Reading Tea Leaves: An Easy Method For Telling Anyone’s Future – by Tana Hoy

People have been drinking tea for thousands of years, and it remains as one of the most popular beverages, enjoyed by millions all over the globe. Tea is pleasant not only because of its distinct taste, but also because of the medicinal properties inherent to the herb. But did you know that you can enjoy tea time even more once you learn the ancient art of reading tea leaves?

reading tea leaves

What Is Tea Leaf Reading?

Tea leaf reading (also called tasseography, teomancy, or tassology) is a type of divination that is done by reading the meanings of the tea leaves in a cup, after the drink has been finished.

The different images that the tea leaves form when the cup is empty have psychic meanings, and are interpreted according to their positions inside the cup. These images relate to events in your past, present, and future, and will also reveal events in your home, your work, travel, finances, relationships, or any area that may have a bearing on your life.

For instance, an image of a bird (sign of good luck) located on the side where the handle is (you or your home) will have a different meaning as a bird located on the opposite side (relating to work or a stranger). A bird image near the rim means it is bound to happen in the immediate future, while one near the bottom means it will not happen quite so soon.

Preparing For Tea Leaf Reading

Reading tea leaves is very enjoyable, and it can be done at your leisure – each time you drink your tea! All you really need is the right kind of cup, loose leaf tea (tea bags will also do), and an open mind.

The Best Tea Leaves To Use

You may use any kind of tea leaves for divination, but I find that fine leaves produce more distinct images than large leaves. You may also use the contents of your tea bag, if that’s what you prefer to drink.

The Best Tea Cup TO Use

I highly recommend using cups that are plain and light in color, and are shaped like a bowl. This makes it easier to read the leaves, compared to using narrow cups. A handle is also important, as this represents your domain or home.

Preparing The Leaves

• Prepare your tea as usual. Do not use a strainer if you’re using loose leaves.
• Enjoy your tea!
• Leave about a quarter of an inch of liquid in your cup, just enough to swirl the leaves around.
o If you’re using a tea bag, open the tea bag and pour the leaves into the remaining liquid in your cup.
• Hold the cup on your left hand, and concentrate on the questions you want to divine.
• Swirl the cup around three times, allowing the liquid and the leaves to swish on the inside.
• Turn the cup upside down gently onto the saucer to drain off the liquid.
• Your tea leaves are now ready to be read.

Reading Your Tea Leaves

As you look into your cup, do not expect to see perfect images – looking at tea leaves is akin to looking at cloud formations! Now, as you observe your cup, take note of the figures that instantly catch your attention – these are the most significant ones, and they represent the most important messages for you. As you study your leaves more closely, more images will appear – these are the subtler messages that you have to divine.

Each image has its own meaning. You can look it up in a symbols guide, but I suggest that before you do, listen to your instincts. Your gut feeling is your best psychic guide when it comes to interpreting the figures in your tea leaves.

Now, remember that the position of the images is just as important for divination as the images themselves:

• The sections in the cup, when it is divided like a pie or clock, represent affinity or connection.
• The space on the handle-side of the cup signifies your domain. This represents you, your family, and your home life. So when you begin reading, it helps to have the handle point towards you.
• From your domain, moving farther out toward the opposite side of the cup, is the space that represents people and things according to your affinity. For example, closer to you are your best friends, then moving farther out are your friends, then acquaintances, and then familiar faces.
• The opposite side of the cup represents those things that are “far” from your domain, such as your job, strangers, distant places, etc.
• The zones from top to bottom represents time, but also distance (such as your distance towards a goal). The closer an image is to the rim, the more immediate or the closer it is; while deeper down means an omen is farther away.
Also, an image closer to the rim means lighter or happier omens.
• The left side of your domain represents what is going out or moving away from you; while the right side represents something that is coming in or moving closer you.

Reading tea leaves is a very enjoyable and entertaining way of discovering more about your life, and having glimpses of what the future holds. It is also a great way to bond with friends and family. So enjoy your tea time!

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