RE: You

Let me tell you something about YOU.

YOU can accomplish anything you want. YOU are in control of your life.

YOU can achieve as much success as you want to have.

YOU can and will pick yourself up when life knocks you down.


That’s all I wanted to say,

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. I’m sending you this because I just spent some time with someone today who is like my Grandpa.

He will turn 89 in a few weeks and when I was younger, he would tell me what I just told you.

And let me tell you …I have been knocked on my butt more times than I can count. And it was those words that gave me the encouragement to get back up and keep trying.

We all need someone in our corner. He was in mine.

I’ll be in yours to the best of my ability.

We’re inundated with so much negative crap these days …we ALL need someone to encourage us. Look …if you’re struggling, I’ve been there…and I can tell you first hand that it’ll get better if you keep on trying.

I believe in you. Go for it.

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16 Responses

  1. B2 says:

    THANK YOU! 🙂

  2. Nikia Williams says:

    Thanks. I needed this. I am currently in the process of trying to go back and get my Registered Nursing degree online. I have to work 200 hours as a nurse before I can apply. I have a Licensed Pratical Nursing license, but I am working in another field. I would have to quit my current job to work my hours as a nurse. Wish me luck. Thanks.

  3. kim says:

    THANK YOU! Sometimes we need a little reminder that we are in control and just a few words of encouragement goes a long way!


  4. Remy B Malki says:

    Thank you. That’s what’s missing in my life I need someone like you to give me hope to care and push me to reach my potential. There’s a big void in my life I don’t know what my purpose is I just feel lost I’m single went through a divorce I have 2 beautiful daughter’s who I haven’t seen for awhile due to a drug addiction I’ve been battling, and I’m just tired of living that lifestyle which keeps knocking and taking everything away from me. Every time I start getting successful in life I end up relapsing and ruining everything I’ve worked so hard for countless times and having to start all over again, and that’s where I’m at again in my life right now…… I feel dissapointed in myself and just feel like giving up on my dreams and goals. I need direction, love, support, God!! Just a fresh new start. Thanks for checking in.

  5. William Obenour says:

    Thanks Tana Hoy,
    Your wonderful… Thanks for this quick message to encourage each of us whom read your short story… It helped me keep on moving forward even when it’s seems dark there is a light ! ! ! Thanks for being that light…

  6. Thank You Tana. Soon I shall book a session.
    Peace and Love

  7. Patricia says:

    Really needed that today…thanks..cant wait to one day have a readin done by u…with love Trish

  8. Tee says:

    Hi Tana,

    Thank you for your word of encouragement and the gentle reminder not to give up.


  9. Thank You for The Encouraging Words says:

    Thank you…I really felt those words.

  10. Donna says:

    Thanks Tana! Sending you light and love! We all need encouraging words!

  11. Rose says:

    Thank you Tana, I believe in you and I appreciate you.

    All my love,

  12. Judy C says:

    It is so comforting to know that someone is thinking of me today.

  13. Thank you, Life is tuff right now??

  14. Kathleen says:

    Thank you Tana, life has been tuff ??

  15. Joseph Berdie says:

    Appreciated. Its really a toug time for me, especially when my marriage is not working in the right path. Am always stressed out thinking a lot more than i used to. But this has made me to put an hold to so many thoughts and negative energy and just move in a positive direction. Thank you very much.

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