult to identify.

An energy vampire could be anybody – from your boss, to your aunt, or even your neighbor’s kid. And unless you are aware of what they are, they can continuously drain you of your energy each time you come into contact with them.

What Is A Psychic Vampire?

Psychic vampires are individuals who “feed” on other people’s energy. They don’t bite necks or rupture veins, but they do poke holes in your aura in order to suck out your energy.

There are two kinds of psy-vamps: those who are aware of their powers; and those who are not. The first kind, the intentional vamps, actually know that they are feeding, and they suck out your positive energy deliberately. But the majority of psy-vamps fall into the second category – they are unintentional energy-suckers who are unaware that they are draining you of your energy to feed themselves.

How You Feel After A Psychic Vampire Attack

Regardless of whether you are in the company of an intentional or an unintentional vampire, the results are the same: you will feel as though your “life has been drained out of you.”

If you’re excited or in a good mood, for instance, you will sense your excitement plummet once you share it with an energy vampire because any interaction with them results in tiredness, depression, anger, melancholy, or sadness, and even a feeling of confusion. They become energized by a surge of your positive energy while you are left feeling drained.

How They Drain Your Energy

Energy vampires are excellent manipulators. They will initiate interactions that will make you open yourself up so they can feed on your energy. For example, they might start a conversation with a complaint, in order to stir your compassion; or they can incite your envy and anger by gossiping about someone you dislike; or they might say things to try and make you feel useless.

A seasoned energy vampire can use “nice” words to lift up your spirits, but there is an underlying tone that actually puts you down. And you will notice that the more your emotions are stirred, the more energized they get.

One thing you need to realize is that they can only feed on the “helpless” – that is, they choose those who are unaware, those who “keep their hearts on their sleeves,” and those who do not consciously protect themselves from psychic attacks.

So, the first line of defense against a vampire is being able to recognize them.

How To Tell If A Person Is An Energy Vampire

There are telltale signs that can clue you in if a person is an energy vampire.

• An aggressive energy-sucker tends to: manipulate and control; twist the conversation; not listen to your point of view; insist that he or she is right all the time; and incite a surge of emotions from you. When you’ve been in the company of one, you tend to feel small, useless, and you end up feeling bad.

• A less aggressive psy-vamp will: seek nurturing; want constant reassurance; be sad and depressed; and expect you to fix or solve everything for him or her. This kind of vampire will feed on your compassion and empathy, and will stir your guilt if you stop helping them.

But regardless of which one you are facing, you will always feel exhausted, tired, and vulnerable after you’ve spent time with one – no matter how nice and proper he or she may be.

A Protection Technique Against Vampires

You can protect yourself from energy vampires by doing the following:

• In the morning, before you get the chance to encounter anyone, spend a minute or so setting up your psychic protection.

• Your psychic protection is a shield of pure positive energy generated by your thoughts. So in your mind, deliberately encase yourself in a force field, and will yourself to make it strong and impenetrable against psychic attacks.

• Once you go out, remain vigilant. Be constantly aware, and make mental notes of how people leave you feeling. Spend as little time as possible with those who drain your energy.

• Stay neutral when you meet new people. Set boundaries. You can be cordial and nice during a first encounter, but try not to “pour yourself out.”

• When you sense that you are in the company of an energy vamp, reinforce your protective shield. Practice non-attachment, that is, don’t let anything he or she says affect you.

• If you think that an energy-sucker has started to get a hold on you, just politely cut the interaction and politely leave.
You can also take a salt bath to cleanse yourself if you think you’ve encountered a psy-vamp. Just add one cup of sea slat into a tub of warm bath water, then soak in it for 10 minutes! The sea salt will cleanse your aura and help you get your energy back!

Psychic vampires are everywhere, and they can be anyone. If you suspect that you are a victim of one and you need help, it is always a good idea to seek the assistance of a psychic reading.

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  1. Moriah Morningstar says:

    Can a psychic vampire attack you without engaging you in conversation?

  2. john says:

    can phychic vampire think of their prey at home and suck them from home to home distance?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Yes, that is possible. They can drain your energy from a distance also! This would be due to cords connecting you, and you would need to cut those cords if that would be the case. Thanks for the question.

  3. Kristin says:

    How do you cut the cord? Will black amber help?

  4. Candy says:

    I think THAT GUY I WAS DATING WAS SERIOUSLY ONE. He argues non stop (d)

  5. Christine says:

    How can I protect me and someone I love from a person Who has menevolent intent to cause psychic harm or curse us weather intentional or not

  6. GerliNy says:

    I feel this so often from people, specially a family member. I feel the center of my Chakra draining and feeling the energy pulling out from my chest.

  7. janice arandelovic says:

    yes I am experiencing that and it came from dating an ex years ago who wasn’t honest about the strange cult he hinted at what he belonged to.Its really hard getting these people out of your energy deliberate or not ,same results and not to get upset at what they say or do. I need help with this one. See you in September , you are absolutely correct.

  8. Jordan says:

    Okay so I’ve looked and cant find the answer…hopefully you can help…my aunt was attacked by one before and had a huge bite leg randomly on her after it all happened ..I’m going out my comfort zone so…. Today with me my ex and I got into a bad physical fight he didnt punch my arm or push me into anything…but hours later I realised I had a pain in my arm. I showed my friend and she said it looked like I had gotten bit by something…but I hadnt at all…can energy vampires ..or even spiritual vamps leave a bite that bruises and has the look of a bite? If I could show you a picture I would…this is really important…

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