Is Reincarnation Real?

Before you attempt to understand the idea of reincarnation, know that the body and mind are individual entities. Some believe that once the body dies, the mind stops existing. However, consciousness actually continues even after physical death.


Is Reincarnation Real?

Reincarnation is a process where the spirit goes through cycles of evolution by paying/repaying karmic debt, or receiving karmic credit for each life lived. Your soul evolves as you learn the lessons you need to learn from all your past and present life experiences, and as you stop repeating old patterns that are  destructive for your soul, and to the souls of others.

Signs You Lived Before

The following are signs that could indicate you may have lived before. Have you experienced any of these?

Déjà Vu

This is the feeling where you know that a moment or event has happened before.If you enter a house, place, or building ,and you immediately know the details of the area without having been there before, you may have been there in a past life.

Unexplained Fears And Phobias

Fear of snakes or spiders may be normal. However, if you have an irrational and unexplained fear of plants, mirrors, or a certain color, or so on, they may be residual subconscious memories related to bad experiences you had in a life lived in the past.


Birthmarks have been considered as proof of reincarnation. A case where a boy from India claimed to remember living as a man called Maha Ram, says he was killed with a shotgun hot to his chest. This same boy also had birthmarks that resembled a shotgun blast on his chest area.

How Understanding Your Past Lives Can Help You In This One

Understanding your past lives can help you know more about yourself. Knowing about your past lives will also give you information on the lessons you need to learn, and your purpose for being born in this lifetime.

For example, if you were filled with anger in a past life where you were killed because you ran amok with rage, you can use this information to manage your anger in your current life.

A Meditation For Discovering One Of Your Past Lives

A useful meditation to discover your past lives is to sit in a comfortable position. Then, close your eyes and take three deep cleansing breaths.

Next, say a prayer asking your guides to help you see your past lives. State your specific intention clearly by saying “I want to see my past lives.”

Now, visualize yourself walking down a long hallway.

Feel your feet touch the floor, and remember any details that you see or sense.

What are the colors of the walls? Do you hear any sounds? What is the smell of the room?

Then imagine a large door at the end of the hallway. Walk towards the door and open it. Expect to discover your past life behind that door.

Then open it and walk through the door.

You might see colors, or an image of a person, or object. Take in anything you see and feel, and accept anything that comes into your mind.

Welcome any images you see on the other side of the door. Don’t judge them.

Be patient with yourself, as you may need to do this meditation many times before you may be able to see any images.

You may also doubt yourself, and think that you’re merely making things up. This is normal, but with practice, you will learn to trust this process.

Allow the images to unfold on their own. When you find that the images are fading, you can walk back outside of the door, and slowly return to the present moment.

Open your eyes and note down details you remember.

If coming right back to the present feels abrupt to you, try to visualize walking down the length of the hallway after you’ve closed the door. Then, say to yourself, “I will feel refreshed when I return to the present.”

Then open your eyes slowly, and note down the details you remember from your past life meditation.

Do not try too hard if you are unable to see your past lives. This process should be easy and simple. So practice is the key!

You can also ask for the help of a professional psychic to help you discover your past lives. A past life reading is a great way to get more detailed information about the lives you have lived before

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