Today’s Psychic Energy Report for 11-25-17


The psychic energy today is going to be rebellious…


Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report:


psychic energy report

The psychic energy is going to be rebellious. People will tend to go against the norms and break the rules due to the prevailing energy today.

Everyone has a bit of rebelliousness within themselves – that part that wants to go against the grain and break established rules.

For example, an employee who ignores a dress code, a teenager who does not follow the curfew or a student who talks back to the teacher, are all ways of being rebellious. People rebel as a way of asserting a sense of power and control over others, or to compensate for their inner weakness.

The way to deal with rebels is to understand they are like everyone – their environment, or family history, is what has shaped their personalities.

Show respect towards their views to avoid aggravating the situation, and allow them to express their ideas.

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