Reincarnation: When Will You Stop Being Reincarnated? – by Tana Hoy

It’s amazing to think that you and I have been different people in the past. Yes, you have lived before, in a different time, in a different body. Your soul is still the same, but your life was vastly different then.

Understanding Reincarnation

Understanding Reincarnation

Past lives are something that have always interested me. The idea that I lived a different life, generations before, for me, has always been a source of fascination. It proves that there is a grand design in the Universe – a design that each person in the world ultimately follows.

What Is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the process by which your soul gets transcended after the end of your life on this planet, then is eventually reborn into another body. When your physical body dies, your soul leaves it. The common metaphor here is that the soul is just discarding its earthly clothes, which is your physical body, so that in the future it can take on a new one.

Most people in the world today have been reincarnated many times in the past. I myself am one of them, and so are my close friends. Through my many Astral Travels, I have seen images and scenes from my past lives, chronicling the lives I have lived before.

Why Are People Reincarnated?

There are a variety of reasons why you would reincarnate into new body. Here are the most common reasons:

Your soul was not able to rehabilitate itself fully during your past life

Chances are, you died in the past without fully evolving your soul, resulting in your soul being weighed down by negative energy.

Your soul was not able to achieve its true purpose for existence

Each person has his or her own life mission. Life missions are the reasons why you were reborn here in the first place, and it is your soul’s goal to accomplish that life mission. If you are not able to do this in your present lifetime, you will reincarnate until you accomplish it.

There are also special cases though of souls who reincarnate, simply because they were sent back to Earth to benefit those who are still living

Simply stated, they were reincarnated on earth for the role to be like human Spirit Guides, whose main life mission is to help people achieve their life missions. Think of Virgil in Dante’s Divine Comedy. He is the perfect example of a soul like this.

How Many Times Does Your Soul Reincarnate?

In theory, your soul can reincarnate as many times as it takes for you to achieve your life mission. In the grand scheme of things, you are reborn into this world to achieve a goal – a goal that was set in place since the Universe began. And until you are unable to achieve this, you will be reborn over and over.

Since your past lives always hold a very important clue as to what your life mission is, meditating, astral traveling to the Astral planes, communicating with your Spirit Guides, and consulting with psychic to have your Akashic Records read, are the ways to discover useful information about your life mission.

When you figure out what your life mission is, then you will be able to focus on it, and start achieving it. And uyes! It is possible to accomplish your life’s mission in this lifetime!

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  1. Candy says:

    I love reading all your posts Tana. I am already so looking forward to our talk in March. It feels like I am having a hard time finding love, I just don’t know why. I hope we can talk about that soon. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for being my friend 🙂

  2. Alzate says:

    i love love this article. It’s my favorite. It just shows you how fascinating the universe is.

  3. Kathy Cooper says:

    I was told in one of your readings years ago that this is my last Reincarnation. I have always felt that I have had many life’s, I would love to understand what my true purpose in life has been, and more about my past lives.

  4. mark christopher rivera says:

    Thanks Tana.. I love it. ☺

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