There Are Real Mermaids Here’s How To Invoke Their Powerful Help!!

Real mermaids are magical creatures of the sea. They are the entities that help protect ocean life, and in that way, they are similar to fairies whose role it is to protect nature on dry land.

real mermaids

Mermaids resting

Mermaids are not physical beings like humans. They live on a higher vibrational plane than Earth, and cannot be seen by most people with their physical eyes.

Mermaids live underwater in enchanted kingdoms with their male counterparts, mermen, and their roles are to protect the ocean.
Mermen (who are physically stronger than mermaids) work hard at keeping the ocean’s ecosystem in check.

Mermaids want to protect the ocean. They want to encourage humans not to destroy the oceans and to change our destructive ways concerning the sea. They admire those humans who are actively trying to help keep the ocean healthy.

How Mermaids Can Help You

If you live near a body of water, mermaids can be asked to help you in a variety of ways.

For example, let’s say you’re on a boat and your anchor is stuck, and it is not humanly possible to get it loose. You can ask a mermaid to help you get your anchor unstuck.

Another example would be asking a mermaid for help with love. If you are on a cruise, they can use their psychic luring powers to send a romantic partner your way.

A third example would be asking a mermaid for help with swimming, after all, who better to ask for swimming guidance than a master swimmer such as a mermaid? You may find that seemingly out of nowhere you will know how to swim better, because they whispered better swimming techniques into the ear of your subconscious mind.

How To Invoke The Powerful Help Of A Mermaid

You must be first deserving of a mermaid’s help and have two things in order, before they will help you.

1. You must believe in them.

2. You must be good to Mother Nature, especially the ocean.

The following is an exercise you can use to invoke the help of a mermaid:

1. Gather a bowl of water (big enough for both of your hands to fit in) and bring it to a quiet room where you will not be disturbed.

2. Sit comfortably in front of the bowl, and put both of your hands in it.

3. Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply.

4. Think about all the beauty of the ocean, and then imagine yourself being immersed in the ocean near a beautiful coral reef, where there are schools of fish. Visualize all the different colors of the fish and coral, and feel the coolness of water on your skin.

5.Then say the following: “Beautiful maidens of the sea, I ask for your help sincerely. I hope that you will hear my plea, and take some time to assist me. I need help in…(say what you need help in here)”

6. Lastly say, “Thank you for your time, to hear this simple wish of mine.”

7. Then open your eyes and remove your hands from the bowl of water.

Within a few days to a few months, depending on your wish, the mermaids will grant it. You need to be patient, because it may take some time for your wish to manifest. But if you do this with a sincere heart, they will grant it!

Wear An Aquamarine Stone To Stay Close To Mermaids

The aquamarine stone is a beautiful light blue stone that is said to be made of mermaid tears. Real mermaids definitely find this stone to be their favorite out of all the gems on the Earth.

If you have an aquamarine stone, you can place it in the bowl of water when doing the above exercise to enhance your wish. After the exercise, you can take the stone and have it turned it into a necklace or bracelet, to keep the spirit of the mermaids with you at all times.

A Few Final Words About Real Mermaids

The Earth has been in turmoil for hundreds of years now. Human progress has come at a great cost, often involving the destruction to the planet’s oceans.

Real mermaids are doing everything in their power to protect the oceans, but they really need our help too! Let us continue to find better ways of respecting the seas and helping the planet, and we will be helping the mermaids in the quest to save the oceans, and all life in them.

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  1. valentine says:

    i will be glad to assist in protecting the ocean

  2. valentine says:

    My pray was answered but I am seeking for their face and power

  3. Ihemedu Paul says:

    I need power to help protect the ocean. I need healing power to help save mankind.

  4. Theophilus Frimpong says:

    I really love mermaids and love to help them….

  5. Djonay says:

    I love mermaids and I am Willing to help. However I want to be a mermaid too

  6. Tijjani Zhelani says:

    Is it possible to marry a mermaid?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      This is a deep question. Too deep to answer here. We would need to discuss this in detail during a session.

  7. caleb says:

    how can i see them face to face to discuss my issue to them

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Caleb,

      That is a very advanced skill which would involve several things, such as an opened Third Eye, developed Spirit Vision, and highly developed clairvoyance. If you were born with these gifts naturally intact, as I was, you will see them automatically. If you weren’t, don’t worry because you can learn to develop them. I may be offering a workshop later on for developing these abilities. So keep on the lookout for my future emails about this. – Tana –

  8. Castro says:

    Mermaids are very useful in our day to day life

  9. Chris knight says:

    Mermaids can also be physical I mean, Mermaids are also physical entities not just spiritual. But what you’re saying is interesting. What do we do about the skeptics and Scientist?. I mean mermaids obviously don’t want us to know where they are and its sad very depressing because I would like to meet one not just subconsciously and psychologically and Spiritually, physically see her beautiful face her beautiful lushes wet blonde hair and her pale skin and her beautiful beautiful tale and her beautiful pink colored lips also her beautiful ocean blue eyes. Mermaids have the supernatural ability to hide or cloak as they would say. The second mermaids show themselves to humans (Land People) they have disobeyed they’re pod.

  10. I love them so much how I wish they will help me out of my problems.

  11. i will be glad to assist
    in protecting the ocean, cus I love mermaids so much, and I wish to have one as a best friend. so that I can experience their living under the ocean.

  12. Joseph moses elijah says:

    I will love for them to help me.

  13. Francis says:

    Wanted to associate with real female mermaid

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    I always see them in my dreams but they dont say anything i want them to communicate with me

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    I so love mermaids. I just wanna be their friend and be able to talk to them be it in the physical or in my dreams. I’ll also need help from them. I will do that exercise and hope for the best!

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    I love them I know they will answer my prayers

  17. mzwandile motile says:

    I loves mermaid I would like to work hand to hand because I’m suffering financial need powers to healing the people and married another wives to expand my family

  18. Ann Marie Davis Wright hunter says:

    hi want to learn more about mermaids

  19. ozuma Daniel says:

    i love mermaid more than love i will like to see one of them face to face with my eyes to see how beautiful their are and hear their voice so that i can tell them all i want and i want them to be my world best friend or lover i am wishing my self to see one who will be my world best friend right now.

  20. Richard Donald says:

    Do mermaids grant wishes of wealth?

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    Wow, I love mermaid and i will like to have them as friend, i also need them to help me get some spiritual powers so that i can see them and help to protect the ocean.

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    I don’t have a aquamarine stone but really needs help from them with my whole heart how can I do that without aquamarine stone, really want to see them!????

  24. Jennifer says:

    Do you know what they eat? Fish?

  25. All_Father says:

    I don’t really see why mermaid should help human being because of our infidelity. Although I love them and believe they exist but never will any of our wish be granted because they hate our nature(INFIDELITY). I wiah I could spend my time with one.

  26. Francis says:

    Good evening Tana, please I need help on how I can see and communicate with mermaid… I really need them to help me get out of the situation I am currently in… Please, I will appreciate if you can help me… Please reach me on my email address or write me on my WhatsApp number +234818 448 5854

  27. general says:

    where do i get aquamarine stone

  28. Marin says:

    I have worked in the sea for over 6 years now. I have done everything within my powers to protect the ocean life. And I wish someday, somehow, I will be with one. I love them too.

  29. Courage lice says:

    How do i activate the mermaid spirit in me to work

  30. Stephen says:

    I really loves mermaids and I wish to have the power, wealth, riches and protection to work for the ocean

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    Am proud to be who I am and what I am

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    I really love mermaids and I will love to have one as the love of my life.. and my best friend…

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