The 10 Early Warning Signs Of A Relationship That’s About To End (Part 2)

In the first part of this 2-part series (click here to read Part 1) about failing or troubled relationships, 5 out of 10 early warning signs of a relationship that’s about to end were discussed. relationship problems

This 2-part series is a response to the one of the most frequently asked questions that I get when I giving psychic readings to my clients.

That question is “ Why is love so hard?”

In relation to such a question, part 1 of this article discussed what it means to know and experience love from a psychic perspective, as well as from a human perspective.

The human perspective of love is often flawed by selfishness. or the act of putting one’s self-interest above the interest of others – even towards someone who is supposed to be the loved one.

Acts of selfishness from someone you love is a main reason for experiencing crippling emotional hurt, sometimes even leading to mental imbalance, depression, and even suicide.

In order to help you know when your relationship is at risk, or on the road to ending, I am going to continue on with the other 5 signs that you should be aware of:

Sign # 6

You feel a strange, unpleasant vibe when you are with your partner. Sometimes, this feeling is so strong, that you may even start experiencing shortness of breath, or palpitations. When you seek medical advice, and undergo a check-up, the result is inconclusive. The doctor usually says there’s nothing physically wrong with you.

Do not ignore this sign. It’s a giveaway that negative energy is building up around you, and getting in-between you and the one you love.

Those who have come to me for a psychic reading have admitted to experiencing such an unpleasant feeling. The cause for this, and the solution, will be discussed later.

Sign # 7

You start picking up little acts of “disloyalty” from your partner and the people around you. For example, someone who you both know, and whom you never before thought of as a potential rival, suddenly starts flirting with your loved one.

This happens subtly at first, then, it gets progressively more obvious. When you finally get up enough nerve to ask your loved one about it, all you get is a dismissive reply, or a put-down that you are “just imagining things.”

Sign # 8

Communication between the two of you loses its special, sweet flavor. It becomes routine. I’m not just talking about the kinds of words used, but for example, It can also happen when there’s an occasion like your anniversary.

Your loved one may still greet you via text, or send you a card, or even call you up, but you can notice the emptiness behind such words. It’s just a dutiful greeting, given because it’s expected.

You know there’s something wrong, because you feel it deep down inside you. There’s no “soul” to the loving words being given.

Sign # 9

You start lying to cover up the emptiness that you are by now feeling. When people ask about you and your loved one, you turn on your best smile and fake your way through the questions.

But as soon as you are alone, your put-on happiness disappears. All you are left with is a stark feeling of loneliness.

In extreme cases (i.e., when your psychic senses are highly developed, though you may not be conscious of it), you may even feel a crushing sense of loneliness, despite having many people around you. Depression is creeping in, if it isn’t already a part of your everyday life.

Sign # 10

The strongest warning sign that your relationship is standing on very shaky ground is when you turn to your partner one day, and realize how much of a stranger he/she has turned into.

The person whom you loved, whose little quirks and mannerisms used to fill you with joy – you now begin to see this person in a very different light. This person starts to irritate you. You begin to feel resentment, and even feel disgusted by his/her simplest mistakes.

You never thought you’d feel this, but deep down inside, you are thinking that you made a mistake getting into a relationship with him/her.

Still, a big part of you may want to save the relationship, and so, you hang on, only to find yourself getting more and more disappointed.

Watch out when this happens. People who experience this sign often think that they are the one to blame, and they should therefore be the one to try to fix the situation.

So they either end up being very submissive to their partner, who will end up abusing them. Or, they may end up being hostile, which could lead to a disastrously messy, or even a tragic and violent parting.

Psychic Energy Being Misused

The last 5 signs discussed in this article have been grouped together, because they all fall under the category of psychic energy being misused.

As I have discussed in other articles, there are two planes of existence – the human plane and the psychic plane (spirit world). Not all spirits in the psychic world are good or beneficial.

Only pure spirits radiate positive psychic energy. They no longer radiate any kind of negative psychic energy. Meanwhile, impure spirits, or those who have not yet fully learned their lessons, can radiate negative psychic energy, along with the positive.

Some impure spirits are full of resentment, overflow with envy, and would like nothing better than to see other spirits struggling and unable to learn their lessons too.

This is the reason behind sign # 6. The strange and unpleasant vibe that you feel is simply strong and negative psychic energy randomly being sent out by impure spirits. In your weakened state (caused by anxiety over your shaky relationship), you become an easy target for such random and negative energy attacks.

The attacks may be random at first, but once they latch on to you (because you, yourself are also sending out negative psychic energy, and it acts as a beacon to the random negative energy floating around), the impure spirits will hone in and redouble their efforts until you suffer.

Why do impure spirits misuse psychic energy? What do they get out of it? And is there any way to avoid being targeted by random negative energy attacks? All of these questions will be answered in future articles. Make sure to always visit my website so that you can be updated and informed about various psychic world information.

You can also schedule a psychic reading with me today, to fast track your psychic maturity as a spirit experiencing human life. During a psychic reading, you’ll also be able find the answers you want to know about your love life and relationships!

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