Psychokinesis Demo 1

Psychokinesis is very fascinating to me. I have had some success using it, but it takes a lot of emotional energy. In my opinion, this guy seems to be going about it all wrong, because it appears that he is “forcing” the energy, and not allowing it to happen naturally!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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  1. shawn travis mcnabb says:

    ha i see what you are saying, he appears to be taking a number two. :/

    i have dreams that i am moving things with my mind or drawing them to myself. do you feel there is any significance to this? i feel it is something that could possibly come to be, as it is actual objects in my brothers home, but then again part of it was in a house with all these cabinet doors i was opening and shutting using my mind, a location i have never been

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