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Love and relationships are two of the most common topics that my clients ask to discuss, or seek guidance about, during a psychic reading.

Aside from wanting to know what the future holds, the majority of my clients ask me to engage in different forms of relationship coaching with them during a psychic reading.

Usually, in regular relationship coaching (given by a non-psychic counselor) the kinds of advice often given is for the each partner to have more intimacy, to open their communication lines, and to spice up their relationship by being spontaneous.

However, these are just aspects of the physical dimension of what we call love.



Love has a Deeper Meaning


“We cannot know what our life is unless we know what love is,” said the Swedish sage, mystic, and scientist Emanuel Swedenborg in his trailblazing work, Divine Love and Wisdom.

Love is more than a sensation, a feeling, or a chemical reaction in your brain. Love has a divine dimension, that is why love is different from fascination or infatuation.

A limited understanding of the real concept of love and loving can cause confusion, frustration, and pain.

This happens because some people have reduced the concept of love to mere attraction and sex. And they have lost the opportunity to fully enjoy the gifts and graces that love can give.

During a relationship coaching session with a psychic medium like me, the unseen Beings – Angels, Spirit Guides, and even Ascended Masters (souls who have reached their highest potential or degree of divinity and perfection), will be channeled to help me in explaining to you the divine dimension of love.


Love is Not Always About Sweet Feelings and Laughter


In order for you to understand and appreciate love completely, you need to understand that love is complicated. While love can bring you happiness, it is can also bring you pain that is deep and hard to bear. While love can make you feel full and overflowing with joy, it can also leave you empty and dry.


Some people have this notion that being in love is all moonlight and roses. Romance.

Sad to say, love is not always like that.

As the Chinese teacher Confucius once said, “It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.”

In order for you to understand and appreciate love completely, you need to understand that love is complicated.

Throughout the relationship coaching that happens during a psychic reading session, your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels – through me, as your psychic medium –   will explain to you comprehensively about the paradoxes and ironies of love. Guided by these spiritual beings, I will help you see love from a clearer perspective.

They will also explain to you the real meaning of love, and how you can make the best use of such knowledge for your own spiritual growth, psychological growth, and personal development.

The real aim of the Divine concerning love and relationships is to help a couple grow and develop as individuals. This means that any pain, suffering, or sacrifices that arise will become bearable, because such difficulties are simply lessons to learn.


Psychic Therapy can Help You to Manage Pain and Suffering Better


In the same way that the cure for a snake’s poisonous bite is the snake’s venom itself, the cure for a broken heart is love itself.

As you undergo psychic counseling related to relationship coaching, you will learn how to use the power of love to cure the pain and suffering caused by love itself.

Through a psychic reading, I will be able to channel some important insights and messages from the Spirit World. These messages will help you utilize your love energy to empower your heart, mind, and soul.

Through these channeled messages, your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels will also advise you on whether you need to go on with your current relationship, or you need to look for another person to love.

There are times that a relationship can be worth saving. And there are times that you need to say goodbye to your loved one and move on.

The Universe will give you signs. And you need to read the omens carefully, in order to move in the right direction, or to know whether to stay or to walk away.

Through a psychic reading involving relationship coaching, you will also learn about self-love (not to be confused with the self-centered or selfish kind of love), and how loving yourself can help you overcome the difficulties and struggles related to love and relationships.

You don’t need to carry your relationship problems on your own. Schedule a psychic reading now, and I’ll make sure that you get the answers that you are looking for.

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    I enjoyed this very much. I read every article you added as well. Thank you so much Tana. You are changing my life for the better. The messages you gave me from my deceased husband and soulmate were too precious for words. I was completely blown away! You made me laugh and cry. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was him for many reasons. Mainly because of objects you mentioned that no one knew about except Jamie (my husband) and I. My mothers information was so healing also. I am extremely grateful to have you as my phycic medium. I look forward to my next sessions. Love and gratitude. Gina Sutor

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