Are You Prepared For The Psychic Tornado That Is Going To Hit Soon?

Are you prepared for the upcoming energy shifts starting toward the end of June?
This energy is going to sweep across the planet like a tornado, and create many
changes in people’s lives. You may be wondering what is going to cause this tornado?

Due to the planetary misalignments that are going to take place at that time, there
is going to be what I call an “energy tornado” sweeping across the planet! When two
planets become misaligned, they create a strong vibrational energy wave, that pushes
downward towards the planet, in a vortex type of pattern!


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What’s Going To Happen When This Hits?

As this energy vortex reaches the planet, it then acts like a tornado as it sweeps
across the globe, removing everything in it’s path! Sometimes it sweeps out the
bad things, but it can also destroy the good things! So it is important to be protected
and prepared when this happens.

The same as when a tornado is coming, if you know about it in advance, you can go
to a safe place so that you and your family will be safe! So you can make sure that
you can also be safe from this energy tornado by being prepared for it!

Many people have been emailing me asking me how I can help them to avoid the
negative affects of this energy tornado? To help you, I need to look at your Akashic
Records to see what areas of your life will be affected by this energy tornado ahead,
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in the right direction!

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What You Need To Do

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I hope you found this helpful!

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  1. brittany says:

    Do you have any spots available for this month
    of april at all? Like anyday before april 28?

    If so…i will try to make an appt asap!
    Id appreciate a word back!

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