Real Psychic Guidance On Finding Your Soulmate

Any real psychic deals with the question of love and relationships on a daily basis. So I wanted to offer some real psychic advice that addresses 3 of the most common questions I get asked about love.

Does everyone have a soulmate?

Every person on earth has a soulmate. As a matter fact, believe it or not, every person usually has more than one soulmate.

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Finding True Love

I have found that the average person has between 15 and 20 different  soulmate potentials walking around on the earth. Why is this? Well to understand this, first we have to look at reincarnation.

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Pretend that the average person has had over 75 different lifetimes, and that they have had three relationships in each of those lifetimes. 75 lifetimes is a very conservative estimate, and also three relationships per lifetime is also very conservative. But for this example, let’s use a very conservative number.

Anyone that you had a relationship with in this lifetime or in a past life, is a soulmate potential!

So using the example above, 3×75 = 275. So that means you have accumulated 275 soulmate potentials from all 75 of your past lifetimes.

Now let’s pretend that only one third of all of those soulmates have reincarnated again in this lifetime. That means you have 75 soulmate potentials walking around on the earth.

And the good news is, that we tend to reincarnate in groups so that we can meet again in this lifetime!

So as you can see, if one relationship doesn’t work out, you’ve got several more to choose from!

How do I know when I’ve met my soulmate?

When two people that are soulmates meet, there is a strong magnetic attraction felt by both of them. This magnetic attraction pulls the two of them together in a very strong vibrational way. This magnetic pull is the first sign that somebody is your soulmate.

When you met somebody that is your soulmate, you will find that the relationship seems to flow very naturally. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have problems, and ups and downs like everyone else, but basically the relationship will be a very harmonious one.

When two people are soulmates, both of them can feel that they are soulmates on some deep, inner level. But remember, as in any relationship, whether it is a soulmate relationship or not, takes time to develop, unfold, and reveal itself for what it truly is.

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How can I tell if the person I am with is my soulmate?

If the person you’re with is somebody that you are very happy with, feel comfortable with, and feel deeply in love with, then this person is your soulmate. What most people don’t understand is that it takes time to really know if someone is your true soulmate. Because as I mentioned before, like any relationship, even a soulmate relationship needs time, patience, love, and good energy, to develop over time.

Here are some common signs that soulmates often experience when they meet:

– A feeling of love at first sight

– Feeling like you have been brought together by destiny or kismet

– Being able to finish each other’s sentences.

– Feeling like you have known each other before, even though you’ve just met

– The feeling of love at first sight.

So there you have it! Soulmates are a deep topic, and I could talk about this subject for hours. But hopefully, this has given you some answers to the questions I am most commonly asked.

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I have given you some real psychic insights based on several years as a professional psychic. The best real psychic advice I can give anyone when it comes to knowing if someone is your soulmate or not is to always follow your heart first!

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    This clears up a lot of questions I had concerning how to know when I meet someone who is a possible soulmate? I really appreciate you taking the time to share so much information with us! Thank you!

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    Tana, thank you for writing this! I found this so helpful, and it answered a lot of questions I had about soul mates.

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