Reincarnation of Animals: Your Pets and the Afterlife death of pet

The pain of losing a pet can be eased by knowing that you can still be able to communicate with them after their death with the help of psychic and animal medium.

Losing a beloved pet is similar to losing a friend, relative, or a loved one. So, what really happens to your pet’s transition to the other side?

In this article, I will discuss the reincarnation of animals and how you will know if your beloved pet is reaching out to you from the other side.


Do Animals Reincarnate?


Yes, animals do reincarnate. Animals have souls, just like humans, and they can reincarnate in your soul family group.

Usually, these animals  are reborn to the same person they left behind because they believe that there is still work to be done with them. This means that the pet you have in your life right now, is very likely to have been in your life before, also as an animal.

Sometimes, your reincarnated pet will look noticeably like its previous self, and sometimes it may not. You will see evidence of similarities, however, that confirms a sense of knowing. For example, they will settle in unusually fast and have similar habits or other behavioral clues, as your previous pet.


Your Pets Signs From The Other Side


You may have heard stories from people about their deceased loved ones trying to communicate through signs. Your pet could also reach out to you and send you signs from the other side. pet's favorite toy

Seeing your deceased pet’s favorite toy in an unusual way is a sign that your pet is trying to communicate with you.

It could be hearing the noises your pets used to make, such as barking, purring, the rattling of their food bowl, or the noise their collar made. You may also see your beloved animal appear in your dreams. An object related to your pet, like its toy ball, may cross your path, or your pet’s name may just suddenly show up in unusual ways.

These are just the many ways that they will make you feel that they are just around you.


How Do Animals View Death


According to an animal communicator, animals view death differently than we humans do. For animals, it is simply an exchanging of energy, moving from one place to another. Animals are not as attached to their physical bodies as humans are.

Animals also believe that the lives they live on earth will help them become better souls in the spiritual realm. Due to this, they do not fear death, as many humans do. Instead, they embrace it and celebrate it, believing that the kind of life they had on earth played a part in helping their soul contract come into being.


Spirit Communication with Departed Pets


The same as with your deceased loved ones, it is also possible to connect with your deceased pets.

There are some mediums, as well as animal communicators, who are gifted to be able to telepathically communicate with animals,  whether deceased or alive.

When your beloved pet passes away, your pet will still try to communicate with you. They can communicate through mediums to let you know they are fine and animal communication is usually purer and less complicated than communicating with a human loved one who has died.

Animals usually communicate in exactly the same way that human spirits do. They appear through clairvoyance. Since they have not developed speech, they communicate through the telepathic transmission of thought forms and desires.

For example, when your dog wants a treat or wishes to go for a walk, it will usually sit and stare at you intently. You can see your dog so focused, almost appearing  to mentally communicate to you. If after some time, you still don’t get the thought, your dog will come up to you and bark, as a way of verbalizing those thoughts. pet communication

Your deceased pet can communicate their messages to you through mediums.

The way animals communicate their message through mediums is very much the same way. The medium will just know what the animal wishes to communicate to its human loved one.

​Other mediums can also see deceased pets around their human owner, or may receive an impression of them entering their auric field for a visit. Pets will also sometimes show themselves as loyally standing next to a relative that has also crossed over, or one who is associated with them, such as the client’s father or grandmother. ​


How A Psychic and Animal Medium Can Help?


Psychics, animal mediums, and animal communicators, can talk to your beloved pet and help both of you go through the transition process. This will also help shed light on why your pet is sick, or when it is ready to go, and the reasons associated with its passing.

Your pet loves you more than you even realize. They are the perfect example of unconditional love for many of us. Your pets allow you to be yourself and teach you how to love from a pure heart. They are the greatest teachers in this life.

Pets also act as our emotional guides in this life and also continue to do so in the afterlife.

If you are in need of answers or you simply want to enhance your relationship with your pet, a pet psychic reading can be a truly rewarding experience.

You can schedule a reading with me by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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  1. Dennis says:

    My Maltese died 7 months ago. When he was alive he woke me at 2:30 and 4:30 a.m., every night to potty and we would chat for a while. Now, every night he or something wakes me up at the pretty exact same times. Am I crazy. I talk to him all the time. If I go on vacation can his spirit travel with me?

  2. Vivien Leal says:

    I am not a well developed psychic or anything, but have had, like many others, the odd experience. What I understand is that your pet’s spirit can still be with you anywhere even if it reincarnates and has become someone else’s pet in its new life. There are loads of books on this subject, you would be fascinated to read – many on Amazon, as a starting point. You could even have contact with him through a reputable animal communicator.

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