Read This So You Can Be Prepared For What’s Ahead

Hi there,

Just when I thought it was all over, more energy misalignments are headed our way…

As we head into March, and specifically during the month of March, there are going to be energetic “vibrational spurts” throughout the whole month, that can cause things to turn around unexpectedly, and almost overnight!

There are going to be more unexpected changes also in March. This is the best time to keep an open eye, especially where it comes to relationships and fidelity.

March will be a month where people will be more tempted to cheat in their relationships! So if you suspect that the person you love may be straying from your relationship, it needs to be addressed – but in the right way!

You may also find yourself having more of a wandering eye during this month, but it is best not to act on impulse!

Be Careful Of Investments In March

Anything financial or finance related needs to be watched closely. It is best not to make any serious changes in your investments, or change jobs during this month.

If you do need to make either of these changes, you need to make sure to do it correctly.

Health Conditions Will Improve

On the other hand, health conditions will improve during March! So if you have been having any health problems, you should see them start clearing up or improving.

You May Be Feeling the Effects

As March continues, you may start feeling the effects of these vibrational energy spurts. If you already have a reading scheduled for March, make sure to ask me about how this energy will affect you – so that I can tell you what to do to avoid it affecting your life.

Otherwise, you may want to consider scheduling a reading to make sure you are prepared!

I will be able to tell you how to avoid it altogether and how you can avoid being slammed by this upcoming energy,

I wanted to give you an advanced warning.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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