Are You Asking the Right Questions During A Psychic Reading?

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When you have a psychic reading, you would have prepared a list of questions already about pressing concerns, recent issues, and other decisions you need to make about different aspects of your life. However, you might be missing out on some important questions which you should also bring up in a psychic reading!

Surely, the questions you have listed are important, but here are some questions you shouldn’t forget to ask:

  1. 1. What messages do spiritual beings have for me now?

Maybe you need more direct solutions and answers to your problems. However, know that the messages you will receive from the higher realms bear a lot of wisdom and very helpful insights. In fact, you may not need to ask some of your other questions during your psychic reading, once you have received your message from the spiritual realms.

  1. 2. Am I in the right relationship now?

Even if you are in a happy relationship, asking this question during a psychic reading will give you the information you need to know. You can get the confirmation if it is the relationship for you. If it isn’t, you will be enlightened why it is not so.

Either way, you will learn things that will help you and your relationship in the long run. If you are single, you will understand why a desired relationship will not work, or if there is something you should do to bring about  developments for a potential relationship.

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  1. 3. Am I following the right career path? 

You could be having the time of your life, enjoying your career, and breezing through recognition and promotions. To ensure continued success, a psychic reading can give you valuable advice and reminders on things which you may have possibly overlooked.

If you are unhappy in your current job, find out if the career shift you are considering is the right move to make, or if there is something you can do to make the shift within your current position a smooth one.

  1. 4. What will I be like in raising my own family? 

This question also addresses your thoughts about the possibility of getting married and having kids. Find out through a psychic reading how you stand in marriage and family life.

If you are already married and raising a family, you may discover other areas of yourself as a partner,  and as a parent, which you might need to work on or highlight.

  1. 5. Is there anything I should do now to ensure my good health?

Asking this question during a psychic reading is not meant to keep you from asking the same thing from your doctor. But you are bringing this up during a reading so that you are aware of what you need to address right away, in order to maintain and ensure a healthy balance between your physical and spiritual self.

You will also discover if there is anything you should take action on to bring about total inner peace.

When you ask these questions during a reading, you will get a clearer picture of your life as a whole, and understand how each area affects another. You will also get to see yourself more for who you really are.

Whether you put on a different personality at work, as opposed to who you are at home, the information you will get from a psychic reading will point out many things you can do to improve all areas of your life!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Sam B says:

    I’m just wondering how many people asked about the ethereal greater agenda, if there is one, during their readings rather or as well as the usual questions.

    -What’s the future of the state of global energy?
    -What are the ways/how can we help develop/raise the global vibrational state? (Some beings are attempting to raise the entire planets vibration to the 5th dimension or something).
    -What are the astral entities and beings planning to do to achieve this?

    I’ve got questions related to this for my eventual reading. Some of which I’ll probably never know though since it goes pretty deep into the need of potentially dangerous knowledge.

    Eventually I plan to actively help these entities however I can as well as I plan to get involved in the bigger picture. I’d probably take on a front line passive role at first but I’m excited for when the time comes I can be directly involved with the planning and procedures of developing and advancing the positive agenda. Whatever that is. Maybe light workers can plan their own and assist and help assist in various objectives with these entities.

    I’m essentially expressing an idea of converging a kind of active project in my head for light workers who want to play an active role in global ascension, creating peace and those kinds of projects. which I have no idea of going about at this point. I think the angels, guides, ascended masters, ETs, Wingmakers and all those already have an agenda already like this in place so mine is likely redundant.

    What I was going to say here ended up turning into massive ramble going way off topic.

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