How To Read People Using Your Nose – by Tana Hoy

Did you know that your sense of smell is a powerful “tool” in triggering memory, and it can highly influence your moods and other emotional responses? And did you know that you learn how to read people using your psychic sense of smell?

how to read people

Using Your Sense Of Smell To Read Others!

Reading People Through Your Sense Of Psychic Smell

You may have already heard the word “clairvoyance”, which is the psychic ability to see events that you don’t normally see with your physical eyes. But having psychic visions is not the only intuitive gift that you can have, there is also a psychic power called “clairalience” which is your ability to sense things about objects, people, places, and events by using your psychic sense of smell.

By using your clairalient abilities, you are able to receive different kinds of psychic information about many things:


Through clairalience, you may be able to tell if someone is highly attracted to you, or is up to no good. If you’ve ever heard the cliché, “I smell something fishy,” it’s because a person who is planning something unpleasant exudes an unsavory psychic smell!

Smell will also tell you if a person is scared (as in you can “smell fear”), is harboring ill-will, is seething with envy or jealousy, is depressed, or is overflowing with joy – even when he or she is doing a good job at hiding it.

The Past, Present, And Future

You may be able to tap into the past, present, and future through your clairalient abilities. For example, you may be able to smell the piece of chocolate that your sister is holding, even when she is talking to you on the phone from the other side of the globe, or you may suddenly catch the smell of burning, only to find out later that a friend’s house caught fire.


You may also be able to tell when a situation isn’t right by smelling it. For example, you may be able to sniff your friend’s underlying illness, even if he or she isn’t showing any physical symptoms. You can also tell if a room is filled with negative energies by means of the odor, and then you can immediately protect yourself psychically.

Places Or Events

A sense of a particular place or event may come to you by psychically smelling the scents associated with it. For instance, you may catch a whiff of firecrackers which conjures images of celebrations like New Years or Independence Day. Or you may be psychically transported into a cozy sitting room at Christmas because of the scents of pine, logs burning, or the aroma of hot chocolate and cookies.

It may surprise you when you just suddenly experience psychic smells like these, causing you to have psychic visions inside your mind. It can happen while you’re taking a walk, sitting in a room, or watching a movie with a date. It can happen as you enter a house,or touch an object that someone owns. It’s actually quite exciting, being able to know something by using your clairalient abilities.

The Presence Of Spirits

You may also be able to tell that spirits are present by means of the scents associated with them. For example, you will know that a deceased loved one is present when you smell the fragrance of his or her favorite perfume, or the aroma of the food they used to cook while alive. You may also get a whiff of a bouquet of flowers when fairies are present, or a terrible sulfuric stench when there are unwanted spirits around.

Developing Your Clairalient Abilities

Using your psychic sense of smell is very easy to do. The only reason why clairalience is not well-known is because people usually ignore smells, until they encounter a really strong scent or stench. But if you learn to focus on what you’re smelling, you will be able to gain better insight about things you cannot normally perceive using your physical senses.

If you want to develop your ability at reading people using your olfactory sense, here’s what you need to do:

• First, you need to develop a habit of paying attention to what you smell physically. This is important, because your mind has to be trained to automatically pay attention to scents and not ignore them.

• Learn to distinguish different odors. A good exercise is to smell items that you personally have, such as leather, wood, paper, leaves, tree bark, fabric, and so on. When you do this exercise, always remember the following:

• Close your eyes when you’re sniffing an object, because this helps your mind to focus on the distinct smells.

• Take your time. Never rush the process because you need to internalize and associate a particular scent with the object or material.

• Never do more than two items at a time. Smelling too many objects in one session will overload your senses!

• Once you’re able to automatically tune in to the different scents around you, learn to break down more complex smells.

For example, you may already be familiar with the individual aroma of garlic, onion, and tomato. So the next time you eat spaghetti, take a whiff of the sauce and try to separate the distinct smells of the ingredients. You can do this for all the different foods that you’re about to eat.

Another good item to use for this exercise is wine, or a dab of perfume. These two examples present a very complex mix of smells.

• Whenever you enter a room or meet someone, discreetly catch how the place or person smells. I emphasize “discreetly” to avoid any misunderstanding or raised eyebrows!

Other Techniques You Can Use

As you are developing your physical olfactory sense, you also need to spend time developing your psychic sense of smell. Here’s what you need to do:

• Meditate in a quiet room free from distractions.

• Relax your mind and let go of any stressors, such as worries from your daily life.

• Focus your mind on your sense of smell.

• Take in the familiar scent of your room, and then let that smell go.

• Allow yourself to notice any other odor that may be present, no matter how faint or faraway the smell may be.

• As you catch a whiff of a scent, you may have a sudden sense of what it is, or what it is associated with.

• Take note of what you see, hear, or feel in relation to a particular smell.

• Practice this exercise every day during a time that you feel most relaxed.

As you keep on focusing on your sense of smell, both physically and psychically, using clairalience will become automatic to you, and you’ll be able to use it no matter where you are. This will allow you to sense when someone you love is ill, know when spirits are present, and even foretell what may happen in the near future.

Learning how to read people using clairalience will help you to better understand the people that you meet, and gain a deeper understanding of them by simply following your nose!

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