Using The Law Of Attraction – 3 Reasons People Don’t Succeed no more limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts that work against the Law of Attraction. To succeed at manifestation, you need to have a positive mindset,

Have you ever tried to apply the Law of Attraction in your life? Were you able to manifest what you wanted, or did your attempt at manifestation fail?

I’ve talked to several clients who tried manifesting their wishes and dreams into reality, but did not succeed in doing so.

Typically, they end up feeling one of the following emotions:


  • Disappointment – “I really believe in the Law of Attraction! Why did it fail me?”
  • Contempt – “I wonder if it really works for someone like me?”
  • Envy – “Why are some people able to manifest, but I’m not? The Universe is unfair!”
  • Regret –“Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. Do I need a special kind of chant or prayer to say while trying to manifest what I want?”
  • Confusion – “Does this Law really work for everyone?”


Looking over such typical reactions, you’ll notice their reactions reflect a misunderstanding of what the Law of Attraction means.

What I’m saying is, when a person doesn’t understand how the Law works, then they won’t succeed at it, no matter how hard they try.

There are 3 major reasons why it doesn’t work for some people, and I’ll discuss each of them after explaining what the Law of Attraction is all about.


What the Law of Attraction Is, and Isn’t


The Law of Attraction is pretty simple and straightforward: you attract what you think of, positive of negative. The Universe simply gives you what you attract through your thoughts.

But you may wonder, if such a statement is true, why is it not everyone who wants to attract the lottery grand prize wins?

To doubters, the seeming inconsistencies about the Law of Attraction may appear like too much of a huge mountain to overcome. That’s why some of them just move on after failing at manifestation, while others don’t even try manifesting anything at all.

I’ve always believed in the saying that winners never quit, and quitters never win. If you try to attract something in your life, and you fail, this shouldn’t be a reason to quit.

You see, the Law of Attraction is not like a magic genie that you can call on command to do as you wish.

To be effective, you need to know the things that stand in the way of receiving a successful manifestation in your life.


Here are the 3 reasons people don’t succeed in attracting what they want.



  1. Harboring Negative Thoughts, Along With Your Wish or Desire negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can take over your way of thinking and insert themselves in every idea you have. Negative thoughts can end up ruining your dreams.

Let’s say you are the manager of a basketball team that has long been staying in the lower rungs of team standing. Since your team has been a cellar dweller, you don’t have much hope that they can, and will, rally to at least make it to the semi-finals.

However, your team does it, and now that they are in the semi-finals, your biggest wish as their manager is to see them enter the finals.

Your mind is pre-occupied with thoughts of your team playing in the finals, even if doubting thoughts of your team not playing as good as their rivals, also frequently enter your mind.

Just as you are thinking of your team doing great and being a part of the finals, memories of their having been at the lower rungs also enter your mind.

Your desire is that strong, and yet, when the finals start, your team is excluded.


Review your thoughts.

The reason the Law of Attraction failed you in this instance was this: you harbored negative thoughts, secretly going back to them repeatedly, even as you were trying so hard to manifest your desire.

You can’t say that you couldn’t control the way such negative thoughts came up, because the truth is, you can avoid thinking negatively, because your mind doesn’t have to control you.

You control your mind.


  1. Lower Vibrational Frequency vibrational frequencies

Lower vibrational frequencies are seen in situations where negative emotions such as anger and fear are present. These low frequencies are deeply negative and block the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction.

Everything in the Universe, whether solid matter or not, is made of energy. You are made of energy, and your thoughts are energy too.

However, not all energy is alike.

If you follow my Psychic Energy Reports, you will have noticed that energy has certain characteristics from which you can build up or destroy situations and relationships in your life.

Higher vibrational frequencies are present in such ideals as love, compassion, and joy. Beings that have a spiritual nature, such as angels, Spirit Guides, and the Ascended Masters, all have higher vibrational frequencies.

In contrast, lower vibrational frequencies are demonstrated in situations where negative emotions such as anger and fear are present.

Less spiritually attuned or spiritually developed people have lower vibrational frequencies.

These low frequencies of energy are deeply negative, and this negativity blocks the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction.

Even if that person has fully concentrated and focused their thoughts on manifesting what they want or desire, they won’t succeed.


  1. Lack of Good Context context of thoughts

The context of your thoughts can affect your ability to make the Law of Attraction succeed in your life. The more positive your thoughts are, for yourself and others, the more success you will experience at manifesting.

Context is a tricky concept.

Some think “context” refers to what you’re thinking of, while in the middle of a discussion.

Others think “context” means what other people think about something being discussed.

Actually, “context” is neither of the two ideas. Context means the situation or surrounding elements that help to explain the meaning of an idea or event.

For example, in a beauty salon, two hair stylists are discussing what hair color would look best on a customer who wants to have her hair dyed, but can’t make up her mind on what color to use.

If one stylist says, “I think our customer would look good with brownish-black hair because of her skin tone,” then the context of the sentence is based on matching the color of the hair with the skin’s color.

If the other stylist says, “No, she would look great with blonde hair because she is still young and should have that youthful look, which dark hair would only hide,” then the context is age-based.

If you remember this idea when using the Law of Attraction, it’s easy to understand that the context in which your desire is contained can be fundamental to success or failure.

Another example is, if you are trying to attract more money or financial stability in your life, what is the context for why you want it to happen? Is it because you simply want more?

Or is it because you know money is not your main desire, but rather a means to an end? And you want it because it can help you provide for your family, or help you spread happiness?

Are you trying to attract the love of your ex back? Why do you want to manifest your relationship again?

Is it because you truly miss your ex and want to put right the mistakes that you made? Or is it because you simply can’t stand being single, when all your friends have partners of their own?

The more positive the reason for wanting to attract something in your life, the more positive energy you will generate, and the more success you will have with the Law of Attraction.

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  1. janice arandelovic says:

    Yup blockage ,believing not giving up wondering if it will ever be mutual and i it isn’t then the law of attraction wont work . If angels and guides vibrations are much higher than how do they heal people that are blocked or feel they’ve been blocked or at a lower vibration.

  2. Lauren says:

    Thanks for this Tana. It’s very true. I’ve seen things manifest when I’m at my happiest with no negativity in my presence. It’s amazing!

  3. Candy says:

    Just ask and believe ??

  4. Candy says:

    Thank you dearly for this. Very interesting and such a good reminder to keep your thoughts positive no matter who may be negative around you. Thank you, I appreciated this a lot 🙂

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